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Latest OOC Retrospectives

Alpha Pro Wrestling

Monday Night Metal

EVENT AIRED: Mar 23, 2020



March 23rd, 2020
Live From: Giant Center, Hershey, Pennsylvania
Seating capacity: 12,400
Exclusive to NETFLIX



The crowd in Hershey's Giant Center isn't quite to capacity, but they more than make up for it with their enthusiasm. Every single fan is on their feet, cheering for Alpha Pro Wrestling. These are the true die-hard fans who, in spite of apocalyptic conditions, have risked everything to be here tonight -- to witness the APW Tag Title Tournament semi-finals, plus a half dozen other amazing matches!

Clearwater: APW FAITHFUL -- WELCOME! We have got one HELL of a show tonight, a ton of matches, and four teams competing to make it to the final round of the Tag Title Tournament at next week's BATTLECADE pay-per-view!

Remi: BRO! Guess what I heard!

Clearwater: There's no telling...

Remi: We're going to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base for our first ever BATTLECADE! And the show's going to be held in -- get this! -- HANGAR 18!

Clearwater: Ok...


Clearwater: I'm sure that'll be fascinating, but not nearly as --

Remi: ALIENS! 

Clearwater: We got that, Remi. But the important thing is that the APW Tag Titles will finally have a new home after the night is over.


Clearwater: Not to mention the HUGE World Championship match between two members of the Architects! Smith Jones defending against his own tag partner, Damon Warrens!

Remi: Yeah, but --

Clearwater: Yes, aliens. That's a week away, yet, and we still have to get through tonight.

Remi: I'm so stoked! Do you think there's like, chick aliens? Do you think they're hot?

Clearwater: Remi! Focus!

Remi: Right. Ok. So we have an amazeballs pay-per-view next week, after a stunning round of action here tonight! Either the Man Made Gods, or the SUPER HAWT Cowgirls From Hell will go on to face the Enforcers or the Architects for the APW tag titles, in an absolutely star-studded pair of main events! All that, plus Lex Collins takes on Aaron Blaze in an Architects vs Bloodline showdown! Eli Beazley will be up against Alex Scott in a battle of the Junior Heavyweights! Not one, but TWO triple-threat matches! The amazing Red Riot takes on Latoya Hixx! And in our opening match, two brand-new talents debut against Aaron Osmosis and Soul Reaver! 

Fatal Four-Way
Aaron Matthews vs John McDaniels vs Aaron Osmosis vs Soul Reaver

Jessica Kaine: Our first match is a Fatal Fourway!

Mad Max: I wouldn’t mind having one of those with her, Victoria and Miss Applegate!

Meghan Kelser: I might have to watch that!

Jessica Kaine: Hailing from Waterford, Ireland standing in at 5'10 and weighing 180 lbs.... THE PRODIGY AARON MATTHEWS!

The beginning to "Hades" begins as the lights dim and one singular light shines down onto the entrance and once the lyrics kick in, Aaron Matthews makes his way through the curtain. He makes his way to the ring, passing the booing crowd and flipping the middle finger off to some members of the crowd. He slides into the ring and places a foot onto the second rope as if he's going to scale the turnbuckle but decides not to and stands there as he waits for his opponent.

Jessica Kaine: Introducing next... hailing from Memphis, Tennessee...

Meghan Kelser: Ever had to hang your hat in Tennessee when you wanna be in Texas?

Mad Max: Nope.

Jessica Kaine: standing at 6'3 and weighing in at 224 lbs.... JOHN MCDANIELS!!!

The PA boxes blare out as "Beethoven's 5th Symphony" plays. John McDaniels walks out, his white towel strapped on the edges of his shoulder and touching his chest. McDaniels holds tightly onto the towel as he makes his way down the ramp. McDaniels looks over at the fans and sneers in them in disgust. McDaniels walks up the steel steps where he gets on the apron and enters the ring. McDaniels marches to the center of the ring where he raises his fists up, symbolizing himself.

Jessica Kaine: Introducing from Parts Unknown... He is SOUL REAVER!!!!

"Godzilla" by Blue Oyster Cult hits the PA System and Soul Reaver appears at the top of the ramp. Reaver spends no time interacting with the fans. He walks down to the ring. At ringside he reaches up and grabs the top rope and pulls himself onto the apron. He steps over the top rope and walks to the middle of the ring where he glares out at the crowd.

Mad Max: Holy fuck thats a big man! I bet he needs help shaving his balls!

Meghan Kelser: You offering?

Mad Max: No no, I’m good.

Jessica Kaine: and last but certainly not least... hailing from Tempe, Arizona standing in at 6'2 and weighing in at 217 lbs.... he is The Social Nightmare.... AARON OSMOSIS!!!!!

Nightmare by Vairo hits the sound system as Osmosis enters the ramp to the chorus of boos. He turns his walk into a stride and slides under the bottom rope.




Meghan Kelser: Osmosis JUST LAID OUT Aaron Matthews!

As soon as the bell rung, Osmosis exploded out of the corner and laid Aaron Matthewss flat out with a Roaring Elbow. He turns around and finds himself assaulted as McDaniels rushes over, unloading with a torrent of right hands. He grabs Osmosis's arm and flings him right into Soul Reaver, who grabs him around the waist and hits a belly to belly suplex, sending Osmosis upside down into the corner! Soul Reaver gets to his feet and meets McDaniels in the middle of the ring. Soul Reaver throws the first blow, a mean right hook that staggers McDaniels into the near corner. Soul Reaver lights up McDaniels with a series of chops, the sound of flesh being chopped echoing through the electric crowd. Sick of being chopped it seems, McDaniels grabs Soul Reaver and reverses positions with him, pounding him with several big forearms... And then suddenly moves out of the way, almost by way of a sixth sense as Osmosis charges in and levels Soul Reaver with a huge ---

Mad Max: YAKUZA KICK!! Another Japanese word for no teeth! Man see how high he had to jump to do that?!

Meghan Kelser: I gotta buy you a new Japanese to English dictionary and yeah that must be a shock for the giant!

Soul slumps in the corner as McDaniels goes to attack Osmosis, but Osmosis beats him to the punch as he wails him with an elbow! Irish whip, Osmosis follows and clotheslines McDaniels over the top! Osmosis follows McDaniels to the floor. Osmosis quickly brings the offense to McDaniels, grabbing by his hair and bashing him with forearms, staggering the man and finally pulling him down into a Front Facelock, before kicking out, spiking McDaniels's face into the mat with a DDT! The Hershey crowd cheers the early violence, as Osmosis rolls to his feet. He doesn't have much time to celebrate though, as Reaver hops off the apron and smashes Osmosis with a forearm! Soul Reaver gets to his feet and decides to take on Osmosis first, pulling him to his to a seated position and then stomping down on the back of his neck! Osmosis rolls over to the side, putting his arm up in an attempt to protect his head, but Soul grabs another handful of hair and goes to roll him back into the ring.

Mad Max: That's right! Take him out Soul! Send his ass back to the kitchen!

Meghan Kelser: It’s 2020 people; hashtag equality!

However, Osmosis suddenly breaks Soul's hold, slamming an elbow into his jaw. He follows up with a few more, just to get some momentum going, which works as Soul Reaver seems to stagger back. However, Soul Reaver is able to regain momentum with a series of hard forearms, and then turns Osmosis inside out with a Lariat that drops Osmosis right onto his head! Soul would do more, but McDaniels spins him around and WHOLLOPS him with a hard right that puts Soul Reaver on the floor!

Meghan Kelser: Hell of a right from former PWA Commentator Jon mcDaniels somehow knocking the big man on his ass!

Mad Max: Megz... this isn’t Jon McDaniels from the PWA. They look nothing a like.

Meghan Kelser: Well they kinda do. Ok, yeah you are right.

Aaron Matthews begins to roll out of the ring as McDaniels drops to his knees and punishes Soul Reaver with right hands for all that Soul Reaver put him through during his period of servitude. McDaniels pulls Soul Reaver to his feet using a handful of hair and lead over to the announce table. Brian and Jon begin to clear out, but McDaniels's momentum is shot as Soul Reaver drills him with stiff elbow to the ribs. McDaniels releases the hand of hair that he had in his hands, and then is pummeled with a nasty stiff kick from Soul Reaver that pushes him against the ring. McDaniels tries to get his breath, the kick knocking it out of him as Soul Reaver and sends a foot it right into McDaniels's ribs! McDaniels doubles over and Soul Reaver delivers an curb stomp to John. On the other side of the ring, attempting to be unnoticed, Aaron Matthews slides back into the ring. Soul catches Matthews red-handed and slides into the ring and jumps up with a dropkick to his face! Seeing his 3 opponents down for the moment, Soul Reaver gos for a pin on John mcDaniels... And those hopes are dashed as Aaron Osmosis slides in and charges, catching Soul Reaver off guard as He drives him into the mat with a takedown and mount, driving his fists into Soul Reaver's skull repeatedly!

Mad Max: You think they have mounted before?

Meghan Kelser: With or Without the punches?

Mad Max: Hmmmmm.

Aaron Osmosis slips off of Soul Reaver and drags him to his feet before whipping him into the ropes. Soul Reaver ducks under Osmosis attempt to shatter his skull with a Roaring Elbow and then takes his down to the mat with a Lou Thez press, following it up with some fists of his own! Soul Reaver pulls Osmosis back to his feet and then drops his once again with a textbook dropkick. Osmosis tries to get to his feet, but Soul makes it difficult for his as he rears back and gives Osmosis a huge soccer kick right to the kidney. Osmosis rolls on the mat in pain, and Soul continues to press his advantage, pulling Osmosis up by the arm and then working over his with a series of body shots to the gut before knocking his head almost clear off his body as he leaps back and then forward with the Light's Out! Osmosis drops straight backwards from the blow as Soul Reaver repositions the ladder underneath the title and goes to make the climb. He makes it up 3 rungs before he's pulled off of the ladder by McDaniels. McDaniels whips the slightly disoriented Soul Reaver into the ropes... and he flies right over the top as Aaron Matthews reaches up and pulls the bottom rope down! Soul lands awkwardly on his leg as Matthews crawls into the ring, getting to his feet. The crowd can see he's busted open from his mouth, a trickle of blood coming from his lips, but he doesn't care as he meets McDaniels head on in the middle of the ring, the two exchanging forearm strikes. Matthews pushes McDaniels into the corner and rams his shoulder into the taller man's gut, doubling him over before Matthews goes on the offence with a blistering set of rights and lefts to McDaniels's skull. Matthews looks incensed at the man who started this whole mess, beating McDaniels into a seated position before running the ropes and driving his knee right into McDaniels's face! McDaniels hangs face down over the bottom rope, looking dazed and confused as Matthews looks around. He sees Osmosis climbing into the ring and rushes over, booting his in the gut and sending him back first into the barricade. Soul Reaver slowly begins to climb in, but Matthews is having none of that as he runs over and dropkicks Soul right in the face!

Meghan Kelser: And Aaron Matthews claims the ring as his!

Mad Max: You know it won't last at least that’s what his e girlfriend said! HOOHA!

McDaniels is back to his feet, gushing blood from his forehead as he meets Matthews head on. Matthews catches him off guard with an eye-rake, causing him to stagger backwards a little bit. Looking to have his opponent stunned, Matthews builds momentum from the ropes and brings his foot up for a high knee, but McDaniels manages to position himself to have Matthews leg land over his right shoulder. Matthews shakes his head frantically as McDaniels wraps his arms around Matthews and lifts him high up before slamming him back with an Exploder Suplex! Matthews arches his back in pain while McDaniels regains his composure and gets to work, stomping down on Matthews while he's on the mat before lifting Matthews off the mat and flinging him HARD into the corner, causing Matthews to go flying over the top turnbuckle and flipping to the outside, almost landing on his head! McDaniels rolls out of the ring, following after a dazed Matthews as both Osmosis and Soul Reaver slowly begin to get to their feet in the ring.

Osmosis rallies back to life! MASSIVE clothesline to Soul Reaver, sending him back to the outside! He runs across the ring, rebounds off the ropes, and dives through the ropes to the outside, taking down all three opponents! McDaniels struggles back to his feet, only to eat a dropkick from Aaron Osmosis! Quickly, he heaves McDaniels up and rolls him under the bottom rope, while the other two competitors are slowly beginning to recover on the outside. Osmosis in the ring again, and McDaniels tries to mount an offense. He throws a few hands, easily countered by the Social Nightmare. Osmosis with a bicycle kick!

Meghan Kelser: The Porcelain Model! It's over!

Heedless of the action in the ring, Reaver and Matthews are brawling on the outside, while Aaron Osmosis hooks McDaniels' leg!






Jessica Kaine: The winner of this match, by pinfall -- The Social Nightmare, AARON OSMOSIS!!!

During the commercial break, we cut to a shot of the backstage area. The lights flicker as the camera moves about. The cameras enter a room that is apparently wet and empty. The door shuts behind the camera's entrance and it is completely dark.

Clearwater: Wait, why is that camera filming back there in the break area?

Remi: Break? We get breaks??

You can hear drops of water hitting the floor. A buzzing electrical zap forces a flicker of light that allows a single owl to be seen. It is perched up on something but the light goes out before we can see what it was. A leather chair, perhaps? It is unclear.

Remi: What the hell is that?

The buzz is heard a gain and a zap snaps sparks out of the ceiling. The owl itself is showered in dropping sparks that upon hitting the wet floor bounce up as lit up fire flies, floating just far enough from the floor to make a thin layer of light. The owl turns its head away, and what it is perched up on is now the obvious shoulder or a leather-clad female. The female turns around now, revealing her face to us.

Clearwater: Oh, no...

She wears leather straps with buckles and chains and even spikes. It all adorns her entire outfit without symmetry. Her face has an evil grin... A grin with intentions of obscene intrusion... Her red lips stretch to one side more than the other on her otherwise pale white face, and her black eyebrows shift with malice... Noble Savage is here.

Cut to black and back to commercials.

Red Riot vs Latoya Hixx

Nothing like the books in school

You cut your teeth on the weak

Made my life a living hell

Don't underestimate me, it will be bad

I'll be the heartache that you're going to have

And you'll regret ever making me sad

'Cause I'm not your.../

Punch bag!

After a few seconds of her entrance music playing, the arena goes almost pitch black. Guitars from Red's theme blasts throughout the arena, and the entire arena begins to fill with a few white spotlights as the music plays. As the music gets to the hook, smoke begins to rush the entrance. Red Riot steps out from the smoke, and after stomping her foot on the mat, the entire arena's lights go brightly red. Red Riot wears a studded black leather coat, taped hands, a red top, and black trunks. She walks down the ring with a focus on the opponent, and taps her right knee twice before screaming her opponent's name once she gets on the ring apron before entering the ring.

Jessica Kaine: On her way to the ring by Richmond, Virginia… the Crimson Killer, Red Riot!

Sky's the limit hit's when Latoya comes out behind the curtains and dip down on her heel toe and raise up her Sunglasses and walks down towards the ring and gets on the side of the apron and shows them her Legit Brass Knuckles in gets inside of the ring

Jessica Kaine: And her opponent... from Boston, Masschusetts... The LEGIT! Layota! Hixx!


The two women lock up in a collar and elbow tie up and Latoya Hixx instantly proves legit by transitioning straight into a hammerlock, Riot tries to break the hold by swinging a back elbow but Hixx ducks under the wild strike and moves straight into a bulldog taking the Crimson Killer down face first into the mat. Both women get back to their feet and Riot goes for a kick to the gut, but Hixx catches it. Riot immediately turns it into an enzugiri striking Hixx upside the head and sending her to the canvas. Again both women are back on their feet staring at each other, Hixx charges Riot and Riot catches her around the waist, she bends backwards and flips Hixx over her head in a release suplex. Hixx flips in the air and lands on her feet back to Red. Riot strikes with a backwards kick to the small of the back, which staggers Hixx and causes her to collapse of the ropes. Red Riot turns and springboards off the bottom rope and over the top rope nailing Hixx with a modified cutter. The effect sees Latoya whiplash off the top rope and back into the ring. Riot quickly scales the turnbuckle and looks down on her opponent. As Hixx climbs to her feet, Riot jumps off the top turnbuckle, but Hixx catches her on her shoulders. Riot turns it into a huricanrana with a leg hook for a pinning combination, but the momentum of the move sees Hixx roll through and pin Red Riot's shoulders to the mat.



KICKOUT! Riot manages to kick out at two and roll away. She springs to her feet and connects with a basement dropkick to the face of Hixx as she is still seated on the mat such is the quickness of Red Riot's reflexes. Red picks Hixx up on the mat and whips her into the corner. Straight away Riot follows in and leaps - DRIVING TWO KNEES RIGHT INTO THE FACE OF HIXX - She absolutely drilled Latoya Hixx with Red Ryder. The Crimson Killer seizes her advantage and gets Hixx up onto her shoulders.





Jessica Kaine: Your winner, via pinfall... THE! CRIMSON! KILLER! RED! RIOT!

After collecting the pin, Red Riot emits a loud roar, and slams both hands down onto Latoya Hixx. A second passes for her to realize what she’s done, before that accidental fist is replaced by an elbow strike, and another, and another before Red Riot brushes Hixx aside and rolls out of the ring to cheers and jeers from audience members. After snatching the mic from the ring announcer, Red Riot clears her voice and the sarcasm in her southern accent spills over like the blood on her fists and elbows.

Riot: Oh, my apologies! I know every second I spend speaking into this microphone I’m putting off the main event, but. . . as an absolute beast, as a genetic freak, and as someone MADE FOR THIS industry. . . you all can spare a second to appreciate an inferno rather than watching four wicks on their way to burning out, can’t ya?

Both loud yells of disapproval, as well as a few scattered cheers respond to her question, but as comfortable as anyone in the ring, Red shrugs a shoulder and keeps it moving. 

Riot: I’m Red Riot. I’m three generations and 50 years of destruction, violence, and chaos bottled into a 5 ft. 9 inch package. I’ve got my best chances to get my hands mucky tangling up in this little tag tourney. First, ripping Andre Aquarius’ head off. Secondly, the big and bad enforcers narrowly escaping me beating the dust off their tired asses. Aside from that, all that’s been happening is matches like this; me, standing in the ring with someone that just decided to do this one day. Be a barbie or a man in a gorilla suit, seems like the powers that be REALLY like seeing me punching down.

She begins leaning on the second rope, and picks up an imaginary phone to narrate the natural counterpoint to her hypothesis. 

Riot: ‘But Red, you’re at the top of the card!’ Red doesn’t care, Red’s fought from Richmond to Mobile, a fight is a fight is a fight is a fight, but this Red Tailed Hawk’s FINISHED standing in this ring and only getting her beak wet. APW fans want a show - let’s give em one, shall we? Let’s take Red out of these pat-on-the-back matches, and put her with the names on every APW pay-per-view. Let’s take those names spelled out in bright lights, and spell ‘em in red, aye?

After reaching for the crimson life force painted over her arm after wailing on Hixx, Red smiles, steps back to the center of the ring
and drags her finger in a few strokes, before standing back and admiring her handiwork:


Riot: I'm sick of the pain forcing my entire body to twitch, only to find out that needle missed the vein. I'm sick and tired of hearing my theme music play only for me to hang up the ring gear before I even break a sweat in it. Every single week, I'm shoving that god damn needle into the vein, I'm getting the rush, the adrenaline, the feeling of being both alive and in the element I'm born to be in. I'll do it standing in this ring or I'll do it when I feel the craving, no matter who, what, or where. Give me the rush-

She points to her artwork, painted on the ground with her opponent's blood.

Riot: -or be prepared for me to find it, at all costs.

Riot points to the entrance ramp, and makes a cut-throat motion with the same hand. 

Riot: You choose.

With that being said, Riot drops the mic in place, steps through the ring ropes, and properly makes her way backstage. 


PKA vs Jason Ryan vs Jaice Wilds


Clearwater: Welcome back to Monday Night Metal, and we’ve got more action ahead.

St. Remi: Consolation prizes from the tag tourney, on one hand. Yet we’re getting some of the best matchups now from those eliminated from contention.

Clearwater: And tonight we’ve got so many to choose from—what’s not to love!

he opening chords of “UltraNUMB” by Blu Stahli fills the arena as the lights go dark. Several flashes of blue and green lights illuminate various parts of the arena and entrance ramp to the beat of the song, all stopping with a cascade falling at the top center as Blue Stahli screams…


At this point, the fans begin roaring as Jaice Wilds is spotted on a platform a few feet above the ramp. He raises his arms into an X, taking a moment to watch the crowd respond in kind before…

3! 2! 1!

Wilds flips forward off the platform, landing superhero style on the ramp below. He looks up, removing the hood from his face and tossing his shades into the crowd. He starts down the ramp, taking some time to slap random fives and bump fists.

You want it full frontal, over-stimulation
So say a benediction, For a new addiction
In voyeuristic overdrive
(Here comes the countdown)

Jessica Kaine: Ladies and gentlemen, making his way to the ring!!

This is the new flesh

Jessica Kaine: From Puerto Vehlo, Brazil; weighing in at one hundred and eighty-four pounds!

This is the open door

Jessica Kaine: He is the Final General and YOUR Xtreme Aerialist!!

We've got everything you wanted…


Wilds stops at the bottom of the ramp, taking in a deep breath and signing the rosarie before launching forward, corkscrewing himself to fly between the top and middle ring ropes and rolling to his feet once inside the ring. He looks to each side of the ring, the fans on their feet as he heads for a turnbuckle.

You want it all right now (ULTRAnumb)
Right now
(Three, two, one)
Violated, So degraded
The show has just begun
(Three, two, one)
Dominated, By all you hated
This will make you ULTRAnumb
(Three, two, one)

Wilds nods to the crowd, throwing up the X as the fans chant "X-Treme!" to their hero. He drops to the mat, running up to each remaining turnbuckle and repeating the taunt as the crowd continues to roar in approval.

Clearwater: Wilds has put on show every day he’s been a part of Alpha Pro, and we’re so grateful to have him.

St. Remi: Yeah, bro, but he’ll he two peaks—not one—to climb tonight.

Suddenly Sidewalks and Skeletons "Slow Motion" hits the PA System and out from the curtain emerges "Grade A" PKA, dressed in all black. A black vest over a shirtless top accompanied by black shorts, boots, and wrist bands. He smirks as he confidently drifts down the aisle and slides into the ring. PKA climbs up the turnbuckle and puts his arms out in a crucifix as the fans watch his every move. The camera focuses in on his black hair, his face, his black eyeliner, the intensity in PKA's eyes. He hops off the turnbuckle and he hits the opposite corner to do another pose, arms out in a crucifix. After soaking in the fans' reaction, he hops off the turnbuckle and his music fades out.

St. Remi: Now this is going to be an under the radar matchup because these two are like spider monkeys.

Clearwater: Very eloquent, Remi.

St. Remi: You know me, the epitome of class.

Clearwater: My thoughts exactly.

St. Remi: Look out! It’s Jason Ryan!

Ding! Ding!

Clearwater: Ryan blindsiding Jaice wilds with a massive forearm smash! How despicable!

PKA watches, waiting from him moment to strike, before leaping onto Ryan’s shoulders and driving him to the mat with a massive face crusher. He then goes to the 2nd rope, waiting for his next target. Jason Ryan fits the build when PKA leaps and throws him into the far turnbuckle from whipping hurricanrana. Wilds kips up at that second, missing by inches with a pele kick, before sweeping the legs of PKA on a close rebound. Both aerial artist then meet with a series of leg and midsection kicks.

Clearwater: Here’s the fight we wanted! And listen to those kicks!

St. Remi: These guys are bringing the pain, but can they sustain this kind of damage for long?

Jason Ryan, not to be outdone by these speedsters, roars from the turnbuckle. He charges with a double lariat that both cruiserweights dodge Matrix-style before countering him with a double arm drag. PKA leaps onto the middle then top rope for an impressive tightrope routine. Wilds hops onto the middle rope, and like the end of View to a Kill, engages in a precarious battle with PKA.

Clearwater: Huge rights from Wilds!

St. Remi: He’s got the front clutch—could this be a suplex?

Clearwater: Here comes Ryan! No no! Don’t do them like that Jason!

Ryan grabs the waist of Wilds, adding a German suplex to a modified capture suplex being applied to PKA. The slam is thunderous enough to everyone rise from their seats.

Clearwater: That was amazing! But can he put a finishing note of this match?

St. Remi: Ryan knows this is his chance to into the W column after several long weeks. He’ll take anyone down to get back to winning ways.

Ryan goes behind Jaice Wilds, grabbing his elbow with the intent for serious damage. Fans boo as he reels in Wilds for a pullback lariat.

Clearwater: Wilds with the victory roll!



Clearwater: Ryan kicks out in time—and Wilds hitting the ropes!

St. Remi: Jason gets out of the way!

Clearwater: Tornado kick! PKA just walked straight into that move! Such utter devastation!

Ryan attacks with a super kick from his blindside. Wilds falls to one knee, but roars back with a maddening slap of the canvas. Fans rally behind him albeit the cocky smirk across Ryan’s face.

St. Remi: Wilds dives under the lariat—pele kick!

Clearwater: Jason Ryan caught him! What timing!

St. Remi: lungblower! Wilds is down!
PKA rises from the floor with a spark of his own, hitting an out-of-nowhere imapler DDT on Ryan. He then turns attentions to the downed Jaice Wilds… making a slow yet still agile ascent to the top rope. Wilds moves to his feet looking woozy.

Clearwater: This could be it!

St. Remi: Go for it!

Clearwater: P-Krusher III!

St. Remi: Cannonball DDT—Wait what?

Clearwater: Jaice has him on his shoulders—no way!

St. Remi: Look out!

Jason Ryan surges from the mat with another debilitating super kick to back of PKA’s head. Wilds drops his dead weight, but not in time to counter a second superkick from Ryan.

Clearwater: He has Wilds right where he wants him!

St. Remi: Terminated!

Clearwater: Ryan hooks the leg!




Jessica Kaine: And your winner… Jason Ryan!

Clearwater: An impervious showing from all these men, but Jason played the better game between them.

St. Remi: You gotta do what you gotta do in these bouts. You never know if or when the other dude will get off the mat. He played them against each other and walks away with a W.

Clearwater: If you loved that one, then don’t go anywhere because there’s more Metal after this.

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

Midnight holds a special place for terrors. It also tucks problematic souls under an unsecure blanket, those only reserved for the worst sort beneath undeserved dreams. Dreamers, however, walk the streets in an exhaustive search for tomorrow….

Open to DotCom Mogul Zion Simmons sitting in a chair—the exact one Morpheus sat on during when offering Neo the red or blue pills—in a fancy kimono. Shades of blue outline the acting prowess of David Harbor during an episode of Stranger Things when his phone vibrates. Zion lets it go to voicemail. It rings again, forcing him to react and not ghost the name on the caller ID.

zn: That’s right, and you know where my foot will be if this doesn’t go down. Do I have to texturize that thought, or are really that slow of a PC, bro? I spent the entire evening trying to enjoy this quarantine binging. This had better be good—because I’m so behind on this shit right now.

He goes to the door of his New York Penthouse suite after multiple, longing raps scrape from the other side. A tight buckle of its obi sash gives him the confident steps to open the door. A shot from the apartment door shows a sudden rush of energy overtake him in burglar’s black, sweeping the cocky superstar to the bamboo floor. Violent knees, kicks and punches back Zion into his living room.

Zion: What the fuck are you doing here?

His attacker takes only a momentary thought before continuing his onslaught. Zion fights back to no avail when his entire momentum gets upended from a judo throw—straight a fancy coffee table. Zion tries to recover, except more knees and strikes pummel him back to that floor he imported from China.

Zion: Wait! Wait—I’ll give you whatever you want! Just stop and listen, asshole!

The attacker, a bald male figure deeply silhouetted, grabs him by the throat and throws Simmons over his bar. Zion flips over it with a speedy recovery. He slides across the marble countertop like Starsky and Hutch with a bottle of Grey Goose© clutched in his hand. Errant swings lead him getting judo thrown once more to that bamboo floor. Zion crawls towards a back room. His attacker follows with slow, assured steps, yet never letting that city show more than the back of their shaved head.

Zion: I’m done playing, douchebag! You’re getting pwn’d now!

Zion swipes a rug off a footlocker, where we see him enter a pass code: I-D-D-Q-D ... and so he reaches into that chest for a BFG of sorts--retrieving instead, a luchador mask with Doom marine glee across his face. Except that he never gets to pull it over his face at all. Another surge from his attacker pushes the tech billionaire straight through the glass entrance to his balcony. Batman cityscapes of Gotham glow from a dreary evening in the heart of Manhattan. Zion braces against the balcony wall like a wounded soldier behind parapets. Desperate, and bleeding all over his person, Simmons makes a final plea amongst glass and destroyed possessions.

Zion: Please… let me help you. I’ll do whatever you want. Name your price! Anything, man! I'll give you back the company! I swear Mas--

A black glove grips his throat, squeezing every weasel word from his pasty throat. Action shots show Zion tumbling from the balcony from a vindictive toss. His body falls into the nightly shambles below with glass shards added in for good measure. We then see that figure depart without compromising their anonymity. In their wake, a shot of the sidewalk below shows dozens of random night dwellers taking video and selfies by the fallen body of Zion—now pancaked like some noire art installation—fulfilling his destiny as a hero born and taken by the internet that made him a household name. A final cut back to apartment scours glass and destroyed things until closing in up on that now bloodstained luchador mask Zion tried to pull out of a chest: the black and red wrestling mask of Jobber Dave.

El Muertos vs Flop vs LA Johnny Stylez

Jessica Kaine: The following contest is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall.

Cold by Crossfade plays over the loud speaker as out struts the Paragona of Americana , LA Johnny Stylez.

Introducing first, from New Orleans Louisiana, weighing in at 245 pounds, he is the Don of Disrespect, Johnny Stylez!

Stylez moves with the rhythm of the music while yelling at the crowd. Naturally Stylez is met with a course of boos so loud that it almost shakes the arena. Stylez is dressed in a pair of baggy cargo pants and he is wearing a P.o.P T-shirt Outsider’s style. On the front of the shirt is P.o.P in white bold letters with (Players of Perfection) written in captions. Stylez is wearing a pair of silver oakleys and he has a cigarette hanging from his lips. After dancing to his music and taunting the fans, Stylez makes his way down the ramp. Stylez arrogantly struts to the ring, stopping to blow smoke in the face of a few fans sitting front row. Stylez then puts his cigarette out, and slides in the ring on his stomach. He then shoots up and immeadily begins talking trash to the fans, who are letting him have it. Stylez walks up to the ring announcer and playfully slaps them over the head a few times, before walking over to the turnbuckle and laying across it pretending to fall asleep as he awaits his opponent and or the bell.

Remi: this guy has certainly made an impression since coming here. He certainly carries himself like a star but when you’re as talented as he is, I guess that comes with the territory.

Clearwater: Johnny has wasted no time in establishing himself as perhaps the most entertaining member of the APW roster. The guy is the walking embodiment of charisma.

Johnny’s theme cuts out as a new theme starts to play.

Telling Ghosts by Puscifer begins to play and Flop comes out on the stage and what the hell is he wearing?!

Remi: …

Clearwater: … bro

Remi: yeah?

Clearwater: Are you seeing this?

Remi: sadly yes. My question is why?

Clearwater: I don’t know. Nobody knows. I don’t think Flop knows.

Flop is wearing his typical attire with a slight but noticeable difference. He has two masks in the likenesses of his opponent’s face, once attached to his behind and the other attached to his crotch. Telling Ghosts" by Puscifer continues to play over the PA system. Flop walks out on the stage, with Derrick the Goat. He stares into the crowd as the opening lyrics pollute the airwaves.

The more you take, the more you need
The more you suck, the more you bleed
The dead know better, so listen to the letter
The more you suck, the more you bleed

Flop and Derrick make their way to the ring, as the song continues to play. Flop takes Derrick around to the commentary table, where he leashes Derrick to the barrier right next to the table. Flop then rolls under the bottom rope as his theme music finishes playing.

Remi: and now for the last member of this match

Clearwater: these two are two of the most colorful wrestlers today, very talented men but their opponent honestly scares me bro.

Remi: You and everyone else.

The arena blacks out as ‘A Toda Madre’ by Thell Barrio plays, the guitar riffs for eights seconds before the drum hits, white strobe lighting flashes frantically in time with the beat. A spotlight finds El Muertos walking amongst the fans wearing a black stetson, black leather belt and holster. His hand firmly holding the grip of a golden revolver sat in the holster as he pushes his way through the crowd.

Once El Muertos makes his way to ring side the house lights fade up. Jumping up to the apron he looks around slowly letting the fans in attendance get a look at his face. El Muertos yanks his hat off as he climbs through the ropes and poses in the centre of the ring. As soon as the music cuts out in one swift motion El Muertos throws the hat into the air, draws the revolver and fires three shots at the stetson, catching the hat as it falls back down to the apron.


And Johnny Stylez rolls out of the ring from the get go! He holds his hands up and backs away, big smile, shaking his head no. Muertos turns his attention to Flop and begins to clobber him. Hard stiff shots over and over again driving Flop into the corner. He strikes Flop over and over again. And Flop begins to fight back! He punches Muertos over and over again, driving him back and it looks like Johnny is joining the commentary team.

Johnny: Sup fuckers?

Remi: uh Johnny, shouldn’t you be in the ring?

Johnny: shut your mouth you piece of trash, I will commentate if I god damn want to! Now go get me a drink.

Remi: I-

Johnny: Shut up! You uh…. Riverwater! Go get me a drink!

Clearwater: That's not even my-

Johnny just grabs a fan’s soda and starts drinking as the match goes on. Flop hits a hurricanrana driver on Muertos and looks straight at Johnny. He gestures for Johnny to suck it but Johnny makes a big show of looking at Remi’s phone

Johnny: You have a shitty wallpaper

Remi: How about you give me my phone back and you get in the ring?

Johnny: I will once I stretch! Speaking of which…

Johnny leaves the commentary booth and begins to stretch. Flop looks at Johnny and bounced against the ropes, Suicide Dive! Both men crash to the floor and here comes Muertos! Suicide Dive from him! Muertos throws Johnny in the ring and picks up Flop. He throws Flop into the steel post and climbs back in the ring.

Johnny hits him with a vertical duplex, a second vertical duplex, picks him up for a third, does a couple of squats and hits a third one. He then does a few pushups. Flop gets in the ring and hits Johnny with a spinning heel kick. Flop is the only one standing and looks around wildly. What is he doing? He drops down and sponaroonie!

Remi: There’s only one Flop!

Clearwater: Pretty sure that’s a good thing.

Flop heads to the top rope and hits a stunning 450! Wait, Muertos is up and as Flop starts to get up hits a Sunset Flip Powerbomb!

Remi: What a crisp combo!

Muertos grabs both of his competitors by the back of the necks and slams their heads together. He throws Flop out of the way and lands a back breaker on Johnny. He goes out the apron and waits for Johnny to stand up. As he died, Muertos looks to fly but is met with a super kick from Flop. Muertos drops to the floor and Johnny lands a German suplex on Flop and goes for the cover. 1, kick out

Johnny back to the corner and runs at Flop…. just to slow down and merely kick him in the ribs. He turns around and mockingly bows to the crowd. The fans boo loudly as Johnny pretends to conduct them. Wait roll up by Flop.




That was close. Johnny’s carelessness nearly cost him. Johnny’s jaw meets a stiff kick from Flop. Flop heads to the top rope again but is pushed off by Muertos! Muertos bounces against the ropes, runs in front of Flop and oh my god! What a knee to the face, I think Flop is busted open! Flop removes a hand to reveal the blood flowing down his nose. Muertos grabs Johnny and hits a full Nelson slam. He leaves the ring and drags Johnny to the commentary booth. He throws Johnny on the table, turns around and is hit with a shotgun kick from Flop! His face is now a mess but he’s laughing!

Remi: Something ain’t right about that boy

Clearwater: That’s an understatement.

Flop picks up both of his opponents and spreads them out on the table. He heads back to the ring, goes on top of the turnbuckle. Senton! Senton through the table! The crowd pops

Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!

All three men crawl back in the ring. Flop goes for the 1 Kick Special but Muertos sucks and sends him flying over the top rope. Stylez hits Muertos with a blue thunder bomb and is looking to end this but suddenly The Bloodline theme begins to play. Johnny’s attention turns to the entrance ramp. After a few moments it’s clear The Bloodline is not coming out. Johnny turns around to the Dia De Muertos!






Jessica Kaine: The winner of this match -- by pinfall! -- EL MUERTOS!!!

"Breezy" Eli Beazley vs Alex Scott


Jessica Kaine: The following match is scheduled for one fall... it is a NON-TITLE MATCH... Coming to the ring first... he is the current Alpha Pro Wrestling Junior Heavyweight Champion... he is Breeeezy Eli Beeeazley!

“Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen hits the loudspeakers. The fans pop as “Breezy” Eli Beazley hits the stage. He briefly dances to his music and then makes his way to the ring. Eli highfives several fans. He stops to take a selfie with a fan and even pauses for a quick interaction with a young fan in the front row. Eli makes his way up to the ring apron and hits a few more dance moves. Finally, Eli hops over the top rope and spins around in the ring with his arms held out engulfing himself in the cheers from the audience. When we get to the chorus of the song , Eli hops up on the second rope and leads the crowd in a few ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’s .

Jessica Kaine: And his opponent...The Answer... Alex Scott!

"Fight Like the Devil" begins, and there is a brief murmuring of fans. As the song picks up, Alex Scott parts the curtain, a look of focus and minor indifference on his face. He shows very little emotion, walking to the ring in his hooded sweatshirt, tights and boots. He hits the ring, uses the ropes the stretch, and then sits on the top turnbuckle, mentally preparing himself to wrestle.


Beazley waves his arms up and down to get the crowd excited and then he starts clapping his hands and stomping his feet to get the audience rocking. Alex Scott is having now of it though as he just RUNS OVER Eli with a clothesline that puts the Junior Heavyweight champion on his back on the mat. Scott turns and goes to stomp on Beazley but Breezy rolls away and get to his feet. Scott charges Eli, but the champ sidesteps and drives a knee into the stomach of The Answer ending all momentum that he had. Beazley locks a side headlock on Scott and grabs the tights but Scott blocks it. Beazley tries again and Scott blocks it again. Scott counters with his own tights grips and takes Beazley up with a vertical suplex. He stalls midair before taking him down to the mat. Scott transitions into a cover.



Shoulder up! Not enough to keep a champion down. Both men find their way to their feet. Beazley bounces off the ropes and Scott ducks. Eli leapfrogs over him and bounces off the ropes on the far side. Scott ducks again but Beazley stops and kicks him upright. Beazley follows up with an inverted atomic drop and then takes Scott down to the mat with a russian legsweep. Beazley lifts him from the mat and connects with a backbreaker and quickly scales the second turnbuckle, he comes off and drops an elbow on Scott and quickly covers.



Scott kicks out. Beazley gets up and pulls Scott up with him. The Answer shoves Breezy away. Beazley comes back and Scott punches him and stands him up with an atomic drop, he bounces back off the ropes and connects with a flying forearm sending Eli to the mat as he leaps through the air. Scott grabs him off the mat and scoop slams him back down and scales the second rope and jumps off connecting with an elbow drop of his own. He covers.



KICKOUT! Beazley gets the shoulder up and again both men are quickly to their feet. Beazley runs back into the ropes and launches into the air using the springboarding effect of the ropes for momentum and his Scott with a flying shoulderblock. He bounces, as does Scott and Eli takes him over with a sit-out hip toss. Beazley quickly has Scott up and down with a powerbomb before standing and dropping a fist into the forehead of Alex Scott. Beazley pulls Scott to his feet and locks in a full nelson. UP! AND! DOWN!







Jessica Kaine: Your winner... via pinfall... BREEEEZY ELI BEAZLEY!!!

Lex Collins vs Aaron Blaze


The arena lights go out as smoke machines begin filling the entrance tunnel and stage. Black and White strobe lights begin illuminating the area as the ring announcer begins to introduce Aaron.

"From Seattle, Washington...weighing in at One Hundred and Eighty-Seven pounds (187 lbs.), he is the "Prince of Pain"....Aaron Blaze"!!

As the introduction ends, a man is seen through the strobe lights and smoke dressed in a long Black trench coat stands at the top of the entrance ramp with his back to the ring. As "Broken Hands" begins, he waits until the [:28] to open his coat and reveals a hidden skateboard. Stepping on the board, Aaron slowly rides the skateboard to the ring and around the [:51] mark, he enters ringside and hops off the skateboard that he let glide under the ring before sliding under the bottom rope and into the ring himself. In the ring, Aaron runs to the other side of the ring and jumps up onto the Second turnbuckle and stares out at the crowd. The crowd boos and cheers him as he starts to remove his coat and it falls across the top rope. Stepping onto the top rope next to him, he turns and drops down to the mat and then squats down leaning backwards onto the ropes as he stares at his opponent. By now the [3:48] music fades to silence as Aaron waits for his match to begin.

Clearwater: And there he is, Aaron Blaze formerly of Bad Boy Energy.

St. Remi: They had a good run, but to be honest, their team could never have lasted.

Clearwater: I’m sure Aaron will say the same. More so since his partner disappeared after Metal last week.

St. Remi: But forget that noise, because this place is about to go crazy!

The lights dim, and the sound of a heartbeat fills the silence, growing a little louder and faster before being replaced with a driving rock beat. "Re-Education (Through Labor)" by Rise Against kicks into gear over the arena sound system, getting an ear-splitting huge pop from the female fans in attendance. Orange and red spotlights fade up slowly, like the sun rising to reveal a fire in the sky, illuminating two silhouettes. Lex Collins stands with his head bowed and pauses before raising his arms, thrusting them directly into the path of the spotlights as the crowd erupts into cheers yet again. Midway down the ramp, Lex stops and shrugs out of his Brutal Apparel hoodie, awarding it to a lucky fan in the crowd. He pauses for a few selfies with fans before hopping up on the apron. Grinning at the crowd, he presses his right fist over his heart to a huge pop before turning and springing over the rope.

Clearwater: Collins is looking in prime form tonight. But he’ll have his hands full with this ball of energy.

St. Remi: Bruh, you’re talking about our North American Champion. Show some respect!

Clearwater: I am… and there’s the bell!

Aaron Blaze meets the veteran Collins in the center and eats an early counter via drop toehold. Collins attempts to lock on a side headlock until the speedier Blaze slips free. He then hits the ropes with a rebounding pele kick—Lex makes one more smart move by catching and releasing the inbounding Aaron Blaze for a stiff European uppercut.

Clearwater: He shot Blaze out of the sky!

St. Remi: How did the kid get back up? Does he want another lesson?

Clearwater: Collins letting the crowd take this one over. And they’re having a ball with his early success.

St. Remi: He’s champ for a reason, Mikey. Learn the game why don’t’cha!

Collins gestures to Blaze, as if to ask if he wants more. Aaron charges headfirst into the breast of Lex Collins while backing him into the ropes. That surprise offense chains into furious strikes from the hot upstart. Each fist does its part before dropping Lex to one knee. Fans boo when Blaze hits the far ropes to harpoon the waiting vet with a humongous dropkick. Lex almost falls through the ropes, and would have, had Aaron not slid out before him. He then sets up Collins’s head for a drive-by shining wizard.

Clearwater: What innovative offense from the kid.

St. Remi: Definitely, but it’ll more than a few weird moves to stop someone like Lex Collins.

Clearwater: Champion, Architect… but all that matters tonight in the man across from him.

St. Remi: Blaze on the apron—what’s trying to do now?

Fans boo as he preps for some sort of leg drop from the apron on a prone Lex Collins. He lines up amidst their booing, when halfway down, Collins rolls away in time. Blaze nearly falls to the outside before a quick hand saves him from a nasty tumble. Although that setback allows Lex time to recover and deliver a running knee to the gut. He then holds onto Aaron’s head and takes him to floor with a DDT.

Clearwater: Lex just took them both out! What daring stuff from the North American Champion!

St. Remi: He did what he had to, bro. Blaze is done for after that one… he has to be.

Clearwater: And the official beginning his count, can they get into the ring?





Lex gets up first, and slide under the bottom rope.



Aaron Blaze has a hold of the bottom rope.

He pulls himself into the ring, falling right into Lex’s hands.

St. Remi: Wreckage! He’s ruined our men with that move!

Clearwater: Can Blaze even hope to escape that man’s clutches?

St. Remi: That Fujiwara armbar can be devastating, bro. And Lex has him trapped with and upper position!

The armbar lets Collins control where the younger Aaron Blaze goes. He wants the ropes, but Lex keeps him tacked to the canvas. Fans rise in appreciation of their uncommon hero only so close to another big victory. Blaze soaks in their cheers and reverse-engineers them into a final push. Their masses reverse into a schoolboy roll up with Lex scrambling to escape.



Clearwater: He almost stole that one! And Collins cannot believe it!

St. Remi: You never know what’ll happen on that mat, bro. You have to keep moving.

Collins recovers and lands a couple nasty elbows to the exposed back of Aaron Blaze. He throws an errant one, which gives the Prince of Pain time to answer. He nails a stiff head butt straight on to Collins with enough force to have both stumbling backwards. He hits one more to where neither man has able footing. He then whips Lex into the far ropes—Collins returns with a huge kick under the chin. Both throw punches after that to where no one can tell if either man has any gas left in the tank. Finally, and with some rancor to it, Blaze tackles Collins with a low dropkick, before going behind into a pump-handle clutch.

Clearwater: Oh no! He wants something big here!

St. Remi: Collins slips behind!

Clearwater: Absolute Zero! Collins drives Aaron Blaze to the mat hard!




Jessica Kaine: And your winner… Lex Collins!

St. Remi: A grand showcase from the North American Champion… and we’re lucky to have it!
Clearwater: Blaze showed great promise yet again, but he falls short once more.

St. Remi: He had the deck stacked against him from the start, bro. He did well given the climate.

Clearwater: That he did, but Lex Collins finds a way to win. Can anyone stop the Architects?The lights pulsate throughout the arena with an annoying vibrating bass line.

Remi: What's happening now? Who's entrance is this?!

The lights all go out with the sound of a breaking switch. Thunder rumbles as the arena lights turn on in purple. An owl swoops in from above the screen and gracefully glides into the ring. It sits patiently on the turnbuckle, turning its head slowly looking at the crowd.

Remi: An owl? Is he even on the roster? Do we just hire anything now?

Clearwater: It's the same owl we saw earlier. You know what that means...

"Dance Macabre" by Ghost blasts through the PA system. Out comes walking none other than Noble Savage. The sheer grin on her face as she eyes down this capacity crowd is spine tingling. She makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring. She grabs a microphone as the music dies down and approaches the owl on the turnbuckle while the lights return to normal.

Noble Savage: You just didn't believe me did you...? Two weeks ago I handed you a warning and believe you me I was being so damn courteous... I didn't HAVE to give you a heads up but I did so anyway... And you... You didn't even know I was talking about you did you?

Noble Savage pauses for a few seconds while the crowd boos. Of course some cheering is in fact heard but the sneer on her face makes it obvious that it all sounds like the same booing to her.

Noble Savage: Now, I do understand that there is some push back from you people out here in Hershey Stain USA, don't get me wrong. I just don't feel I have anything to say to you parasites at the moment. I am trying to address someone whom I had the pleasure of sensing when you all decided to follow me to my sanctuary. But I am going to make sure that our encounter is anything but pleasurable. I am not the type to help you up and shake your hand after I kick your ass, ok? So, rest assured I will make sure you too are made aware of why I was branded the moniker of Cancer. And while I am not as peeved by you as I am by these worms out here in this arena, I will still have no reason to show you mercy. I tried to be nice before I began the pestilence that would plague your ending days, and I even gave you an extra week to reflect... But you seemed to ignore... Now look at you... Everyone you've ever known is either holed up in quarantine or risking to catch one of the first plagues... Perhaps this time you'll listen. And perhaps in two weeks time you will finally meet me face to face... But I assure you... This experience is going to hurt.

Thunder rumbles again and the owl spreads it's full wing span as the lights go out.

Tag Title Tournament Block A Semi-Final
Man Made Gods vs Cowgirls From Hell

Jessica Kaine: The following match is scheduled for one pin fall and is the Semi Finals of the APW Tag Team Title Tournament! Introducing first weighing in at a combined weight of 423 lbs... they are Frank Venable and Corey Black.... THE MAN MADE GODS!

The lights in the arena drop to black, then pick up a slate gray/blue color as "Oroborus" by Gojira hits the PA system! The crowd flips out, the Man Made Gods step out from the backstage area standing side by side and taking in the crowd's reaction. They both stride to the ring like they own the place, Frank slides in under the bottom rope and Corey takes the stairs to the apron to step in through the ropes. The duo high five forearms as they ready themselves for the upcoming battle!

Clearwater: oh man this is gonna be a good one!

"How Could I Just Kill a Man” begins to play as the houselights slowly dim. At the nine second mark lights begin to flicker as LaRocha’s voice fills the arena.

~ Hey don't miss out on what you're passing,
You're missing the hootah of the funky buddah,
Eluder of the fucked up style's that get wicked
So come on as I start to kick it, ~

Jessica Kaine: And their opponents...

The jumbtron lights up with the chrome ‘cFh’ emblem and explodes. cFh flashes again on the screen, and a small amounts of pyro’s shoot off as Meghan steps out from behind the curtain followed by her protégé and partner Maxine Riggs.

~ Cause we're like outlaws ridding while suckers are hiding,
Jump behind the bush when you see me driving by'
Hanging out my window, and my magnum taking out some negros~

Jessica Kaine: Hailing from the Great White North, Canada weighing at a combined weight of two hundred and eighty pounds….

~ Acting kind of loco I'm just another local
Kid from the street getting paid for my vocals.
Here is something you can't understand,
How I could just kill a man~

Meghan and Maxine stop and wave at the crowd as they shift their hips to the right side. They make their way down to ringside.

Jessica Kaine: THE COWGIRLS FROM HELL!!!!!!!

~ Here is something you can't understand,
How I could just kill a man
Here is something you can't understand,
How I could just kill a man~

Meghan and Maxine salute the fans careful not to have physical contact with the fans.

~Here is something you can't understand,
How I could just kill a man
Here is something you can't understand,
How I could just kill a man~

Meghan stops halfway down, looks side to side, raises up her arms and the entire stage explodes in gold and silver pyrotechnics as a wide grin comes across Meghan’s face as Maxine holds her left fist up in the air.

~ I be doing all the dumb shit yo
Cause nothing is coming from it
I'm not gonna waste no time fucking around I got ya humming
Humming coming at ya! then you know I had to gat ya!~

At that Meghan and Maxine turn it into a stride and slide under the bottom rope into the ring and each jump up to the top turnbuckles as they raise their fists in the air.


Meghan and Mad Max get together to decide who fights first and do so with a game of rock paper scissors. Mad Max pulls rock and so does Meghan, then again and then a third time, throwing the entire situation into chaos. With no clear way to decide, Meghan and Mad Max both decide to cross the ring and knock the shit out of Frank Venable.

St. Remington: Good ol’rock. Nothing beats rock!

Clearwater: Paper, Remi. Paper.

Frank Venable gets beat down into the corner before the referee can get in and separate them. Meghan decides to step aside for her team, but not before making it very clear to the referee that both of them had won the right to fight first. Mad Max meanwhile gets Frank Venable out of the corner, takes him back down with a Snapmare and then cracks his head with a Dropkick. Frank Venable clutches his head and rolls to the outside for a breather. Unfortunately for him, Meghan comes rushing along the apron, throws up two knees and drops them on Frank Venable’s face.

Clearwater: For a tag match, they sure aren’t putting much stock in tags.

St. Remington: But they both called rock!

Meghan again points out that they did indeed both draw rock while she rolls Frank Venable back into the ring toward Mad Max. Mad Max then takes over and drags Frank Venable back to the corner where Meghan is now conveniently waiting for the tag. Meghan then steps in (officially this time) and helps Mad Max put Frank Venable to the ropes. Frank Venable shoots back as Meghan steps in for a Drop-Toehold, bring him right down into a Dropkick from Mad Max.

St. Remington: They just ripped his jaw off!

Clearwater: He’s king of the deathmatch, his face will be fine.

Frank Venable clears the way, making room for Corey Black to charge in and miss Mad Max with a Clothesline. He then turns and walks right into an Overhead Roundhouse Kick from Mad Max while Meghan comes around from behind and splatters him with an Enzugiri.

St. Remington: That had to smack the taste out of his mouth.

Corey is pushed aside and the two go back to Frank Venable, with the referee having apparently bent to the rock paper scissors ruling. Frank Venable gets pushed into one corner and tagged with a few kicks from both women. The two then whip him to the opposite corner and then follow, with Mad Max shooting first for a Handspring Back Elbow, nailing him in the jaw and sending her over safely to the apron. Meghan shoots next; stepping off Frank Venable’s chest and kicking him upside the head as she lands a picture perfect Tiger Wall Flip. Before she can follow up though, Corey Black charges in from the side and rips through her with a Spear.

Clearwater: Corey has had enough! Hell of a spear!

Meghan goes down as Mad Max hops up for a Springboard, only to be tripped by Frank Venable, who falls back into the ropes to take her off balance and then catches her on his shoulders. Venable then steps forward into the ring and then falls back for the Samoan Drop, just as Corey Black steps in and doubles it up with a Neckbreaker for good measure.

Clearwater: Looks like these two have come prepared!

St. Remington: Well this isn’t their first two round opponents. This is the Cowgirls From Hell! Man Mad Max is sexy!

Clearwater: You know she likes women right?

St. Remington: hey I can Buffalo Bill it.

Frank Venable clamps on the pin.



Clearwater: And Meghan makes the break.

Corey Black does his best to hold Meghan at bay as Venable gets Mad Max up and prepares to drop her with the Vertebreaker. He then stands up with it, only for Mad Max to float through and land on her feet behind him. Venable then turns but gets caught as Mad Max wraps his arm behind his head and thuds him in the chest with a Heart Kick. Venable winces as Mad Max releases his arm, drops low and then puts him on his backside with a Legsweep. Meanwhile Corey Black finds himself at ringside as Meghan turns and tosses him through the ropes, thus leaving her free to link up with Mad Max and blast Frank Venable with stereo Roundhouse Kicks.

St. Remington: Yeah get him girls!!!!

Frank Venable flops to his back while Mad Max hits the ropes, returns and gets propelled into the air by Meghan, sending her straight up with a Flapjack and then stepping aside as Mad Max comes down from on high with a Legdrop. Mad Max then looks to cover but she’s pushed off by Meghan who spies Corey Black on the ropes. Corey Black leaps for a Double Axe-Handle but hits nothing but Meghan’s heel as she shoots straight up and cracks him in the jaw, sending him head over heels before flopping onto his front. Meghan then pulls him up to his knees and stands back as Mad Max charges in and shatters his jaw with a Bakatare Sliding Kick.

Clearwater: And they are just all over him.

Corey drops dead to the mat and Meghan finishes him off with a Standing Stardust Press, crashing down into the pin.



Clearwater: No! Frank Venable makes the break!

Mad Max Riggs jumps at Venable and tries to send him through the ropes, only for him to turn it around and send her instead. Mad Max hangs on to the ropes and only goes as far as the apron but Venable doesn’t see it as he turns his attention back to Meghan and sticks her with a knee in the ribs as she tries to get up. Venable then tags her with a few quick jabs to push her back to the right distance.

St. Remington: Let’s go Cowgirls lets go!!!

Venable then suddenly lunges forward with a Jawbreaker Lariat, only to have Meghan drop down into the Splits to avoid it. Meghan then hops up, turns and pulls Venable into the clinch before cracking him open with a knee. The impact causes his legs to buckle but Meghan hangs on and then pulls his head down into another, splitting a wide gash down his face.

Clearwater: And Meghan with some gruesome knees from the Muay-Thai Clinch.

St. Remington: I bet she uses that move on her husband!

Meghan rips through him with a third knee before finally letting him drop to his knees, only to wind up a Shotgun Roundhouse Kick that makes a audible cracking sond.

Clearwater: That’s gotta hurt, did you hear the impact?

St. Remington: The nose bleeds heard it!

Meghan goes to kick Frank but Venable grabs her leg and twists flipping her around down to the mat. Mad Max goes to save her partner but Corey is back in the ring and with a swift move from the men laying her out with a reverse double DDT!

Clearwater: And the Man Made Gods follow up with ATOMIC HEAT BEAM!!!!!

St. Remington: Yeah it’s time to call this one a night.

Frank hooks Mad Max’s leg as Corey lays out Meghan with THE FLIGHT OF RODAN after layig her out with a DDT.






Jessica Kaine: Here are your winners… and moving onto the APW Tag Title Finals... the MAN MADE GODS!

Main Event
Tag Title Tournament Block B Semi-Final
The Architects vs The Enforcers

Clearwater: Welcome back to for our Main Event!

St. Remington: The Enforcers are already in the ring and we are just awaiting the Architect team of Smith Jones and Damon Warren! Oh and if you are wondering why Spartan is in the ring, he’s the special guest referee!

“Architects” by Rise Against rocks the arena! Orange and red spotlights fade up slowly, like the sun rising to reveal a fire in the sky, illuminating two silhouettes. Damon Warrens and Smith Jones stand with their heads bowed. Jones wears a shiny white robe with sparkly silver trim. Warrens is adorned in long white tights covered in blood splatters, white wrestling boots, white knee pads, white wrist tape, a black belt, black muscle shirt with "New Era" across the front. White elbow pads, and a long white trench coat with black buckles and straps resembling a straight jacket which also has blood splatters across it. Finally he wears a white expressionless mask with creepy white contact lenses. Warrens has a kendo stick slung over his shoulder. They all keep their heads bowed during the ring announcement.

Jessica Kaine: Coming down the aisle… at a total combined weight of four hundred fifty-four pounds… Damon Warrens and Smith Jones… The Architects!!!

They raise their arms, thrusting them directly into the path of the spotlights as the crowd erupts into cheers! The Architects stride confidently down to ringside as the crowd loses their minds! Jones has already arrived at the ring as he mounts the steel ring steps and wipes his feet respectfully on the apron before parting the ropes and entering the ring. Damon rolls in under the bottom rope and meets Smith inside. They fist bump one another before crossing to opposite sides of the ring and standing on different middle turnbuckles. Smith shrugs off his white robe and stoically scans the crowd with a sneer. Damon points his kendo stick at the fans in the front row and yells at them. They both return to the middle of the ring, stretching up for the match ahead.


Damon and Alex stand in the center of the ring when Smith points over Alex’s shoulder to Odin Balfore and to that point, Odin Balfore is pointing back at Smith. The crowd is going wild as both men clap their hands to get the crowd into it and the two legal men begin to circle the other, until the roar of the crowd gets Warren to tag in partner Smith and Richards to tag in Odin Balfore. However, that tag never happened as it was a ploy and Richards lashes out with a front kick to Smitty’s face, but he ducks under grabbing the ankle and twisting off to one side sending Richards flipping onto his feet against the ropes. Richards comes off the ropes with a leap frog over the doubled over Smith, but Jones with a mule kick narrowly avoids clipping Smitty’s left leg. Smith with a spring to the top rope flips back over the twisting Richards, but drops down onto one knee shoving his foot around as he spins around and nails Smith right in the midsection with the kick.

Clearwater: What athleticism by both men there! I am curious to why Spartan is acting as the referee for this match.

St. Remington: One of the more even matched teams but The Enforcers seem to know what works.

Smith rolls over, holding at his midsection and dives at Richards with a shoulder block. Spartan watches on in his best referee pose.

Clearwater: I wouldn't say it worked, Smith seems to be better prepared than most!

Richards with a leap over the diving Smith Jones, who rolls through and up to his feet with a smile on his face. Collar and elbow lockup, Smith with a go behind. Richards grabs the wrist, into a wristlock, into a hammerlock behind the back of Smith. Jones with a duck and a drop to a knee shoves into Richards, lifting him up onto his shoulders in a sort of fireman's carry, but Richards slips off and with a tornado DDT tries to send Smitty’s head into the canvas. Smith tosses and spins around and away from Richards and right into the right fist of Odin Balfore which sends him stumbling backwards into a German suplex by Richards. Damon comes into the ring, Richards rolls over to his feet, dropkick from Warren sends him down right beside Smith. Warren gets back out of the ring as Odin Balfore just looks at him, perhaps a bit of respect is there? Ok, perhaps not, the big man named Odin just stares at him continually.

Clearwater: It seems that both teams are equally matched.!

St. Remington: Repeating yourself I see! .

Smith rolls over to his knees, Richards doing the same. Both men seem to stumble towards the other, right into a collar and elbow tieup, Smith going into a hammerlock. Richards with a break, into a wristlock, but Smith lashes out with a sideways kick, right into Alex’s exposed midsection, doubling him over. Smith pressing his advantage sends a stinging chop right to the chest of Richards, backing him towards Odin Balfore.

St. Remington: What is he doing?

Odin Balfore reaches out, but Smith whips him towards Warren, Alex’s back slamming hard into the corner padding. Richards comes out, stumbling forward, right into a springboard sort of sideways and catching Richards sends him face first into the canvas. Smith tags in Warren, leaping off the top turnbuckle with a split legged moonsault right onto the downed Richards and the two men that were supposed to start this match off are in the ring.

Clearwater: What tag team unity from the Architects!

St. Remington: A real time! Just like the Cowgirls said they were!

Warren brings Richards up to his feet, but the veteran is ready for it, delivering a rapid series of five punches into Warren’s midsection, before slamming a knee upwards into his face that has him against the ropes. Richards with a whip sends him to the opposite ropes, Richards with a jumping knee sends Warren down onto the canvas with a knock-out blow; but Richards is on the canvas.

St. Remington: He’s short of breath!!! Covid-19?

Clearwater: Not funny Remi.

Odin Balfore slaps the top turnbuckle, getting his tag team partner into the match, trying to get him up and the Enforcer fans into the action and up on their feet cheering them!

(with each slap of the turnbuckle a letter is shouted)

EN!(slap) FORCE!(slap) ERS!(slap) EN!(slap) FORCE!(slap) ERS!(slap)

Richards slowly begins to crawl forward, pulling himself up to his knees and here comes Smith into the match, diving to prevent the Richards tag; but he gets it. The Enforcer fans get on their feet, Odin Balfore into the match now. Smith backs up, begging off, Odin Balfore rushes forward, but is tripped up by Damon at the perfect time sending him face first i nto a knee lift from Smith. Smith, using the momentum, has Odin Balfore in the corner and gets Warren to come in and tag him in. Warren reaches out, but Odin Balfore with a big boot sends Warren stumbling back into an inverted spinebuster(Richards catches him from behind, lifts him up, then falls forward on top of Warren(chest to chest but Warren’s head is between Alex’s legs)).

Clearwater: What a move!

St. Remington: 19 years of experience right there!

Odin Balfore with a run off the ropes, big leap into the air and a huge body splash on top of the downed Warren. Here comes Smith, the Architects fans going crazy, but Richards with a spinning heel kick catches Smith in the temple and down the gangsta goes to the canvas. Spartan stands in the middle of the ring; Odin Balfore looks at him, just glaring at him for a moment before turning his attention back to the contest at hand. Warren is pulled roughly to his feet and up onto Balfore’s shoulders, airplane spin toss, but Warren catches the top rope, somehow managing to flip the large Odin Balfore out of the ring and onto the floor outside of the ring. Warren hangs from his right hand, somehow pulling a Heartbreak Kid and flipping back into the ring.

St. Remington: Damon showing off his reflexes and athleticism!

Clearwater: Turning into a hell of a main event!

Richards rushes for Warren, who just flips back into the ring, turning around and right into Alex’s clothesline. Warren drops, pulling the rope down and shoving a shoulder into Alex’s midsection and sending him over the top rope and to the outside. Warren off the ropes, launches himself over with a twist and a yell, sending both men(who were standing up) backwards into the railing that protects the fans.

Clearwater: That never feels good!

St. Remington: My back hurts watching!

Warren rolls back into the ring, he and Smith tag in and make it a legal switch, Warren willing to take a breather on the apron, Odin Balfore stares up at Smith from the floor. Spartan starts the count out!






Odin Balfore pulls himself up onto the apron, Smith begging him to step on into the ring, making sure to give him plenty of room. Odin Balfore looks at Smith, who spits into his palm and slaps the taste right out of Odin’s mouth, but Odin just turns his head back to face Smith, lashing out with a left jab. Smith ducks the jab, but doesn't see Odin slam a knee into his left side, but he does feel it and is sent down onto one knee, gasping and holding at his ribs. Odin Balfore and Smith lock up again in the center of ring with Spartan making sure no funny business takes place. Odin Balfore backs Smith into a corner delivering a massive forearm to Smitty’s head, Spartan is there to break up the grappling. Odin Balfore forcefully whips Smith out of the corner, charging after the APW World Champion with a full head of steam, Smith sprawls in the corner and Odin Balfore spears the ringpost. Smith pulls Odin Balfore out of the corner delivering a spinning roundhouse kick sending Odin’s face into the top turnbuckle. Odin Balfore shakes his head and rubs his shoulder delivering a series of quick, but powerful, jabs to Smitty’s midsection. Smith holds at his ribs as Odin Balfore delivers another big series of punches, Odin Balfore whips Smith into the ropes and following up with a shoulder tackle takes Smith down. Odin Balfore is on a rampage and not allowing Smith to get much of an offense here in this portion of this match. Odin Balfore lifts Smith up in the center of the ring for a stalling vertical suplex, but Smith manages to wriggle free and deliver a modified backflip kick to the back of Odin’s skull that sends Odin into the ropes. Odin Balfore manages to catch himself before falling out of the ring, but here comes Smith with a flying leg lariat sending Odin Balfore over the ropes and onto the ring apron. Smith lands just inside the ropes, but Odin Balfore pulls him out of the ring and to the outside as Scott Swindell begins the long ten count. Odin Balfore with a big right hand to Smitty’s face as the rage burns in Jones 's eyes. Right from Odin Balfore sends Smith back, Odin Balfore with another big right handed haymaker connects with Smitty’s temple.

Clearwater: What a series of moves from all four men here in this contest, its back and forth all the way!

St. Remington: You can never count any of these men out, well... maybe Spartan will...

Odin Balfore with another big haymaker, but Smith falls out of Odin’s grasp and the fist slams into the ringpost and Odin Balfore connects with nothing but the unforgiving metal of the post. He shakes at his hand as Spartan’s count is up to six here in this tag title tournament bout. Smith with a low blow to Odin’s balls further incapacitate The big man here after the haymaker miss

~Split Action View~

Damon and Richards circle each other inside the ring, both looking for an opening that they are not willing to give the other. Collar and elbow, Damon with a go behind into a rear waistlock, Richards with a quick reversal into a rear waistlock of his own. Richards chains into a side headlock, Damon shoots him into the ropes. Richards leaps over Warren, rebounding off the ropes with a springboard back elbow. Damon with a reverse hiptoss sends Richards down to the canvas, Damon hits the ropes, but Richards rolls out of the way of the leg drop. Richards kips up to his feet as Damon does the same, they look at each other, the fans are deep into it. Another collar and elbow, Richards with a wristlock into a hammerlock, but Damon counters and reverses into a hammerlock of his own. Richards slaps at his shoulder as he rolls forward to flip Damon over his body. Damon lands with his feet on the ropes, he back flips over Richards, nailing him with a dropkick to his back.

St. Remington: Damon is a beast!

Clearwater: He better not underestimate the fan favourites!.

St. Remington: Neither of these men are legal are they?

Clearwater: Spartan may have forgotten that, as he's not a official referee.

Richards rolls out onto the ring apron, getting up to his feet. Here comes Warren, Richards with a shoulder block and a sunset flip into a powerbomb. Damon rolls out of the hold, but is slow to get up, Spartan looking really lost here in this contest.

St. Remington: Spartan looks lost.

Clearwater: I feel lost!

Richards pulls Damon up to his feet, elbow to Alex’s midsection, second, and a third. Damon with a swinging neckbreaker takes Richards down to the canvas. Damon climbs to the top turnbuckle, diving off with a moonsault onto Richards before pulling Richards back up to his feet. Irish whip into the ropes, Richards rebounds with a boot to the face, but Damon catches the kick. Richards with a enzeguri, but Damon manages to duck his head, clothesline takes Richards down on the mat. Damon locks on an anklelock, Richards reaches for the ropes, trying to get leverage to break the hold. Damon doesn't taunt the crowd as he pulls Richards back up to his feet. Chop to the chest, Richards counters with a chop of his own; the crowd with a "Wooooo" for each chop. Damon counters with a second chop, Richards fires back with one more. Richards with a forearm to Damon Warren’s face catching him off guard. Open palm strike to Warren’s face has him center ring. Richards with a whip into the rope, but Warren catches the rope, here comes Richards with a front knee strike. Warren catches the knee and both men go over the top to the outside;, but Warren lands heavily on his shoulder and rolls up to his feet. Richards flips back into the ring and is immediately off the ropes as he launches himself over the top and onto Damon with a suicide devil's plancha!

~Back to Smith vs Odin Balfore (simultaneously happening)~

Smith short whips Odin’s face into the post before rolling Odin into the ring, Smith follows after him as the count reaches nine and the match will continue. Smith climbs to the top turnbuckle, leaping with a leg drop across Jones 's throat, he makes a cover, but Odin Balfore shoves him off immediately to prevent a pin. Smith rolls into the ropes and under to the ring apron. Odin Balfore shakes his head and gets to his feet charging over to where Jones is standing looking at his opponent. Smith with a side kick through the ropes to Odin’s ribs, Odin Balfore continues coming, Smith with one to the other side of Odin’s ribs. The last kick halts Odin Balfore for a second before he reaches over the top rope to grab Smith, who springs to the top rope and delivers a big roundhouse kick to the side of his head sending him back down to the canvas. Smith falls back to the apron, facing the crowd, before back flipping into the ring, leaping to the top rope, and into the air to crash down on Odin with an elbow drop. Smith hits the ropes and goes for a baseball slide, but Odin Balfore sits up and Smith slides right out of the ring and Swindell starts the count, but Odin Balfore goes outside after him. Odin Balfore is yelling as he chases Smith around the ring, but Jones slips into the ring under the bottom rope and Odin Balfore is forced to follow after him. Odin Balfore rolls in to a series of big time stomps to the head from Smith before finally fighting through the stomps to get up to his feet. Odin Balfore shakes off the stomps and smiles as he once again charges at Smith, who promptly runs away.

St. Remington: Smith is making Odin spend a lot of energy to run around the ring, Jones looks to just be playing with him.

Clearwater: Smith is a veteran, but so is Odin; Jones may have gotten underneath Odin’s skin.

~Split Screen (Damon vs Richards)~

Irish whip from Richards sends Warren into the ring apron, he rebounds with a flying crossbody, but Richards with a dropkick right into Damon's breadbasket takes him off his feet. Richards rolls back up to his feet as Damon rolls away and tries to catch a breather. The fans at ringside taunt the current number one contender to the APW World Title, but he pays them no attention, looking up to Richards who hits the ring apron and dives off. Damon ducks out of the way of Richards flying over with a flying clothesline, but Richards lands on the announce table. Damon looks up, toe kick to the face from Richards backs Damon up into the railing. Richards bounces on the table, diving forward with a front flipping dropkick that sends him and Damon over and into the crowd.

Clearwater: These fans are getting a present tonight.

St. Remington: Well we are one of the few promotions still allowing fans in the arena and they appreciate it.

Richards pulls himself up, taking Damon along with him. Richards with a right hand backs Damon up against the barricade. Richards charges with a forearm, Damon back bodies him over the railing. Richards lands on the barricade, jumping to sit on Warren’s shoulders before he flips him over the railing to the ringside area as well. Richards holds at his knee as he gets back up and the action is continuing inside the squared circle. Richards bends over Warren, but Warren with a punch to Alex’s thigh and he shoves upwards. Damon with a shot to Alex’s chest, spinning elbow to the face backs him up against the announce table. Warren with a scoop slam onto the table before he runs to jump onto the ring apron. Damon takes a running start, flying off the apron with a dive as the crowd reaches a fever pitch! The table doesn't break as Damon lands, but the crowd doesn't care. Richards rolls off the table, gasping and holding at his ribs as Damon comes back towards him.

Clearwater: The action is right here at us St. Remington.

St. Remington: Do I look blind to you, Mike?!

~Split Screen(Smith vs Odin Balfore)~

Odin Balfore charges after Smith, but Jones falls to the canvas in order to trip Odin Balfore up and causes the big man to hit the canvas face first. Odin Balfore immediately shoots back up to his feet though and catches Jones well before he can flee. Odin tosses Smith into the air to land in the corner where he slumps down into a seated position. Odin Balfore laughs as he stalks over to the corner, eyeing his prey like a bear does before an attack. Jones looks up into the face of Odin Balfore and begins to plead, Odin Balfore shakes his head in denial. Smith kicks out connecting with nothing as Odin Balfore moves his foot just in time to avoid the desperation kick. Odin Balfore leans down, pulling Smith up to his feet, Smith with a thumb to the eyes, but Odin Balfore turns his head just in time. Odin Balfore is laughing, actually laughing at Smitty’s antics as he pounds a forearm into his head and Smith falls back holding at his head. Odin Balfore with another big forearm and a double underhook facebuster sends Smith face first onto the canvas where Odin Balfore doesn't even attempt a pin, but instead looks intent on delivering more damage than anyone expected Odin Balfore to deliver. He picks Smith up, piledriver sends Smitty’s skull crashing into the mat, but once again, Odin Balfore does not make the cover. Odin he pulls the nearly unconscious Smith back up to his feet and puts him up in his finisher, the MARK OF ODIN and tossing him up a bit, Smith tries to fight back. Smith with a hurricanrana!

Smith hooks both legs.

~Split View~

Richards charges for the ring, Damon trips him up. 

Clearwater: Smith has Balfore pinned, and Spartan is making the count!





Remi: Bro, does this count seem slow to you?

THR--NO! Kickout by Odin Balfore!

Smith gets right in Spartan's face, confronting him about the slow count. Spartan just shakes his head and walks away, and Smith puts a hand on his shoulder to stop him. Spartan immediately threatens to disqualify the Architects. Smitty glares, then turns around -- right into a huge clothesline from Odin Balfore! Odin pulls Jones up into an Electric Chair position as Alex Richards climbs the ropes!

Clearwater: Uh-oh! I don't like where this is going!

Odin falls forward with the electric chair drop as Alex hits the Zim-Quila Hangover!



Damon Warrens rushes to his partner's aid!


Alex Richards stops him with a massive boot right in the middle of his chest! He lifts Warrens and plants him with a huge suplex!



Clearwater: I don't believe it!

Remi: BELIEVE IT, BRO! The Enforcers have done it! They're going on to the finals at Battlecade!

Smith and Damon are both in Spartan's face as the Enforcers stand on the ropes, playing to the fans. Spartan stands, ready to defend himself, when suddenly, the Enforcers' music cuts -- replaced by the familiar, sinister tones of Stvore's "Sgori (Burn)". The cheers turn to boos as Irina Ivanova steps onto the stage. She motions for the crowd to settle down, and reluctantly, the fans begin to quiet.

Irina Ivanova: Comrade Smith... Comrade Damon... I know, you're feeling a little bit let down at the moment. You came so very, very close to cementing your place in the tag team finals. Really, gentlemen, it was a breathtaking effort. And I know how disappointed you must be.

In the ring, Jones and Warrens are pacing angrily, pointing and yelling things at the General Manager, which she chooses to ignore.

Irina Ivanova: Now, now, boys -- don't think of it as being deprived your shot at tag team gold. Think of it as protecting an investment. That World Heavyweight Championship you're so proud of, Comrade Smith; the one your tag team partner wants so badly -- that's where your focus should be. THAT is my Main Event at Battlecade next week. And there's no way I was going to let your little partnership stand in the way of one of the biggest matches in APW history. You want those tag titles? There will be other opportunities. But for now... I want you both at your best for next Monday night!

Abruptly, she turns on her heel and walks off the stage, leaving the Architects to gaze warily at each other in the ring, as the show fades to the APW logo against a black screen.


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