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EVENT AIRED: Mar 20, 2020

Friday Night Frenzy 176


WWA Presents: Friday Night Frenzy, Episode 176
Venue: Target Center (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Commentators: Desiree Miles and Rachel Robinson

"You Want a Battle? (Here's a War)" by Bullet for My Valentine plays and the fans are rockin' and pumped up for tonight's edition of Friday Night Frenzy. Numerous signs are seen throughout the arena before the camera pans to the announce table where Desiree Miles and Rachel Robinson are seated.

DM: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another slam-packed edition of Friday Night Frenzy, the final episode before Boom or Bust III! I am Desiree Miles alongside Rachel Robinson, and we're here to see how things shape up heading into the big one!

RR: Yes we are! A lot of things are on tap, and we have some angry girls on this roster! Plus one final look before the biggest show of the year takes place!

DM: Our main event has pay-per-view implications as The Purge teams up to take on Bella Robinson and The Monsters of Beauty!

RR: Let's tell everybody who The Purge is! Eavan Maloney has brought in backup in the form of Wendy "Zombie" Pellegrini and Katrina "Hairicin" Knox, two ruthless women who will cause pain and suffering... but on the other side, Bella's partners are two giants! Mandy "The Monster" and Big Beauty have run in different circles over the years, but are now a part of Mariella Lopez Enterprises! I think things are going to blow up tonight!

DM: We also have the Television Championship on the line as Kelli Saint defends the title against Ella Lopez!

RR: Ella embarrassed fatass two weeks ago so you know Kelli is out for revenge! There is a reason why she is the champion, but don't sleep on an insane individual such as Ella Lopez!

DM: In Trios action, The Horsewomen will take on the team of Reyna Carter, Mariah Lopez and Jung Moon!

RR: There's definitely heat between these six! I know Mariah wants to beat the living shit out of Morgan, same with Reyna towards Talia, and Jung and Crystal don't exactly get along! It's going to be fireworks!

DM: Also on tap we have Dokueki, The Poison Dragon squaring off against Maria Salvatore!

RR: Damn, Dani is just sending people to get slaughtered by this woman! Dokueki is a destructive force nobody has been able to stop yet! Maria Salvatore, as good as she is, is going to have a very hard time against this woman!

DM: And in just a few moments, we will see Christina Lopez go one on one against Lizzy of The Prophecy!

RR: The Zdunich Family is at one and one in their battles against the freaks this round, and I talked to Christina, she says she's determined to not only get an advantage, but also send a message loud and clear that La Familia ain't taking shit from The Prophecy!

DM: Let's get it to the ring!

Michelle Silva: This is your OPENING CONTEST for Friday Night Frenzy, scheduled for ONE FALL!

The crowd chants ONE FALL!

Michelle Silva: Introducing first!

"Mega Man 3 Intro" by Power Glove plays and the fans cheer loudly as Christina Lopez, Seleana Zdunich and Zenna Zdunich walk out from the back with the Trios Titles on their shoulders, accompanied by their agent, Mariella Lopez.

Michelle Silva: Accompanied by Mariella Lopez, Seleana Zdunich and Zenna Zdunich, she resides in Los Angeles, California by way of Detroit, Michigan, weighing in at 115 pounds! She is one-third of the WWA Trios Champions... "The Blossoming Rose" CHRISTINA LOPEZ!

The four of them walk down the aisle before they get into the ring. The three of them each raise their half of the Trios Titles in the air which drew more cheers from the crowd. They huddle up together and talk strategy as they wait for the match to begin.

DM: Here are the Trios Champions, and they are riding high with momentum!

RR: They went one and one last week, and Christina won another championship, raising her World Championship number to SIXTEEN!

Michelle Silva: And her opponent!

"Bloodspot" by The Volcanos plays throughout the arena, strobe lights blinking a variety of colors as the crowd in attendance boos very loudly. The Reaper, along with Nikki and Lizzy, as well as Alice Manson and Bathory, walk out from the back. Reaper stands front and center, with a stoic expression on her face while the rest of The Prophecy have lead pipes in their hands.

Michelle Silva: Being accompanied to the ring by The Prophecy, from Chicago, Illinios, weighing in at 110 pounds... LIZZY!

They walk down the aisle and look intense as ever. The Reaper slowly rolls into the ring underneath the bottom rope while Nikki, Lizzy, Bathory and Alice walk in on opposite sides of the ring. All members of The Prophecy gaze at the fans then up the ramp before waiting for the match to begin.

DM: The Prophecy is out here in full force!

RR: These freaks can't do shit on their own, not to mention they're deformed! Just look at them!

DM: Physically or mentally?

RR: BOTH! Mariah and I have been saying this exact shit FOR YEARS! This shit makes me want to burst into fucking flames!
Match 1: Christina Lopez (w/Mariella Lopez and Seleana and Zenna Zdunich) vs. Lizzy (w/Nikki, Bathory and Dr. Lester

The opening contest of this show, and lord knows there is a lot of heat here. Christina and Lizzy didn't waste time in getting this one underway as Lizzy went for a sneak attack early, downing Christina for a moment's time. Lizzy was getting jeered badly, but she didn't pay attention one bit and was continuing to have the advantage, even hitting a rolling cutter that got a Two count! Christina got up but was ROCKED with a knee right to the face. She let out a violent scream before going to the top, looking for a splash... but Christina barely rolled out of the way!

That gave Christina the opening she desperately needed, and she was striking at Lizzy who was still hurting from that missed splash. Christina's speed and precision was on display here, even getting a near fall in there. But Lizzy was fighting back and had Christina right where she wanted her... but Christina was playing possum and hit a Slingblade to discombobulate Lizzy! But fortunately for her, that was really all she needed as she went right to the top rope... and NAILED THE MEGA BUSTER! Christina hooked the leg for the cover...





WINNER: "The Blossoming Rose" Christina Lopez via pinfall!

"Mega Man 3 Intro" by Power Glove plays and the crowd cheers as Christina, Seleana and Zenna stand together while Mariella hands them their Trios Championship belts.

DM: Christina Lopez has gotten momentum for her family in a big way here!

RR: Truth, but you have those mutant freaks running around and they want to destroy anything and everything that is in their path!

DM: That is true, and you have to figure they are a little more vindictive ever since losing the Trios Titles at Eve of Destruction! Will Boom or Bust III be the same?

RR: It's hard to tell, but this is a big test for the Zdunich Family!

DM: We're going to take our first commercial break! We'll be back after this!

From there, we go to commercial break.

We come back from break and "Motorsport" by Migos feat. Cardi B and Nicki Minaj plays to HUGE BOOS from the crowd. Dana and Amber Simmons walk out from the back, dressed up as Playboy bunnies, but a little more risque than the average bunny. They pose together with the WWA Tag Team Championship belts before strutting down the aisle. They scoff at the fans trying to touch them before entering the ring under the bottom rope, but not without a tease to the perverts in the audience. They each have microphones, and like usual, Dana is the first to start.

Dana Simmons: You love us, you REALLY love us?

Dana says with a condescending tone that just riles up the crowd.

Dana Simmons: I mean what's not to love about us? We're winners, we're champions, and we look DAMN GOOD to boot baby!

Amber Simmons: I think that's the problem. This is Minnesota you know.

Dana Simmons: True. This state hasn't won jack shit in nearly 30 years if you don't count the Minnesota Lynx. This place is cold, it sucks, its miserable. You idiots probably voted for Donald Trump, effectively helping this country turn into a shithole.

Amber Simmons: We would move to Canada, but people like Reyna Carter reside in that country.

Dana Simmons: True, she's a basic just like our opponents at Boom or Bust III are straight up Basic as fuck! The Skillz Vendorz are more known for playing video games and stuffing their faces with Ruffles rather than being winners. They have come so close to getting the carrot, only to fail for a myriad of reasons, proving that they are indeed choke artists.

The crowd boos Dana's words.

Dana Simmons: Two weeks ago, Danielle Lopez ruined our chippendale celebration and we were unfairly fined fifty thousand dollars A PIECE! That was UNACCEPTABLE! Heinous if you will. How DARE YOU fine us for expressing ourselves! Just because no man would touch Danielle doesn't mean we can't express our attraction to MEN! But that's okay because once we beat your precious challengers. we're coming straight for YOU!

The video wall suddenly comes to life with two seconds of loud static before it opens on a scene that may or may not be backstage in the arena. We can’t tell because the room looks more like a personalized gamer’s den. The crowd lets out a pop as, sitting on that same old couch, Katrina Cage and Sammi Belmont, collectively known as the Skillz Vendorz smile right into the camera. As they speak, they occasionally look back and forth between the camera and each other.

Sammi Belmont: Oi, did she say Canada, Kat?

Katrina Cage: She did! How about that?


Katrina Cage: Hahaha! Uno mas!


Katrina Cage: Pound it.

Sammi Belmont: Oi!

They fist bump as some fans in the audience who might remember “The Great White North With Bob and Doug McKenzie” laugh at Sammi’s reference.

Sammi Belmont: Now, c’mon, mates! Nothing wrong with Canada.

Katrina Cage: Right? I mean they got Tim Horton’s, back bacon, shit have you ever tried poutine?

Sammi Belmont: I don’t think they swing that way, Kat.

The crowd laughs as Kat gives Sammi a look.

Katrina Cage: Sam, I said poutine!

Sammi Belmont: OH! You mean the chips with the cheese and gravy?

Katrina Cage: It’s French fries, not chips.

Sammi Belmont: Hello? British? Same think, ya yank.

Katrina Cage: Oh yeah.

Kat stands corrected and the audience chuckles again.

Katrina Cage: Anyway! You two are standing there, bitching about fines, looking like a couple of shoe ins for Bang Bros.

Sammi Belmont: They do that every week, Kat.

Sammi suddenly pulls out her phone and starts tapping away as Katrina continues.

Katrina Cage: You wanna sit there and call us choke artists yet you don’t have a shred of evidence to back it up. Consider the following:

She counts on her fingers.

Katrina Cage: Again, we’re STILL unpinned and unsubmitted in WWA. You couldn’t get the job done to win those belts without our help. Technically. Like a couple of opportunists, you waited until the job was done for you and you swooped in and jacked our loot. That’s the kinda shit that gets you kicked from the group and at Boom or Bust III, you’re both getting kicked from the champions group because we - the Skillz Vendorz - are gonna kick your skanky asses all over that goddamn ring and take what should be ours as we currently speak. The WWA Tag Team Championships! Sam, what are you doing?

Kat, without missing a beat, turns to her tag partner and inquires why she’s buried in her phone during a promo. Sammi stares intently down at her phone and holds up a finger for Kat to wait a sec. Her eyes go wide and she looks up at the camera, at the Boston Bombshells, appalled and disgusted.

Samantha Belmont: Oh, bloody hell!

Katrina Cage: What?

Samantha Belmont: Right so, they were whining about their fines. I decided to calculate. 50 thousand each, American, yeah? So, 2 dollars in American, converts to one pound, fifty five pents. That’s one pound, fifty five pents an hour these trollops here charge for anything you want. So go back to American dollars. We divide that 50k by 2 and we get twenty five thousand. Twenty five thousand, Kat!

Sammi looks right into the camera and leans forward.

Samantha Belmont: TWENTY...FIVE...THOUSAND...COCKS!

Katrina’s eyes go wide as she looks at the camera.

Katrina Cage: That’s a lotta dick, girls.

Samantha Belmont: That’s alotta damage!

Sammi says this in her best John Swift, Flex Seal accent as she and Kat lean back on the couch and cross their arms with disappointed parent looks on their faces.

Katrina Cage: Do you girls have anything to say for yourselves?

Samantha Belmont: Other than “gok gok gok gok gok gok!”

Dana and Amber stand there and don't look pleased one bit.

Dana Simmons: You two want to sit there on your asses and make jokes about this. This is no laughing matter ladies.

Amber Simmons: Its really not. You two failed at Eve of Destruction, you two failed at winning other promotions' tag team titles. When all of the chips are on the table, you two have failed no matter how it's done, it is still a failure at the end of the day. And at Boom or Bust III, the result will be the same for you. FAILURE of epic proportions.

Dana Simmons: The Tag Titles stay with us. BELIEVE IT!

"Motorsport" plays again and The Boston Bombshells leave while on the screen, Kat and Sam start throwing ruffles at one another in mocking of Dana bashing the chip brand.

DM: Things are heating up in the Tag Team division!

RR: Damn right they are! I'm definitely rooting for Kat and Sam! I hope they take the titles away from Morgan's dumpty ass sisters! I can't stand these fucking hoes!

Michelle Silva: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL!

The crowd chants ONE FALL!

Michelle Silva: Introducing first!

Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun begins to blast across the sound system. As it does Maria comes out wearing her Maria Hearts Maleek leather jacket. She smiles as she stands there looking all happy as can be.

Michelle Silva: Being accompanied to the ring by Maleek Raheem, from Florence, Italy, weighing in at 125 pounds... MARIA SALVATORE!

Maleek comes out beside her as he begins to stare at his girl from behind. She can’t stop smiling as she immediately runs her way to the ring and slides right inside. She makes it to her feet and runs to the top of the turnbuckle holding her arm proudly in the air. As she continues to wave to all of the fans.

DM: This is the first televised match Maria Salvatore has after splitting away from The Williams Dynasty! Rachel, how do you think she will fare?

RR: I think she'll try her hardest... but her opponent is a different beast!

Michelle Silva: And her opponent!

The lights in the arena go dark as "Vordt Of The Boreal Valley (Full) (Dark Souls 3 Complete, Unused and DLC OST)" by Motoi Sakuraba begins to play. Dokueki steps out onto the stage, a kendo stick in hand as she stares at the floor for a few seconds, letting the music play as the audience boos. She smirks, shaking her head before sauntering down the ramp to the ring, shouting insults in Japanese to the crowd.

Michelle Silva: Hailing from Tokyo, Japan, weighing in at 160 lbs., she is the Poison Dragon....

Dokueki has rolled into the ring by this point and climbed onto the middle turnbuckle holding her arms wide, eyes closed, face turned toward the ceiling.

Michelle Silva: ... DOKUEKI!

She mocks the audience for a few minutes, shouting insults in Japanese before turning and dropping back to the mat.

DM: Two weeks ago, Dokueki attacked Kan Tai, and we haven't received a word on whether or not she is cleared to go!

RR: That remains to be seen, but who's going to tell Dokueki she can't do shit?

DM: Nobody has stopped her so far, and who knows if somebody will anytime soon!
Match 2: Dokueki, The Poison Dragon vs. Maria Salvatore

The match begins and almost immediately, Dokueki went right to work on Maria Salvatore with a bruiser/power game. Maria had a rather hard time getting out of the block, but managed to get in a couple of shots. Unfortunately for her, it just angered Dokueki even more who countered a right hand into a devastating LARIAT that nearly turned her inside-out. Dokueki had the cover... but Salvatore kicked out at Two! Dokueki was toying with Salvatore for a bit, but that strategy proved to backfire as Maria managed a rollup for a Two count! Dokueki immediately went right after her, but a drop-toe-hold happened, then an inside cradle... that also got a Two count!

Two near falls over her was all it took to infuriate Dokueki. Dokueki proved to be too strong and too powerful for Salvatore to hang with. But rather than try and win it right then and there, Dokueki took her time and wanted Salvatore to relish the punishment for those two near falls. But Salvatore briefly tried a comeback, and that was with one good slap to the face. That woke Dokueki up and angered her more. Dokueki didn't hesitate in delivering a headbutt to the jaw of Salvatore, knocking her out on her feet. This was before she grabbed her... and planted her down with the Dragon's Dive! Dokueki quickly hooked the leg from there...





WINNER: Dokueki, The Poison Dragon via pinfall!

"Vordt Of The Boreal Valley (Full) (Dark Souls 3 Complete, Unused and DLC OST)" by Motoi Sakuraba plays and the crowd boos loudly as Dokueki looks into the camera with a psychotic gaze in her eyes as she's still in the cover position over Salvatore.

DM: Dokueki in dominant fashion, picks up another win heading into Boom or Bust III!

RR: Yeah, but the real question is, is Kan Tai good to go? Is she cleared?

DM: That's a good question! We were supposed to find out two weeks ago, but Dokueki attacked her and left her laying in the trainer's room!

Dokueki did the throat slash and was yelling "PANDA MUST DIE" repeatedly. But unknown to her, Kan Tai emerged from the crowd and attacked Dokueki from behind with a bat, right to the left knee.


RR: No question about it! Kan Tai wasn't going to sit back and take it, she was going to get herself some!

Kan Tai continued to attack the knee, but Dokueki was fighting her off with her sheer strength and power. Dokueki went for the Dragon's Dive... but Kan Tai slithered out of it, then chopblocked the knee, bringing Dokueki down. Kan Tai quickly stepped out to the apron, and as Dokueki got up, Kan Tai springboarded off the ropes... AND HIT THE SPINNING ELBOW SMASH TO COMPLETE MORAL OF THE STORY!

DM: WHAT A MOVE from Kan Tai! Springboard Spinning Elbow Smash to the face of Dokueki!

RR: Its a new move in her arsenal Desiree, and it proved to be very effective!

The fans roar loudly as Kan Tai stands over a fallen Dokueki while “Sweet Sour” by Band of Skills plays throughout the PA system. Kan Tai tells Dokueki she will emerge from Boom or Bust as the winner whether she likes it or not. Kan Tai soon leaves and we head to a commercial break.

The following theme music plays as the members of The Prophecy are at an unknown location. The Reaper and Dr. Lester as always are front and center, but what's different here is each Prophecy member are wearing masks to cover up their faces. Only Lester and Reaper lower theirs for the time being.

Dr. Lester: Humanity has deteriorated over the years, and this global pandemic is the latest example of why humanity is at the low levels it is at today.

The Reaper: The vast majority of humans only care for themselves and themselves only. Take the Coronavirus for example. You people not using basic hygiene and being mindful of others is a prime reason why society is in the very state it is in right now. Disgusting is the word I use for you all.

Dr. Lester: Not only that my lord, but when these idiots go to the store and hoard every-single-thing off of the shelves and leaving nothing for the people who cannot afford to buy things in bulk, they prove how selfish and how greedy they really are. They don't give a damn about the basic human life. Hell the president of this country doesn't give a damn about the people in a huge worldwide crisis.

The Reaper: He proves that by playing golf rather than dealing with the ramifications of what's going on. The Senate proves they don't care either by taking a weekend off while the rest of the country is freaking out.

Dr. Lester: It's pitiful. You all are led by ineptitude. The Prophecy however is NOT led by a man who takes a crap in his adult diaper. Our lord Reaper leads us to salvation, and at Boom or Bust III, we will be led to SALVATION once more when we take the Trios Championship away from those frauds.

The Reaper: The clock is going to strike midnight for you fools in two weeks. The glass slipper comes off and we will lay destruction upon YOU for the greater good!


We cut off from the compound and head back to ringside for the introductions of our next contest.

Michelle Silva: The following TRIOS contest is scheduled for ONE FALL!

The crowd chants ONE FALL!

Michelle Silva: Introducing first!

"Never Enough" by Five Finger Death Punch plays and the crowd gives a big ovation as Mariah Lopez walks out from the back with an aluminum baseball bat in her hand. She looks around the arena before making her way down the aisle.

Michelle Silva: Making her way to the ring, from San Diego, California, weighing in at 125 pounds, "The Latina Ninja"... MARIAH LOPEZ!

She looks at the fans and nods at them with respect before stepping on the steps and entering the ring through the bottom rope. Mariah raises her bat in the air before laying it down in the corner and waits for the match to begin.

DM: In two weeks, Mariah has the opportunity to become the third Grand Slam winner in the history of this company!

RR: For her, that's a bonus but we all know what she wants, and that's to make Morgan pay! Her and I always talk about this, and beating the shit out of Morgan is her ultimate goal!

Michelle Silva: And her partner!

The lights dim and the Steve Aoki Remix of "Mic Drop" by BTS begins to play. A spotlight slowly moves around until the beat picks up and it races around the arena. As the beat dies a bit the spotlight lands on an arena entrance way and out walks "Unforgettable" Jung Moon with a black baseball bat over her shoulder. She pauses to look around the arena before beginning to walk down the stairs ringside, timing it as the lyrics start. Jung points at the crowd as the song reaches the chorus Moon reaches the arena floor. She climbs the barricade and puts her arms out as if to signal that the crowd is her posse.

Michelle Silva: She is residing in Brooklyn, New York by way of Seoul, South Korea, weighing in at 140 pounds! She is "Unforgettable"... JUNG MOON!

Jung then mimics a mic drop before stepping off and landing on the ringside floor. She runs and slides on the apron on one knee grabbing the ropes with her free hand. Jung Moon walks to the corner turnbuckle and climbs from the outside and takes off her mask before she holds her fist out to the crowd for a long distance fist bump as she nods her head to the music. She jumps into the ring and takes off her vest, hat, and bandanna as she prepares for her match to start.

DM: Jung Moon has seen her stock rise since she came back as a singles competitor for this company!

RR: She is as ruthless in the ring as she looks right now! I have felt her offense first-hand when Mariah and I battled her and her cousin Jae Chang for the WWA Tag Team Titles! Her against Crystal is going to be fucking amazing!

Michelle Silva: And their partner!

"Yikes" by Nicki Minaj hits and the crowd cheers. The lights shine bright as Reyna Carter walks out from the back with a smirk on her face. Reyna walks down the aisle, and points at the crowd while signaling a heart with her hands, proclaiming her love for the people.

Michelle Silva: She is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 115 pounds! She is "The Glam Bo$$"... REYNA CARTER!!!

She hops on the apron and gets in the ring through the bottom rope. Rey gets on the rope and looks at the crowd before nodding at them. Once Reyna gets down, she takes off her glamourous looking hooded jacket and hands it to a ringside attendant before waiting for the match to begin with a focused expression on her face.

DM: Reyna is focused and ready for action!

RR: Revenge is on her mind, and getting more than one Horsewoman out here is a treat for her! You can tell she wants them BAD!

Michelle Silva: And their opponents!

"The Four Horsemen" by Metallica plays and the fans roar in approval as it signals the arrival of one of the more ruthless groups in professional wrestling. The legendary "Killa Queen" Talia Skye is the first to come out. She stands there and on her left comes "The KO Queen" Crystal Alvarez, while on her right is a legend in her own right, "The Brutal Knight" Morgan Simmons! Emerging behind them is the Beast known as Terra.

Michelle Silva: Accompanied to the ring by Terra, at a combined weight of 400 pounds! "The KO Queen" Crystal Alvarez, "The Killa Queen" Talia Skye and the WWA Hardcore Champion, "The Brutal Knight" Morgan Simmons, together they are... THE HORSEWOMEN!

The four of them each have four fingers held up in the air before they walk down the aisle. As they are inside, they each stand together, holding up the four fingers once more to huge cheers from the crowd.

DM: The Horsewomen, whether you like them or not, are one of the greatest groups to have ever formed in this company!

RR: While that might be true, three-fourths of them are fucking assholes!

DM: You and I agree on Crystal, and disagree about Talia! I'll defend Talia all day long and twice on Sunday! She's a great human being and has a heart of gold if she accepts you, but for those who she does not approve of, its bad news!

RR: Still can't stand her though! But I get she is your friend and you two go back a decade along with the boss!
Match 3: The Horsewomen (Talia Skye, Morgan Simmons and Crystal Alvarez w/Terra) vs. Reyna Carter, Mariah Lopez and Jung Moon

And here we go, the first of two Trios matches here tonight. Reyna Carter didn't waste any time in starting this off, and her target was none other than longtime adversary Crystal Alvarez. Reyna immediately decided to trade strikes with the "KO Queen", something one normally shouldn't attempt to do. It initially was paying off, but Crystal got her wind together and was showing just why she is the premier striker in the sport today, knocking Reyna through a loop. They went through a physical stretch and Crystal hit a sitout suplex that got a Two count! She immediately tagged in Morgan Simmons as The Horsewomen had things in control.

Morgan kept the advantage up, but her stalling and taunting of Reyna allowed "The Glam Boss" to get back into it, and Rey managed a near fall on Morgan before tagging in her old rival, Mariah Lopez. Morgan immediately got the hell out of there and tagged in Talia Skye. The two longtime rivals taunted each other before Mariah got in the first shot. The exchange was rather evened up here and the hatred Mariah and Talia have for one another is just as fierce as it was nearly two years ago. They battled one another, and Mariah had managed a rollup that got a Two count! But it was a rake of the eyes by Talia Skye that shifted the momentum into The Horsewomen's favor going forward.

From there, each member of The Horsewomen were out for one thing, and that was to hurt Mariah! They did so by isolating her away from her corner, working over any part of her body while tagging in and out to keep each other fresh as daisies. Morgan came in whenever Mariah was out, but immediately tagged back out to Talia for freshness. Eventually, Mariah mounted a comeback, and that was elevated when she hit "The Killa Queen" with a spin-kick that knocked her down. Mariah tagged in Jung Moon while Morgan Simmons was tagged in by Talia.

The two of them went at it, and it was Jung who came out ahead with her blend of technique and striking ability. She managed to hit a series of Vertical Suplexes that got a nearfall over the Hardcore Champion! Jung was on fire, but her momentum would be halted a bit as she was running the ropes and got a knee across the back by Talia Skye. Morgan would take the advantage like the veteran she is, getting a nearfall of her own by way of the Michinoku Driver II! As Jung was at a disadvantage, Mariah tagged herself back into the match and went high risk, hitting a Hurricanrana to the champion.

By this point, the match was breaking down into chaos as Reyna chased Talia to the back, and Crystal hit the Wrath of the Alvarez to Jung on the floor below to take her out. It was just Mariah and Morgan, with the former looking to hit either Potential Brain Damage or the STFU Driver! But Crystal got on the apron to divert the referee's attention which allowed Terra to come in and hit the Earthbreaker to "The Latina Ninja" before dragging Morgan on top of Mariah, then exited the ring. Crystal hopped down and barked at the referee to count the fall. The ref turned her attention back to the match, and began to count...





WINNERS: The Horsewomen via pinfall!

"Du Hast" by Rammstein plays and the crowd BOOS majorly as Morgan Simmons gets her hand raised by both Crystal Alvarez and Terra as the three of them taunt Mariah Lopez.

DM: Dare I say it, but The Horsewomen STOLE that victory in heinous fashion!

RR: As much as I hate three of the four Horsewomen, I can't fault them for winning at all costs! That would be highly hypocritical on my part! But I can most definitely say fuck The Horsewomen all day long!

Morgan holds the Hardcore Title in the air as her, Crystal and Terra flash four fingers to boos from the crowd as we go to a commercial break.

We come back from the break and backstage, we see Reyna Carter chasing after Talia Skye, even throwing things just to get her to stop.

DM: Rey and Talia are still going after one another!

RR: This is wild! These two are out to kill one another!

Reyna eventually caught up to Talia and started striking at her with even more fury, not letting up one bit. Talia was trying anything she could to get away, but Reyna was on her and wasn't going to allow her to escape.

Reyna Carter: You can't run bitch! I'm going to beat your ass all over this fucking city if I have to!

Reyna continued her onslaught, but Talia saw an opening and raked the eyes of "The Glam B0$$" before making her way to a black limousine. She gets in it and shuts the door. The limo speeds off just as Reyna got there. Talia appears from the moon roof and mockingly waves at Reyna who is furious beyond belief.


Reyna kicks a trash can before we pan back to ringside.

Michelle Silva: This next contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WWA Television Championship!

The crowd cheers.

Michelle Silva: Introducing the challenger!

"Psychosocial" by Slipknot plays and the fans cheer as Ella Lopez, along with Harley Green and Cora Quinn walk out from the back, but they actually look energized here.

Michelle Silva: Accompanied by Harley Green and Cora Quinn, she is from Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 125 pounds... ELLA LOPEZ!

The three members of the Insanity Patients walk down the aisle, feeling all jumpy and excited as they survey their surroundings. They all get in the ring, then let out a giant scream as they await for the match to begin.

DM: This is the first time I have ever heard the fans cheer for The Insanity Patients!

RR: Same here! I noticed they have more life in them after breaking away from that douchebag Dr. Lester! Thank God he didn't perform any of his horrific experiments on these ladies!

DM: It does give hope that any of the girls who are a part of The Prophecy CAN break away!

RR: It does, but I wonder how far gone those current minions are though!

Michelle Silva: And her opponent!

The lights dim and white noise covers the screen and sounds throughout the arena. The white noise continues for fifteen seconds before drums and guitars kick in from Anthrax's "Potter's Field". Fifteen seconds later, three spotlights converge on the center of the stage. Fire ignites a cross design on the sides of the stage and then rings the spot where the lights are.

Michelle Silva: On her way to the ring, accompanied by Lola and Shannon Saint, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 157 pounds! She is the WWA Television Champion... "The Killjoy" KELLI SAINT!

Inside the circle, Kelli, Lola and Shannon Saint rise up through the floor standing with their hands folded in prayer. They stand in prayer for a few seconds as the fire dies down. Kelli walks to the ring with Shannon behind her displaying the WWA Television Championship and Lola talking mad smack to the crowd. They get into the ring where Shannon raises the title in the air as Kelli has an unending stare that just screams out hatred and violence for everyone in sight while Lola has her hands together with a smirk on her face.

DM: Kelli Taint is two weeks away from a title defense against Athena, but she has to get past Ella Lopez with the TV Title in-tact to get to that match!

RR: And Ella is no slouch! No she is of no relation to Mariah and company that we know of, but she's just as ruthless and resourceful as the rest of them though, no question about it!
Match 4: Kelli Saint © vs. Ella Lopez [WWA Television Championship]

The match begins, and the two Ladies circle each other. Ella challenges Kelli to a lock up, and Kelli teases accepting, but instead rolls out of the ring to huge boos from the crowd, and has a word with Shannon Saint as Ella yells at her to get back in the ring.

DM: Kelli is definitely avoiding Ella Lopez! I think she's scared!

RR: Of course she's scared! She's a Taint, and we know Taint's are afraid of competition!

Kelli walks around the ring, and climbs back in at the count of six. She once again teases locking up with Ella, but ducks under her, and laughs as the crowd continues to shower her with boos. Shannon walks up the steps, and begins yelling at Ella which distracts her, and allows Kelli to attack her from behind! She delivers a few stomps to the back, lifts Ella to her feet, and takes her back down with an arm drag takedown. Ella gets back to her feet, and Kelli delivers a forearm to the face, and throws her back down with a hip toss. Ella gets back to her feet again, and Kelli delivers a kick to the midsection, and locks in a side headlock.

DM: Side headlock applied! What is the strategy here if you're Kelli Saint?

RR: Slow the match down at all costs! Speed is the name of Ella's game, and Kelli doesn't do particularly well against an opponent who's fast!

Ella refuses to give up, and eventually reverses it into a wrist lock. Kelli refuses to give up so Ella flips her over, and switches to a grounded wrist lock! Kelli still refuses to give up, so Ella lifts her back to her feet, releases the hold as she places her in position, lifts her up, and slams her with a back suplex! She then she then lifts Kelli back to her feet, locks in a waste lock, and throws her over her head with a German suplex!

DM: Could this be it?

TWO!!! *kickout*

DM: Only a Two count!

Kelli eventually gets to her feet, and Ellla rolls her up for another pin attempt!

TWO!!! *kickout*

The two Women trade forearms. Ella eventually gets the upperhand, and sends Kelli into the corner, she then lifts her up, places her on the top turnbuckle, and attempts a superplex, but Kelli fights her off, and sends her crashing down to the canvas! Kelli teases going for a high flying move, but instead hops off the apron and taunts the fans as they shower her with boos. Kelli delivers a few slaps to the back of the head as she lifts Ella to her feet before scooping her up, and slamming her down with a body slam! She then lifts Ella back to her feet, places her in position, lifts her up, and drops her with a vertical suplex before talking trash to the fans. Ella eventually gets to her feet, and Kelli runs at her....running neckbreaker!


THRE- NO!!! *kickout*


RR: That was almost it right there!

Kelli locks in a rear chin lock.....Ella refuses to give up, and eventually fights out of the hold by delivering elbows to the midsection, she then places Kelli in position, lifts her up, and drops her with a vertical suplex before lifting Kelli back to her feet, and throwing her down with a hip toss, she then lifts Kelli back to her feet again, throws her back down to the canvas with a Snapmare, and connects with a hard kick to the back! Ella panders to the fans until Kelli eventually gets to her feet. Ella then runs at her....spinning facebuster!

DM: Kelli is down, and Ella has the cover! New champion?


THRE- NO!!! *Kelli gets her foot on the ropes*

DM: Kelli just managed to get her foot on the rope!

RR: That's a veteran move Desiree! Smart strategy!

Ella signals for the Hot Tamale to cheers from the crowd! She then scoops Kelli up, looking to hit the move, but Kelli rakes her eyes! The referee doesn't see it, and Kelli rolls Ella up!


Kelli grabs Ella's tights.

WINNER, AND STIIILLL WWA TELEVISION CHAMPION: "The Killjoy" Kelli Saint via pinfall!

"Potter's Field" by Anthrax plays and the crowd BOOS but that's quickly cut off as they tried to attack Ella, but were stopped by Harley Green and Cora Quinn.

DM: The Taint's tried to get the upperhand early, but The Patients were right there to intercept it!

RR: Good for Harley and Cora, thank God actually! But oh no, here comes The PC!

As if right on cue, Bianca LeBlanc and Veronica Taylor came out and helped The Sainthood attack The Insanity Patients. Shannon Saint also got in on the fray and it’s now five against three. Shannon specifically targeted Ella Lopez while Lola and Kelli were on Harley, and Bianca and Vero were taking it to Cora.

DM: Even that fat fuck is on this one!

RR: Fatass feels inferior, so he has to attack Ella to make himself feel less of a bitch on having a very small penis! Fucking pussy ass shit!

The Saint's and The PC are five against three, but that changed as the arena went pitch black, then the lights came back on as both Athena and Talia Areano were standing in the ring and helped even up the odds for the Insanity Patients. Areano went after Bianca while Athena and Kelli Saint were throwing haymakers at one another, eventually leading them away from everybody.

DM: This is nuts! Everything has broken down right here in front of us!

RR: It has and I love every bit of it!

As Athena and Kelli are out of sight, what's left of The Sainthood and The PC were evened up with Areano and The Insanity Patients. Eventually, the foursome of Areano and The Patients cleared the ring of the Sainthood/PC Alliance, sending them retreating, and that included a shirtless Shannon Saint.

DM: Oh GOOD LORD! Taint doesn't have a shirt on! Put the men and children to bed, ladies!


The Sainthood and The PC retreat up the ramp while Talia Areano, who has Shannon's shirt, waves it around like she doesn't care then throws it in the crowd and dares for the PC/Saint Alliance to come back, but they're not biting. Areano and The Insanity Patients stand tall together as we go to commercial break.

We come back from the commercial break as cameras are outside of The Horsewomen's private locker room. Crystal Alvarez, Morgan Simmons and Terra are standing right there and each of them are intense.

Crystal Alvarez: What you saw from The Horsewomen is domination. Mariah Lopez and Jung Moon were left LAYING on their asses while the greatest collection of World Champions in HISTORY stood tall.

Crystal says with a smirk.

Crystal Alvarez: You guys think we're fucking around here? You guys think we're acting as if this were a fucking game? A fucking joke? No, this is real life. We are taking this shit very seriously. We are the very best at what we do for a living, we've proven that time after time again. Just look at our track record of success. WE ARE THE MOTHERFUCKING STANDARD OF THIS COMPANY!

Crystal takes a bit to compose herself.

Crystal Alvarez: Boom or Bust III will be business as usual for us. Once I beat Jung Moon's ass from pillar to post, I will be three and zero at the biggest event of the year, Talia Skye will take care of that piece of crap Reyna Carter, and I know Morgan will dismantle my former best friend, Mariah Lopez! It's going to be oh so GLORIOUS!

Right during this interview, Crystal's phone rings, and the "KO Queen" answers it.

Crystal Alvarez: Hey, what's up? Did you lose that crazed half-breed?

A pause occurs.

Crystal Alvarez: That's what I'm talking about. Where are you at?

Another pause.

Crystal Alvarez: We'll be there in a few minutes. Stay tight and stay safe from these idiots who don't wash their hands.

The phone call ends.

Crystal Alvarez: Alright look, it's been fun seeing you but we have to go. Ciao, and victims, we'll be seeing you fools in two weeks.

The Horsewomen walk away as we head back to ringside.

DM: In two weeks at the biggest pay-per-view of the year, members of The Horsewomen will be in action! Crystal Alvarez will square off against Jung Moon, Talia Skye and Reyna Carter will face one another, and Morgan Simmons will defend the Hardcore Championship against Mariah Lopez!

RR: Those are three big matches for different reasons! Crystal and Jung are out to prove which one is better than the other! Reyna wants revenge, and well... Mariah does as well! My wife wants revenge for what those pieces of shit did to me! I need Mariah to beat the living shit out of that fat bitch Morgan Simmons! I NEED THIS SHIT DAMMIT!

DM: Calm Rachel, I know you're angry but keep it calm, we have two weeks! Our main event for Boom or Bust III is for the WWA World Championship! Eavan "Krigare" Maloney will defend the championship against the Lethal Cup winner, Bella Robinson!

RR: I can tell you personally that Bella is locked in for this opportunity! She wants this, she wants to be World Champion, and I know she's ready, but she also is aware that Eavan will give her all that she can handle and then some! Bella knows this will be a fight like no other!

DM: The Television Championship is at stake as Kelli Saint defends the title against Athena, and if Kelli can retain, then Shannon Saint's fatass is reinstated as color commentator!

RR: Oh good God! I try to stay neutral, even though it's damn obvious I root for Mariah and Bella, but we need Athena to win here! The viewers need Athena to win the championship because we're tired of Taint! We don't need the Donald Trump of professional wrestling stinking up the broadcasts with his shit commentary and drive the ratings down! Athena NEEDS this because we all depend on her winning!

DM: The Tag Team Championships are at stake as The Boston Bombshells will defend the titles against The Skillz Vendorz!

RR: The sluts versus the gamer girls! This one will be good! I hate the Simmons clan with all of my soul, but Dana and Amber are good in that ring despite being a walking case of herpes, AIDS, STDs and whatnot! That said, Kat and Sam are fantastic and I think this is their time!

DM: We also have the Trios Titles on the line as the Mew World Order trio of Christina Lopez, and Seleana and Zenna Zdunich will take on The Prophecy!

RR: The mWo against those deformed freaks! Can they beat these sickos twice in a row? It remains to be seen, but with the pale bitch who stole my brother's name and that moron Lester leading the freaks, that's easier said than done! But Mariella will have her girls ready for this one, no question about it!

DM: It is official! Kan Tai and Dokueki, The Poison Dragon will square off one on one in what is surely going to be a hard hitting grudge match!

RR: Dokueki has to be majorly PISSED at what happened earlier tonight! Kan Tai is on a revenge tour, and I think she has a chance, but against an angrier Dokueki, that's easier said than done!

DM: Also on tap, Bianca LeBlanc will square off against Talia Areano... and if anybody interferes on Bianca's behalf, their contract WILL be TERMINATED on the spot!

RR: Danielle is laying down laws upon laws! She's been tired as fuck of the Pretty Committee causing a ruckus, and she wants this feud settled once and for all in a FAIR FIGHT! I'm definitely okay with that!

DM: This just in, the Scars of Wrestling Cup will return, but with a twist! Joanna, Ella Lopez, Angie Ness, Brittany Williams, Maria Salvatore, Lola Saint, Kate Steele and Raven Crowe... in a LADDER MATCH!

RR: DAMN! I'm only going to assume that the cup will be hanging fifteen feet high in the air! But this is a new and different take on the Scars of Wrestling Cup, might as well get everybody you can on the card! This will be a car crash most definitely, and we're all here for it!

DM: That's the official lineup! Boom or Bust III will take place LIVE in The Lethal Compound in San Diego, California rather than Seattle due to Covid-19!

RR: Been a looooooong time since I’ve been there! Last time was when we kidnapped Jimmy Gambino, held him for ransom and tortured him for fun! It’s also where Mariah Lopez, Crystal Alvarez and others were trained by Danielle!

DM: How come I don’t remember this Gamb... no I take that back, that was when Dani was enraged and crazy!

RR: Exactly! It was during THAT TIME!

DM: Good to know! Up next though is our main event! The Purge versus Bella and The Monsters of Beauty!

RR: This is a preview of Boom or Bust III, but both Trios are as good as it gets! The Purge beat The Killswitch Knockouts last Friday while Mandy and Beauty beat up The Paisley's! This is going to be a smackdown!

DM: Let's get to the ring for the introductions!

We pan to the ring.

Michelle Silva: The following contest is your MAAAAAAIN EVENT of the evening, and it is a TRIOS MATCH, scheduled for ONE FALL!

The crowd chants ONE FALL!

Michelle Silva: Introducing first!

The image of three plague doctors appears on the tron, two with black masks and one with a gold mask as the words The Purge in electric red appear. The doctor with the gold mask removes it revealing its leader, Eavan Maloney, as she looks into the camera.

“Hell is empty… and the Shieldmaidens are here”

The sound of motorcycles reverberates throughout the arena as Skillet’s ‘Feel Invincible’ plays. Zombie, Hairicin, along with their managers Lexa and Banshee, walk out to the ring, acknowledging the fans.

Michelle Silva: On their way to the ring, at a combined weight of 430 pounds! Wendy "Zombie" Pellegrini, Katrina "Hairicin" Knox and the WWA World Champion, Eavan "Krigare" Maloney, together they are... THE PURGE!

When they get ringside, they take off their Shieldmaiden kuttes and hand them to Lexa and Banshee, Hairicin pulls on the ropes as Zombie rolls her wrists waiting for their opponents/the bell to ring.

DM: And here are The Purge, led by the WWA World Champion, Eavan Maloney! I have to say they definitely look imposing as a unit!

RR: Admittedly I've never seen Hairicin's work before prior to last Friday, but I have seen Zombie's work from other promotions, and she's fucking legit! Eavan picked two great intimidating women to watch her back in a place like this! Especially knowing the client list Mariella has!

DM: Which a few of those are related to the champ herself!

RR: That is also true!

Michelle Silva: And their opponents!

"Alive and Kicking" by Nonpoint plays and the fans cheer loudly as Bella Robinson and Mariella Lopez walk out from the back. They are joined by Big Beauty and Mandy "The Monster". The four of them stand at the beginning of the aisle and pyrotechnics go off.

Michelle Silva: They are accompanied by Mariella Lopez, at a combined weight of 651 pounds! "The Eternally Likeable One" Bella Robinson, and Monsters of Beauty members Mandy "The Monster" and "The Amazonian" BIG BEAUTY!

The four of them walk down the aisle. While Bella appears all bubbly for the fans, Mandy and Beauty have stoic expressions on their faces while Mariella is just exuding confidence in her team. They all enter the ring and both Mandy and Beauty are especially eyeing Zombie and Hairicin while Bella looks focused, but definitely has her eye on the WWA World Title Eavan is holding up. Mariella meanwhile eyes The Purge trio then talks strategy with her Trio of women before exiting the ring.

DM: And here are three of Mariella's premier clients, and the first time ever that Beauty and Mandy have teamed up on live television!

RR: This is scary! All this mass and destruction in one setting! But I'll admit, I'm going watch this with a bowl of popcorn in hand!

DM: Don't eat it all! I want some too!

RR: I got you covered Des! I washed my hands so we’re good on that as well!
Main Event: The Purge (Eavan Maloney, Zombie Pellegrini and Hairicin Knox) vs. Bella Robinson, Mandy "The Monster" and Big Beauty (w/Mariella Lopez)

And here we go. The bell sounds and starting it off for The Purge is Eavan Maloney while her challenger in two weeks Bella Robinson is on the other side. The two of them are sharing a few words, not out of hostility but really out of respect before they went at it. Neither had the upperhand at first, but that changed as Bella took down Eavan with an Enzuigiri, a nod to her days with the Enzuigiri Party, before making the tag to Big Beauty. Having history with the current World Champion, Beauty pretty much made her presence known to Eavan and overpowered her for quite a while, but being the resourceful competitor she is, Eavan played dirty and raked the eyes before tagging in Zombie Pellegrini. The two of them together hit Beauty with the double suplex that got a HUGE POP from the crowd. Zombie made the cover... but Beauty kicked out at Two!

Zombie was employing the strategy of sticking and moving as she was fully aware of the size discrepancy between the two. The strategy worked for a little while as while she struck at Beauty, "The Amazonian" was getting angry and Zombie knew that. Zombie tried her luck, hoping for a knee strike to Beauty who was down to one knee... but Beauty grabbed her by the throat on arrival, and CHUCKED HER INTO ENEMY TERRITORY! Beauty shook off the cobwebs and went to work on Zombie for a bit before tagging in the former Television and Hardcore Champion, Mandy "The Monster"! Mandy came in, and her and Beauty picked Zombie up... and FLOORED HER WITH A DOUBLE FLAPJACK! Mandy made a cover... but Zombie kicked out at the count of Two!

Mandy was continuing the pressure as her and Beauty were isolating Zombie with their power based attacks. Both Hairicin and Krigare were antsy as hell, yelling at The Monsters of Beauty but Mariella Lopez herself was yelling at Hairicin and Krigare, making this one more heated while Bella Robinson just stood there in her corner minding her own business. But Zombie eventually made a comeback here and after several attempts, she finally stunned Mandy long enough to tag Hairicin into the match, while at the same time, Bella tagged herself in. Both Hairicin and Bella went at it, and it was evened right until Bella blocked a right, then hit an uppercut before managing to execute a La Magistral Cradle that got a Two count! Bella got up but was quickly ROCKED with a HARD RIGHT to the face by Hairicin! Knox made the cover... but only a Two count!

This match was getting more intense as both Hairicin and Bella were battling it out, but at different points of the contest when each of them respectively had a cover on the other, non-legal members of the match were breaking up the cover and it was getting to the point where the referee was going to throw the match out if they didn't behave themselves. Both teams were flirting with disqualification, and at this point, they likely didn't care either. But back to the match at hand, Hairicin and Bella were still battling one another, and Bella went for the Hyperactive Leg Drop, connecting to the back of the neck... but only got a Two count as Eavan came in to break it up.

Almost on cue, Big Beauty came in and started hurling Eavan around, with the referee angrily telling both of them to get out of the ring. But this only caused more chaos as Zombie Pellegrini came in and tried to pull Beauty off of Krigare... but she was met with a Thrust kick right to the face. The referee was having serious trouble keeping control here, and neither side was all that anxious to listen to the referee here. The battle continued as Zombie and Mandy were going at it, Eavan and Beauty were duking it out, while Hairicin and Bella continued. The ref finally said to hell with it and signaled for the bell to ring, throwing this contest out.

WINNERS: No Contest!

The bell rang, but the six participants sure as hell didn't care one bit as they continued to brawl with one another. Hairicin was thrown out of the ring by Bella, but just as she recovered, she was laid out with a Springboard Tornado DDT from Eavan Maloney.

DM: HUGE IMPACT from the champion!

RR: She spiked Bella on her head!

Eavan looked down at Bella and shrugged her shoulders but didn't quite know at the time that Mariella was welding a steel chair. Eavan turned right around... CRACK! RIGHT OVER THE HEAD DID MARIELLA JUST WAFFLE EAVAN MALONEY! To a mixed reaction, Mariella raised the chair in the air, but as soon as she herself turned around, Zombie hit Mariella with a spinning discus forearm shot to the face before placing her onto her shoulders, then dropping down...


RR: That's a One-handed electric chair driver! And the strength Zombie possessed is unbelieveable!

Zombie just took out the head of MLE, but things were about to turn for the worst as Mandy "The Monster" and Big Beauty came in and with nobody else in sight, they intended on hurting Zombie. Don't think Zombie didn't lay down, she most certainly attempted to keep up, and did so long enough to where Hairicin came back in and helped her partner out against these two monsters. The two teams eventually took their fighting outside of the ring where The Monsters eventually got the upperhand.

Meanwhile in the ring, Eavan was starting to stir to her feet, but so was Bella who was on the apron. Bella somewhat recovered, but had just enough to springboard off of the ropes... and PLANTED A DDT RIGHT TO THE CHAMPION! The crowd went insane with cheers as Bella laid there right beside Eavan in a bit of pain, while The Monsters of Beauty laid the other two members of The Purge with simultaneous Chokeslams through both English and Spanish announce tables they call Down with the Sickness before they joined Bella in the ring.

DM: Three of Mariella's clients are standing tall, but that was chaotic!

RR: Look at these tables! They're broken! The bodies of Zombie Pellegrini and Hairicin Knox are right at our feet, and our World Champion is left laying in the ring! This is madness!

Bella now has the WWA World Championship in her possession with a look of determination on her face. She is battered and bruised, but with The Monsters of Beauty right by her side, "The Eternally Likeable One" raised the title high in the air to thunderous cheers from the crowd as Nonpoint's "Alive and Kicking" plays on the sound system to end the broadcast.

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