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New Frontier Wrestling


EVENT AIRED: Mar 17, 2020

Collision #68


The shot opens up on the inside of Boise, Idaho’s Taco Bell Arena. The audience raises their signs, sporting their t-shirts and face paint. As the pyro goes off, they come to life with the NFW chant.

~sign flip~









(picture of Eric Lee’s face shopped over Guile’s body)

Nick Hanson: Welcome to NFW Collision, ladies and gentlemen! We’re here in Boise, Idaho! The Taco Bell Arena...and Matt’s eating Chipotle….

Matt Salvatore: Fuck Taco Bell. My late wife was from Spain. I don’t eat that fake ass shit. Chipotle’s the closest thing to authentic other than going to a hole in the wall joint run by some guy just trying to take care of his family.

Nick Hanson: You realize they’re probably sponsoring this episode and are watching this right?”

Matt Salvatore chews a bite of food from his bowl and just looks at Nick Hanson with a flat expression. He looks at the camera and just throws the middle finger up before going back to eating. Nick Hanson gets that “we’re gonna get shit canned look.”

Nick Hanson: Well let’s move on then and get to the show folks! Our main event tonight is another, I guess you could call it, Trial by Combat match of sorts. General Manager Luthor Callaway set this up as follows. Wendy Pelligrini will represent Eavan Maloney. Eric Lee will represent Sativa Nevaeh. The two will take each other on in a No Disqualification, Falls Count Anywhere match. Whoever wins the match, the individual they represent will choose the stipulation for the World Heavyweight Title match at March Misery.

Matt Salvatore: Gonna be good, Nick. We got all that and more, tonight! Let’s kick the show off with our first match of the night!
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The Collision #68 broadcast’s tone shifts as the arena’s lights dim down and the screen suddenly cuts to black for an uncomfortable period of time. No sound. No video. That’s when the words Emergency Alert System show up on the screen in a blue box with a red border on a black background. Three shrill alert tones fill the arena and your speakers. One more attention tone not as shrill but twice as long soon follow. The audience starts to boo raucously, remembering this is how StuFish.pif debuted at Collision #62 in Syracuse, New York! When the tone ends, an electronic voice fills the void except this time it’s female.

"The following message is an announcement by Cass Baumer.”

The crowd cheers the automative voice, realizing this would be much different from the last time this happened!

“Turn on all electronic devices. Follow Cass Baumer under the Twitter handle HashtagBaumer. Wash your hands with soap and water for twenty seconds to combat the COVID-19 virus. Avoid touching your eyes, your nose, and your mouth whenever possible. Do all other preventive measures the World Health Organization advises and use common sense immediately.”

Then there's some fumbling of the mic...


With eyes on the large screen embedded into the stage, the NFW fans cheer wildly when Cass steps through the Emergency Alert System greenscreen and stands in front of it with a microphone in the palm of her hand. Notably, she’s got bloody gauze around her forehead from a previous match this week.

Cass Baumer: In the leadup to July 8th, 2017, I specifically remember Katie Montes tweeting each day about the fastly approaching HYBRID Predator & Prey 2017 event! I remember when I was asked to help promote it too. I did, of course. Her match against StuFish.pif deserved the attention.

The woman dressed in a blue leather jacket over a white Hackerman Knox t-shirt smiles with pride at the thought, remembering the report she made about it on social media at the time. She brushes her dirty blonde hair out of her eyes and tucks her hands in the pockets of her cargo pants, leaning back with a carefree expression on her face.

Cass Baumer: See, Katie versus StuFish.pif was scheduled to happen in what the two of them called a Devil’s Den match. For the uninitiated, it all took place inside a massive unforgiving 20-foot tall iron-wrought prison cell! The winner needed to slam their opponent through a table set ablaze, but most important to tonight is that there was an added stipulation that if StuFish.pif lost, he’d be forced to retire from professional wrestling forever!

With the most dramatic voice Baumer can muster, she tells it all in the most concise way possible while she furrows her brow and makes overexaggerated facial expressions.

Cass Baumer: Now I’m genre-savvy! I’m aware stipulations like this rarely ever get fulfilled. So when a bloody Katie caved in Stu’s skull with that hellacious Chaos Drive stomp through that flaming table, his career effectively ended until he felt like the world forgot about him. Two years and five months later, the Emergency Broadcast System started. We were asked to turn off all their electronic devices. To lock our doors and windows. To bear witness to his arrival when all that happened next is he got a faceful of Venomous Mist courtesy of Dona Rotten who took the disqualification in exchange for making him look like a fool! The Cyber Pariah continued his NFW career without much else to note. That is, ‘til he comes face-to-face with The Headliner tonight in Boise, Idaho!

The Boise crowd cheap popped! Cass revelled in the response, shocked by its sheer volume.

Cass Baumer: The former Orphanage member has been described as evil incarnate. He’s got a rap sheet a mile long, and he’s done jail time. He’s a tough asshole great at computers and better in the ring. And for all I make fun of him, it ain’t a secret NFW hasn’t seen StuFish.pif at his maximum CPU yet either. He’ll spill blood and break faces, all while mimicking just about all you do. And hell, maybe a mirror match is just what I need right now, eh? That’s a true test of mental fortitude and creativity, ain’t it? I’ve got that in spades.

Her confidence seems to visibly fade for a moment.

Cass Baumer: At Collision #67, I lost to Ebony Arceri and I’ll admit… It’s been a real trial by fire for me in recent months. I left Japan while Yamashi Pro’s Road To Violence Dream 5 tour is still happening, and I’ll be back in the proving ground of monsters right after this show’s over but I’ll keep moving. I’ll keep fighting ‘til this body of mine gives out, and I ain’t gonna let StuFish.pif stop me! I’m the goddamn Headliner — the woman who ‘ll stand at the top of NFW one day! Let him try to copy my style. Let him try to replicate my unmatched innovation and my in-ring awareness. Let him try to frustrate me ‘cause nothing Stu can do to me’s gonna be worse than what I’ve put myself through week after week! Day after day! I’m smart enough to troubleshoot the Blue Screen and I sure as hell won’t let myself lose to a Fact Check!

The cheers at her tenacity, her blue eyes alight with passion and desire.

Cass Baumer: Stu should take advantage of all these cuts and bruises I’ve got right now! He should take advantage of this wound on my forehead from getting kneed repeatedly by a massive psychopath! He should take advantage of this desperation I got to win, but at the end of it all, it still won’t be enough!!

Then the end-of-message tone bursts again. The alert disappears as suddenly as it appeared, and Cass walks off to the other side of the screen. The lights brighten again and normalcy is restored back to its typical Collision setup as we fade to the next segment.
Match #1. Singles Contest
Moe Renhuan v. Caine Marik
Roger Arden: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

The arena goes dark as heavy strobe lights begin to flash with the tempo of the music.


Moe comes out, standing on the stage and rave dancing as the strobe lights flash, her lower faced covered by a Tokyo Ghoul - inspired mask. She runs down to the ring, sliding inside before sprinting into the corner, climbing the turnbuckle and executing a backflip, landing in the middle of the ring before striking a martial arts pose.


Moe pumps her fist into the air three time before pointing down to her brother Thomas, who is sitting in a ringside seat in the audience. She tears off the mask, and throws it out of the ring.

“Become The Wind” by Ayumi Nakamura plays as Caine Marik steps out from the curtain and makes his way briskly down the ramp without any show boating. He simply climbs the steps, dusts off his feet on the apron and gets in through the top and middle ropes as he is announced and moves to his corner.

Roger Arden: Her opponent! From Salem, Massachusetts. Weighing in at 225lbs! CAINE...MARIK!!


From the moment the bell rings, it is apparent both participants are going to be leaning heavily on their strengths as Moe slips past Caine, ducking his strikes and slipping out of his grapple attempts. The entire match is back and forth, the crowd going into a frenzy when Moe gets ahead with her speed, only for the other half to cheer just as loud when Caine is able to assert his strength. Shots are traded back and forth between both competitors until Caine manages to hook Moe and lift her into position for PLANET TERROR--- NO! Moe slips free, and fires off an enzuigiri, stunning Marik long enough to let the Cosplay Princess sprint into the corner, executing her UNITED STATES OF SMASH! Moe hooks the leg, panting, as the referee counts the three.


Roger Arden: Here is your winner! MOE...RENHUUUAAAAAN!!!

Nick Hanson: Great victory for Moe Renhuan, folks! Wouldn’t you say, Matt?

Matt Salvatore: Absolutely, Nick! Caine Marik’s no slouch and Moe brought the fight to him for sure!

Winner: Moe Renhuan
Result: Pinfall
The Snake Charmer's bagpipes blare over the house PA as the opening salvo of her cover of "Inis Mona." The lights flash blue, white, and green as out from the curtains steps Molly Hatchet with a microphone in hand! Dressed in a black and green Ginger Ninja Jersey, NFW T-shirt, jeans, boots, and a cap, The Ginger Ninja strolls around the ring, feeding and working off the crowd’s loud cheers and shouts in her general direction. After a few moments of her jamming out to her own entrance music with them, she finally brings the microphone to her lips with a wicked grin.



She lets the crowd breathe and have their moment. Every crowd loves having their town brought up.

Molly: Aye, bet ye were nae’ expectin’ me ta’ be here, were ya’ lads n’ lasses? It would appear that when our GM was puttin’ pen ta’ paper, I was forgotten about in tha’ bookin’ meeting, yeah.

A low boo sounds from the crowd, Molly nodding her head slowly in agreement.

Molly: I KNOW, right? Tis a shame! I could’ve had a grand match tonight for all of you, but alas, here I be on me own dime and time, talkin’ to all of you about it.

Molly starts to pace the ring a bit with a soft sigh.

Molly: This is me first home, tha’ wrestlin’ ring and ya’ want ta’ know why? Because unlike any mind altering substance, when I’m in this ring, I’m not Molly O’Hatherine, troubled soul. No no, I’m the bloody Ginger Ninja, Molly Hatchet who soars about this ring as if she were on bloody wings without a care in tha’ world. Me troubles go away when I’m in here because fer tha’ last near eleven years I’ve been working, travelin’ across oceans and seein’ tha’ world in all it’s wonderous splendor, it’s tha’ only place I come where I know what to expect.

She points her finger towards the nearest exit door in the crowd.

Molly: Out there is a world far crueler than the one we create in here.

That same finger now points down at the canvas beneath her feet.

Molly: In here, ya’ have hope and promise, even in the darkest of times. Sure ya’ suffer abuse and damage. I’ve scars upon scars from a wide variety of sources.

Molly’s finger then moves to her right eye as she steps up to a nearby camera outside the ring. In the high resolution detail, we’re treated to a very fine scar.

Molly: This one right here for example was granted to me by yer Silver Mountain champion in a promotion ages ago when she threw me head first through a plate glass window. A shard of glass sliced into the side of my face and nearly took my eye. I’m ferever grateful that I had no permanent damage aside from a small tiny line on the eyeball ye’ can barely see. We could revisit that, but it feels old now and besides, she’s not given me reason ta’ really go after her beyond a bit of gold in her possession. So fer now, I leave Jasmine Matthews be unless she decides to become Serah Karin again or the belt winds up as a prize on tha’ table, then it’s bloody well game on!

A wry grin crosses the Ginger Ninja’s face.

Molly: There’s so much rich history I have with many of the competitors here and even on the Trauma brand. Griffin Hawkins has been a steadfast friend and I’ve always wanted ta’ face him, fer example. Introduced to me through a mutual friend, I find him a grand competitor and an excellent purveyor of music well within the wheelhouse of me own taste. Ye’ve got Sativah Neveah who I’ve known for many years and have met a few times in person. She was always so free with her kush and I donnae’ mind gettin’ lit from time ta’ time on a bit of Jamacian Lamb’s wool. Loosen’s me up nicely after a long day.

As the fans enjoy a little chuckle at her admittance to smoking weed from time to time, Molly backs into a nearby corner and hops up onto the top turnbuckle pad to take a seat.

Molly: We’ve got Cass Baumer who has always consistently cracked me up online despite her past lyin’ and cheatin’ ways. Ye’ve got to at least give a little respect to someone who has a damn good hustle afterall. There’s Lash Donohue who I know not only would give me an excellent fight, but is one of the funniest fawkers I’ve ever met. Period. Though I donnae’ know if he is actually bein’ funny or serious half the time, but I smile all the same at his antics. Dona Rotten be a woman that I’ve wanted ta’ face fer a very long time. Wild, chaotic, and outstandin’ as a wrestler, plus the adopted mother of me girlfriend who also wrestles on this very roster.

This time she chuckles a little bit.

Molly: Ya’ see all these connections? All these people I know that work here? Eavan Maloney, Erik Holland, Morgan Payne… In order, Once one of my best friends and now a bit estranged, but I’m hopeful, a well respected colleague from the internet that I’ve watched for ages now, and another funny person I’ve known for awhile that I’d love to wrestle against some day!

Each name spoken during all of this was met with massive pops from the crowd as they are some of the most well known and popular names in wrestling today. With a slow shake of her head, she looks up and then back to the crowd.

Molly: I hope everyone will fergive tha’ name droppin’ in tha’ back, but I do this because I want ta’ make tha’ one doin’ tha’ books ta’ now that there are possibilities here that haven’t even been so much as hinted at and perhaps one of those same people might come out here and grant all of you and meself a moment of their time. It’s doubtful, but even hanging out with you wonderful people in this ring is better than sittin’ at home on a Tuesday evenin’ doin’ fawk all nothin’ yeah?

As soon as Molly finishes that sentence, an interruption occurs as Ghost’s “Witch Image” kicks on over the PA.

You have never stood this close to where you want to be

You have always waded in the shallows between me and the deep blue sea

You'd never want me to appear

You never want this to be over

You never want it to reach out to the edge of time

Once the chorus hits, a spotlight is seen at the top of the ramp and we see Lilith Meadows standing there in a black dress with a silver crown on her head. She looks off into the distance.

I (I...)

Have always kept you closer than you've known

I (I...)

I am riding in the shadows

Behind you on a pale white horse

A chorus of boos from the crowd sounds out. She looks around at them, having the smile you would normally see from the woman that was known as The Faerie of The Kingdom. You could see the looks on some of the faces of the fans, confused as she was out here by herself, something you normally wouldn’t see from someone who prides herself in being a tag team specialist, but she makes her way down the ramp and heads right into the ring. She steps between the ropes, looking out among the crowd as she even waves to some of them, getting the crowd to boo just a little bit louder. She then looks out and asks for a microphone and once she gets one, she turns and gets right up into the face of Molly.

Lilith Meadows: I know, coming out here on my own. What was I thinking, right? Well, to be fair, I heard Molly here talking, complaining a little bit about not having a match. She’s been here what, all of a month and she thinks she should be booked on a weekly basis?

As Lilith’s familiar Gaelic came through the speakers, the crowd once again started booing her, causing her to pause and lower the microphone as she looked annoyed, looking out at the crowd.

Lilith Meadows: It’s not my fault you can’t speak anything but English you simpletons. As I was saying, Molly thinking she should have the world handed to her here in NFW. She says this ring is like a home to her. She’s good, don’t get me wrong, but she isn’t great. She isn’t in the same league as Jasmine Matthews.

At the sound of Jasmine’s name, the crowd in Boise once again grows to a swell with boos and Lilith just rolls her eyes and continues on.

Liltih Meadows: Heck, she isn’t anywhere near as good as the greatest champion this company has ever seen in Sativa Naveah.

Again, the crowd boos, just hearing the name of the NFW World Champion, even if the rest of what Lilith said was in a language they may not be able to understand.

Lilith Meadows: And I really don’t think she’s even as good as I am.

And with that, Lil gets right up in the face of Molly, looking her right in the eyes. The thing is that when Lilly looks into those eyes, she doesn’t see the expected wounded look or even a hint of anger. Instead, Molly’s face lights up with a rather wily grin.

Molly: First, yer Gaelic is beautiful dearie. Love it. Second, I have ta’ pay me respects. Sativa’s got tha’ gold and I’ve ne’er held “Big Gold” in a promotion before, but I aim ta’ change that. As fer Jasmine, yeah, she’s a vicious one isn’t she? Ne’er got me owed match with her from Galactic all those moons ago, but then again, she was a different person then. Ye’ve got me on many fronts because ya’ barely even know me.

She leans in a bit, locking her gaze at level with Lilith’s.

Molly: That’s also part of tha’ problem, but more of a personal one fer ya’ so I wonnae’ be holdin’ it against ya’ dearie. Yer opinion is expected and noted, but how’d ye’ like ta’ prove that statement of bein’ better than me here n’ now, yeah?

The crowd pops and a buzz starts forming among them.

Molly: The promoter is already thinkin’ as of the utterin’ of that sentence, Ireland versus Scotland, but it’s not about our nationalities but what kind of competitors we are. So what say you, Lily Pad?

Lilith hears the crowd buzzing and cheering, hoping to see a match or at least a fight, right now as the Faerie looks around, an annoyed look on her face as she clearly thinks about her next possible move here.

Lilith Meadows: You want a fight? How’s this for a fight?

Lilith just drops the microphone on the mat and delivers a slap across the face of Molly and gets right up into her face, staring at her with a focus and meanness that nobody has seen from her since the night she attacked Alex Brody with a steel chair. The blow had snapped Molly’s head to one side, leaving a bright red head print upon that pale, freckled face and instead of a pained expression that grin never leaves her face and only gets bigger and more wicked! She doesn’t turn her head, casting a sideways glance at Lilith….


...And then lunges at her, the two engage in a huge brawl as they throw fists and feet back and forth in a thunderous exchange that has the crowd on their feet screaming for a fight!!!

Lilly attempts to hit an IMPLANT DDT but Molly snakes right out of it and pulls her in for a short-arm clothesline, DUCKED with Lily going behind with a rear waistlock! Molly catches her and forces the arms apart and spins around with a gut kick, followed by a SPIRAL DROPKICK but Lily backflips away with a surprise evasion, landing on her knees and clutching her gut. She hops up and just as the two come at each other for more damage, in comes security along with referees! The crowd quickly boos the breaking up of the fight!


Molly: “AYE LET US FIGHT!!!!”

The two are broken up from each other with Molly being drug to the back kicking and clawing the entire way as is Lilith, the two hurling the worst of insults in Celt and Gaelic!
Match #2. Singles Contest
Cass Baumer v. StuFish.pif
Roger Arden: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first….

As the vocals of Queens Of The Stone Age burst through the crackling arena speakers, the crowd stand to their feet in anticipation! Yellow spotlights beam on the entryway, a subtle wispy smoke in the air while the camera lowers its sight to reveal Cass Baumer with a small lighter directly in the path of the hairspray valve at an upward angle. With the open flame in sight, she pushes the button at the top of the aerosol container and lights the stream on fire to activates the makeshift flamethrower with an unmistakably proud grin! The NFW crowd cheers wildly at the display, even while the controversial Kiwi waves the flames back and forth in the air above them. Once she lets go of the button, The Headliner starts to strut down the aisle in her cropped purple leather jacket with the weapons still in hand. She turns and starts to walk backward, showing off the massive white "Run Cass" emblem at the back of the distressed outerwear.

Roger Arden: From Karori, Wellington, New Zealand. Weighing in at 139lbs! The Headliner...CASS...BAUMER!!!!

"Smooth Sailing" continues while Baumer lets out another smirk over her shoulder. Flippantly spinning once again to face the ring with her arms extended, she stops at the steel steps to set down the hairspray before she climbs into the ring. The palpable reaction of the audience grows as she raises the lit lighter to the rafters with pride while mounted on the ropes. Cass stomps off the perch and observes the sights around her.

The sight of a pixelated bomb fills the video wall, as a high pitched buzz fades in and out four times. There's a fifth fade, which is accompanied with 8-bit ticks, simulating a hi-hat before the chiptune kicks in proper.

Roger Arden: Her opponent...from NFW's Hard Drive, weighing in at 215 pounds... the Cyber Pariah, STUFISH... P! I! F!

The crowd boos, finally remembering who's entrance this is. Out comes the hacker, spreading his arms out to greet the negative crowd. He walks down to the ring in time to "TOM/JONES" before stopping at ringside. As a shot to his former nemesis, he slides into the ring on his side before jumping up and giving the crowd a thumbs up before reaching a neutral corner.


The ref called for the bell and Cass Baumer moved in for the lock up, StuFish testing her patience as he also moved in, yet he dodged at the last second. This repeated quite a few times before the frustrated Baumer threw a right hand yet Stu ducked under and nearly tripped her up with an impromptu drop toehold but Cass kept her footing, scooping him into a headlock. Stu twisted free and got a go behind, catching Cass in a hammerlock and trying to pull her in for a short range lariat, yet Cass saw it coming and used the momentum to launch StuFish.pif into the corner, following up with a running European uppercut!

Cass hurled Stu out of the corner with a snapmare, delivering a harsh kick to the spine. Cass hooked Stu up in an arm wringer, trying to drag him up yet Stu was crafty enough to turn the tables with his own, holding the arm wringer while he kicked Cass right in the face. The fans reacted poorly as he seized the advantage and twisted under, trying to drop Cass on her back yet she hammered away at him with a sudden flurry of leg kicks, knees and elbows, capping it off with an enziguri! Cover and two and a half.

Cass shook it off and she stood and absorbed a little fan adulation before climbing to the top rope and leaping off for a leg drop, Stu moving just in time and Cass getting nothing but canvas. StuFish dragged Cass to her feet, kneeing her in the stomach several times before sending her flying with a uranage suplex. StuFish.pif got a loud BOO from the fans as he gave the signal to end this with the Blue Screen, grabbing onto Cass's legs. The fans started to cheer as Cass managed to trip Stu up as he tried to turn her over, locking in her patented TANGLED WEB! StuFish is caught by surprise, Cass dialling it in hard and Stu was forced to tap out!


Roger Arden: Here is your winner! CASS...BAUMER!!!

Nick Hanson: She got a submission! A submission win!

Matt Salvatore: That was nice, Nicky! I liked that!

Nick Hanson: Some of these fans do, too!

Matt Salvatore: Some do, some don’t.

Winner: Cass Baumer
Result: Submission

Match #3. Tag Team Contest
SACTAP v. Onslaught (Ian Dickenson & Ebony Arceri)
Roger Arden: The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall!

"Neon Knights" blasts forth from the speakers while the arena darkens apart from red and green siren lights running the length of the ramp. The fans POP huge as there is a loud blast of green and red pyro on the stage as Keiji and Lash spring forth from the curtains with a dual stuntman style flip, tucking into synchronised military roll and back up to a knee, achieving another huge POP as they appeal to the fans, spring to their feet and try to slap as many of the hands reaching out as they can.

Roger Arden: Introducing first! From THE FOUNTAIN OF JUSTICE, weighing in at a combined weight of 375 POUNDS, they are the team of KEIJI SUGIWARA..

Keiji bolted down the ramp, launched up onto the apron and barrel rolled between the top and second rope cleanly before leaping to the top rope, commanding a rousing ovation from the crowd in attendance..

Roger Arden: And LASH DONOHUE..

Lash casually sprung up onto the barricade wall, frog leapt from the wall to the apron then skinned the cat, however he stopped in mid air and cut some quick handstand style push ups in the middle of the top rope before hopping down into the ring..


The fans joined in with the announcer as Keiji and Lash initiated their ridiculous "secret handshake" before running the ropes in a criss cross pattern a few times before hitting a mid air cartwheel past one another as red and green pyro sparks shot out of every ring post. SACTAP bowed to each other while their music faded and they awaited the beginning of the match.

Roger Arden: And their opponents…

As the vocals kick in, the lights go out except for a soft white light on the stage. As the music picks up, Ebony bursts through the curtain, scanning the crowd before letting out a primal scream. She then heads toward the ring, high-fiving the fans as she goes. As she makes her way up the ring steps, she pauses, gripping the ringpost and leaning back, looking out toward the crowd before she walks along the ring apron. After vaulting over the top rope, she climbs the turnbuckle, saluting the crowd one more time before hopping down to wait for the match to begin.

Roger Arden: First! From Manhattan Beach, California! Weighing in at 125lbs! EBONY...ARCERI!!!!!! And her tag team partner….

As the opening riff of “The One You Love To Hate” begins to play, Ian makes his way onstage with his fists raised overhead. Once the bass kicks in, he starts making his way towards the ring. If a fan tries to rile him, Ian will respond with his middle finger. Once he steps in the ring, he'll mount a turnbuckle and jaw-jack the crowd with both middle fingers in the air, until his music fades. He then jumps down and leans against the turnbuckle until the match begins.

Roger Arden: From Hawthorne, California! Weighing in at 250lbs! He is the Hawthorne Horror! IAN...DICKENSON!!!!! They are...ONSLAUGHT!!!!


Lash and Ian begin the matches for their team as the crowd is mixed for who they want to cheer for right now. The two lock up and Ian, with the size advantage forces Lash into a neutral corner. Te ref calls for a break and Ian gives a clean break for the most part, just giving Lash a few taps on the chest before backing away. Lash came out of the corner, taking Ian down with a double leg takedown and a flurry of forearms afterward. He gets back up, reaching out and tagging Keiji into the match. Keiji comes into the match, picking Ian up and delivering Sweet n’ Low. Lash rolls out of the ring as Keiji hooks the leg and gets a nearfall. Keiji picks Ian up and sends him into his corner where he kicks out the legs of Ian before tagging in Lash. Lash comes in as they deliver an assisted cannonball senton to Ian in the corner. Lash picks Ian up, sending him into the ropes. Ian comes off the ropes, ducking a clothesline attempt by Lash before stopping dead in his tracks before turning Lash around and delivering a spinning heel kick before picking Lash up and delivering a piledriver. He goes for a cover and gets a nearfall before going to his cover and tagging in Ebony.

Ebony comes in and picks Lash up as her and Ian send him into the ropes. The two lock arms and deliver a double clothesline before Ian rolls out of the ring and Ebony takes over by sitting Lash up and hitting the ropes and delivering a running knee. Ebony continues as she climbs up to the top rope where Ian tags himself back into the match. Ebony comes off the top rope with a moonsault and Ian follows it up with a leg drop. Ebony rolls out of the ring as Ian hooks the leg for a cover only to get a near fall that was broken up by Keiji. Ian picks Lash up off the mat and as he goes for a short arm lariat, Lash is able to duck under it and deliver an European uppercut and another and a third to Ian. As Lash goes to walk over to his corner, “Richard Ramrez” plays and that gets Lash’s attention as Charlie Grace walks out, looking down at Lash. As Lash is distracted, Ian tags Ebony into the match and he grabs Lash, delivering The Hellion before Ebony follows it up with another moonsault before Ian knocks Keiji down off the apron and Ebony hooks the leg to get the three count.


Roger Arden: Here are your winners!! ONSLAUGHT!!!!

Matt Salvatore: Now that’s you handle business, Nick!

Nick Hanson: How’s that? Getting inadvertent help from Charlie Grace?

Matt Salvatore: Well...that part aside….

Nick Hanson: Huh….HEY WAIT A MINUTE!

After the match, the camera cuts to the stage where Charlie Grace stands with eyes on a disappointed Lash but in an instant, Eric Lee’s manager is caught in a devastating running somersault reverse DDT! Dirty blonde hair trails the patroller as she flips in her modified blue SACTAP uniform without its helmet, and the crowd realizes this is indeed a Fact Check!

Matt Salvatore: FACT CHECK!!!! WAIT A SEC!!


With surprise and delight, cheers rain down on Cass Baumer as she glares at Ian Dickenson and then Ebony Arceri from the stage standing over Charlie. This mimics what Ebony did in the closing moments of their match together at Collision #67, where Ebony struck Cass with the Tragedy Ever After and then stared at Lluvia Cane at ringside as she scored the pin.

With all that done, Lash and Keiji join Cass on the stage, and the three of them walk out together in their SACTAP uniforms.

Nick Hanson: MATT! I think Cass Baumer has joined SACTAP! She’s the Blue...umm...what do they call themselves as individuals?

Matt Salvatore: Don’t know. Don’t fucking care.
Winners: Onslaught
Result: Pinfall

Match #4. Singles Contest
Vanita Thompson v. Jacob Striker
Roger Arden: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first….

"Exs and Ohs" hits the PA and Vanita walks out and heads right for the ring. She doesn't hi five to fans, but she does smile and wave to them. She slides into the ring, head moving with the heavy music in the background. She gets in the middle of the ring ,takes a bow and then focuses toward the stage, looking at her next opponent.

Suddenly through the din of noise at ringside, some heavy electronica starts to play which catches the fans attention as they suddenly explode with cheers as a warbly electronic voice suddenly cries out.

Voice: "Real Rock 'n' Rolla"

Just as suddenly the voice speaks, it flows into a drum and guitar beat starts up and begins to echo through the arena before suddenly a powerful synthesizer beat hits.

Roger Arden: And now introducing from Arkham Massachusetts, he weighs in tonight at two hundred and twenty seven pounds.

As Tears for Fears' "Break it down Again" plays throughout the arena, the video wall shows some highlights of the young wrestler's career from his debut elsewhere to his sudden appearance during WWH's "Shogun" PPV to his most recent matches around the world, a man steps out onto the entrance way in a black denim vest with a bandanna covering the lower half of his face and a rope noose draped around his neck.

Roger Arden: This is the "Real Rock 'n' Rolla" himself, this is the "Natural"...JACOB STRIKER!!!

Striker yanks the bandana down from his face to reveal a very predatory smile on his face before he starts his stride to the ring, high fiving the occasional fan on his way before he makes his way to the ring itself and heads to the far end of the ring where he quickly hops up onto the ring apron, and then draws his right thumb across his throat slowly before throwing up that hand into the air in a “too sweet” motion before he ducks under the top ropes and into the ring.


As the bell rang, Jacob Striker and Vanita Thompson met in the center of the ring. Striker began taunting Thompson again about the darkness that lurked within him but Thompson looked anything but impressed or intrigued. She even rolled her eyes and brought up her hand, doing the “gum flapping” motion before yelling back at Striker for him to show her! Not tell her. Striker shouted back that she doesn’t want something like that and Thompson SLAPPED him across the face, cursing him for being a pretender and a coward. Striker reacted as expected to the slap, fuming with visible rage and swung for Thompson but The Shadow Assassin dipped underneath the arm and came back behind him, beginning to deliver vicious kicks, palm strikes and elbows to the big cowboy. She came off the ropes, then, ducking under an attempt at a discus lariat and springboarded off of the other side, coming off for a Missile Dropkick to take Striker to the mat. Striker rolled out of the ring, slapping the mat and kicking the commentary table while Thompson came up onto a knee with a devilish smile on her face, aimed right at him. Striker slid back into the ring and went at Vanita again. The Shadow Assassin continued to lay into him with vicious strikes, then drove him into the corner with a spear before driving her shoulder into his ribs over and over. She pulled him out of the corner then went for a Vertical Suplex but this was where the Shadow struggled in getting Striker up off of his feet and the Real Rock N Rolla reversed it into a snap suplex of his own, driving Vanita into the mat.

Jacob Striker took control of the match then with his power advantage, proceeding to hit a variety of suplexes on Vanita Thompson. Thompson proved her resiliency, kicking out of pinfall after pinfall and continuing to taunt Striker to show her the true darkness within him. Striker grew angrier and angrier as Thompson continued her verbal assault, all the while refusing to stay down from what he hit her with. From ringside, Darius Crowley looked on, shaking his head in disappointment; not impressed with Striker’s display one bit. Striker caught sight of this and walked over to the ropes to start jawjacking at Darius, telling him he really didn’t want the darkness unleashed. This opened Vanita up the window to start mounting a comeback against Striker as he turned back to the match and she nailed him with a jawbreaker when he tried to pick her up. As Striker stumbled back, Vanita ran and hit a Tornado DDT right into the mat for a near cover. She didn’t let that discourage her, however, as she popped up to her feet and nailed Striker with a kick right to the spine. This seemed to push him further to his limit as a look came over him and he began hammering into Vanita more ruthlessly until he backed her into the corner and was throwing machinegun European Uppercuts as the referee tried to break them apart. The official counted to 4 before, perhaps for the better, he just grabbed Striker and pulled him away from the corner, chiding him for bending the rules.

Striker bowed up on the referee for a moment but heeded the referee’s warning not to touch him. When he did next, however, drew more confusion from the fans as he rolled out of the ring and grabbed a chair from ringside, sliding back into the ring. The referee began warning him not to use the chair, to put it down. Vanita Thompson didn’t even seem aware as she started pulling herself up on the ropes. Seeing an opportunity to strike, Jacob Striker shoved the ref out of the way and cocked the chair back but Darius Crowley was in the ring then, pulling the chair from his grip. As soon as Striker spun around, Darius CRACKED him over the head with the steel chair and the ref called for the bell.


As the ref called for a disqualification, Darius threw the chair down and stood over Striker, mouthing a threat down at him before stepping onto his chest to walk over him and reach Vanita where he helped her out of the ring and the two walked back up the ramp.

Roger Arden: Here is your winner, as a result of a disqualification! JACOB...STRIKER!!

Matt Salvatore: Well, can’t blame Darius for doing what he did. Man’s gotta protect his woman!

Nick Hanson: Understandable but what’s going on with Jacob Striker lately? This is the second time something like this has happened!
Winner: Jacob Striker
Result: Disqualification

Match #5. Singles Contest
Christina Olson v. Katrina Knox
Roger Arden: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

The image of three plague doctors appears on the tron, two with black masks and one with a gold mask as the words The Purge in electric red appear. The doctor with the gold mask removes it revealing its leader, Eavan Maloney, as she looks into the camera.

“Hell is empty… and the Shieldmaidens are here

Roger Arden: Introducing first, representing The Purge, Katrina Knox!

The sound of motorcycles reverberates throughout the arena as Skillet’s ‘Feel Invincible’ plays. Zombie, Hairicin, along with their managers Lexa and Banshee, walk out to the ring, acknowledging the fans. When they get ringside, they take off their Shieldmaiden kuttes and hand them to Lexa and Banshee, Hairicin pulls on the ropes as Zombie rolls her wrists waiting for their opponents/the bell to ring.

“Firestarter” begins to play as red light fills the arena. The camera pans around during the instrumental opening. When the screaming of “Fire” is heard, the camera pans up to the top of the ramp where Christina is seen with her head down and Lilith is standing behind her. The full lyrics kick in and Christina pops off the hood of her ring jacket and lets out a primal scream.

Roger Arden: And her opponent, representing Bloody Fairytale, Christina Olson!

She walks down the ramp, ignoring the fans around her. She hops up to the ring apron by the time the second “Fire” can be heard being screamed and she slingshots herself into the ring and lands in the center. She taunts the fans a little, raising a hand before climbing to the top rope by the time the third “Fire is heard and rips off her jacket, raising the devil horns up in the air before jumping down and waiting.


Christina and Hairicin immediately go after one another as the bell sounds. Both women just begin exchanging punches as they brawl all around the ring, bouncing from corner to corner. Eventually, the ref has to step in and force the two of them to break it up as they step in between the two women. Christina comes out from the corner itself, a wicked smile on her face as she checks her mouth for a little bit of blood before stepping up and getting right into the face of Hairicin. She takes her hand and just pie faces the Purge member and gives her the middle finger. Hairicin just laughs and comes in, taking Christina to the mat with a double leg takedown and gets into the mount and begins to lay in forearms to the Kingdom member. She rolls off of Christina, picking the woman back up to her feet and sending her into the ropes. Christina comes off the ropes, only to be knocked down with a clothesline. Hairicin then flips Christina over onto her stomach where she locks in a Boston Crab. Christina struggles, Lilith down at ringside cheering her on as she pushes the bottom rope, yelling for Christina to get to it and she eventually does. Lilith pulls Christina out of the ring, trying to get a little bit of separation for her partner and a chance to catch her breath. The two of them stand there, Lilith talking a little strategy with her partner before Hairicin comes out to the floor. As she does, Lilith stands in front of her and as Hairicin goes for a right hand, Lilith ducks and Christina comes leaping off the ring steps and delivering a flying crossbody that takes Hairicin to the floor.

Christina picks Hairicin up and rolls her into the ring. She climbs to the top rope and as the Purge member gets to her feet, she launches herself into a flying crossbody. She continues pressing on as she hits the ropes, delivering a running knee to the side of the head of Hairicin and getting herself a nearfall. Christina once again climbs to the top rope and as she’s steadying herself, Hairicin is able to hit the top rope and crotch Christina on the top rope. Hairicin climbs to the top rope where she grabs Christina and delivers a massive superplex and gets herself a nearfall. As Hairicin picks Christina up though, Lilith hops up onto the apron, yelling something at her. It gets the attention of the ref and Hairicin. As this is happening, Christina reaches into her boots, pulling out something. She turns Hairicin around and decks her with a massive right hand before tucking the weapon, which looked like a pair of brass knuckles back into her boot before Lilith hops down off the apron and Christina heads to the top rope. She steadies herself and launches herself, delivering the Firestarter and hooking the leg as the crowd boos her to get the three count.


Roger Arden: Here is your winner, Christina Olson!

Nick Hanson: More like Lilith helped her partner steal one here tonight.

Matt Salvatore: Hey, it’s called being crafty and doing what it takes to get the job done. Well done to Christina.
Winner: Christina Olson
Result: Pinfall
Nick Hanson: Hell of a show so far!

Matt Salvatore: And a heck of a match!

The camera shifts to the backstage area following Christina Olson’s match to none other than the locker room of the Kingdom itself. It finds Sativa Nevaeh, Lilith Meadows, Lluvia Cane and Morgan Payne coming around a corner heading for their locker room. The group is talking amongst themselves without a care in the world. Each of them held a smile, happy it seemed to be with one another.

Nick Hanson: You have to appreciate these women.

Matt Salvatore: Like it or not, these women are a force that will always stand together.

Nick Hanson: It depends on your perspective of course.

The group approaches the door and Lilith pushes it open to reveal the locker room was completely wrecked. Clothing was thrown about, some torn to shreds and bags tossed aside. Glass broken on the floor and a locker was overturned lying half on the floor.

Nick Hanson: What happened here?!

Matt Salvatore: And where is the Queen?!

Nick Hanson: a good question.

A set of boots were sticking out from under a locker and the three women quickly rushed in. Together they pulled it up and off the prone unconscious form of Jasmine Matthews. She was dressed in street clothes and lying on her side with her face half covered by the wealth of red hair. Sativa and Lilith each knelt giving their attention to the obviously attacked Jasmine but Morgan slapped Sativa on the shoulder and motioned to the wall.

Where "BETRAYER" has been written in what appeared to be blood.

The camera man is quickly hurried out of the room and the door shut in his face while the girls all tried to figure out what happened to Jasmine.
Match #6. Tag Team Contest
Dona Rotten & HEIDI v. Tren Descarrilado & Legion
Roger Arden: The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first….

Two random voices are heard speaking as if in demonic tones over the system, as the lights go out. The camera pans over to the top of the stage area where three red siren lights begin to spin. The voices continue speaking the lights continue to go.

Yeah, Be prepared.

Yeah-heh... we'll be prepared, heh.

...For what?

For the death of the Queen.

Why? Is she sick?

No, fool-- we're going to kill her.

Great idea! Who needs a Queen?

No Queen! No Queen! la--la-la--la-laa-laa!

Idiots! There will be a Queen!

Hey, but you said, uh...

Then a loud scream is heard, as she begins cackling over the system. Then the final line is spoken as a tall woman steps out from behind the curtain. A gas mask covers her face as her long blonde hair falls to one side. She is holding a microphone looking up at the crowd her red eyes glowing with the sirens.

I will be Queen!

Roger Arden: Weighing in at 135lbs. From Aokigahara, Japan!!!

She cackles as she drops the microphone lifting her arms up the sirens cut out. Poor Unfortunate Souls by Jonathan Young begins playing over the system as her arms go above her head in an X as her hashtag appears on the screen. #Queenslayer appears as blue spotlights appear on the ramp. She walks down the ramp letting her coat flow behind her as she drapes her arms to her side. She looks at the fans as she reaches the bottom of the ramp, She turns then raises her hands and the lights come on, she goes over to the steps slamming her hands down on them hard as she looks into the ring. She growls as she climbs up the stairs standing on the outside of the ring, she climbs through, taking the gas mask off looking at her opponent laughing as she climbs the turn buckle, placing her hands above her head in an X once more as she drops down turning to face her opponent.

Tren steps out onto the stage, Lola in hand, as the music hits, stopping at the top of the ramp. Sparks fire up from both sides, showering the clown faced maniac. When the music breaks, he steps forward with loud maniacal laughter. He ignores the reaction of the audience or anyone reaching out to touch him as he walks down to the ring. Stopping to kneel at the steps and crossing himself before shooting the double bird straight up at the ceiling. Once in the ring, he makes his way to the corner, taking a few practice swings with Lola before crouching in the corner, staring down the ramp and waiting for his opponent.

Roger Arden: Her tag team partner! Weighing in at 244lbs! From Chihuahua, Juarez, Mexico! TREN…”TRAIN WRECK”...DESCARRILADO!! And...their opponents...

The lights go down and "Dear Enemy" starts to play as purple and blue lights start to strobe. Smoke fills up the entrance before a white spot shines down where Heidi is suddenly standing with her back to the ring. She looks over her shoulder with a smirk before spinning around and walking down towards the ring. Heidi stares straight down the at the ring focused before running the last bit and sliding into the ring on her stomach. She lays for a second before jumping up to her feet and holding her arms up in the middle of the ring. Heidi then goes to the corner, crouching down and waiting for the start of the match.

Roger Arden: From Helena, Montana, weighing in at 114lbs! HEIDIIIIIIIII!!!!!

Dona slowly walks toward the ring, her focus squarely in front of her. She tunes out the fans, her mind lingering on the match at hand. A wry grin creeps across her painted face, as she climbs up onto the apron. Dona steps through the ropes, making her way to midring. The Toxic Knockout finally let's her eyes pan across the ringside area, before spitting a thick green mist skyward. Rotten cackles maniacally, and goes to her corner, to await the matches start.

Roger Arden: And her tag team partner! From Portland, Oregon! Weighing in at 130lbs! The Toxic Knockout...DONA...ROTTEN!!!!


The tag match began with Legion and Dona Rotten circling, Legion managing to catch Dona in a headlock, punching her about the face and head several times before trying for a headlock takedown yet Dona locked her legs in and blocked it, hauling Like Legion off with an irish whip and catching her with a rolling Sobat kick, trying for a dragon sleeper but only getting a modified pele kick for her trouble, Legion seizing control and clasping her hands around Dona's waist, deadlifting her into gutwrench suplex, trying for a bridging cover and a one count.

Rolling with it, Legion deadlifting once again yet Dona managing to break free. There was a BOO from the crowd as Tren nailed Dona right in the temple with a hard right hand, causing her to fall to the mat, Legion taking advantage and hauling the now-hazy Dona back up. Dona was able to wriggle free of a gutwrench suplex and tag in Heidi who started to go to town on Legion with running clotheslines before taking her down hard with a dropkick before taking her down with a tornado DDT for a close two count.

Meanwhile, the crowd on one side of the arena heated up as Dona snuck around to Tren on the outside and yanked his legs down, taking him by surprise and causing him to slam jaw on the apron. Several hard and fast right hands followed before Dona dragged him back up to his feet and slammed Tren's face into the barricade wall repeatedly. Inside the ring, Legion wriggled free of Heidi's sling blade and was looking to tag Tren in, yet she was furious as she noticed he was currently busy delivering a military press to Dona onto the barricade, allowing Heidi to catch her off guard and swing her around - BAD OMEN!

Tren tried to run back to the ring as he spotted it but Dona tripped him up, drew him back in and DDT'd him on the entrance ramp!




Roger Arden: Here are your winners!! Dona Rotten...AND...Heidi!!!

Heidi picked up the win for her team inside the ring, yet Dona doesn't seem to give a damn as she dragged the psycho clown to his feet, delivering forearm after forearm. Tren snarled as he blocked one and used the momentum to haul Dona up onto his shoulders, Dona screaming like a banshee as Descarrilado carried her backstage, smashing her head into the wall before letting her fall down to the concrete in the hall. He got a sinister look in his eyes as he grabbed Dona by the hair and rammed her face first into the side of the dumpster by the stairs before hauling her up once more and delivering a brutal looking DERAILED, launching Dona into the dumpster and slamming the lid down!

Tren Descarrilado: LATER, MOTHERFUCKER!

The crowd gasped as Tren roared and pushed the dumpster down the short flight of stairs. They watched it tumble end over end before it rolled out of a glass side door to the arena, shattering it in the process, yet coming to a stop. Tren's cruel laughter can be heard as the camera came back to ringside and the commentary desk.


Matt Salvatore: That looked fucking brutal, Nick! Dona could be hurt! Not that it wasn’t awesome!

Nick Hanson: Oh hush, Matt!
Winners: Dona Rotten & Heidi
Result: Pinfall

Match #7. Singles Contest
Lluvia Cane v. Layla Aishe
Roger Arden: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…

The opening tunes of "The Mummers Dance (Remix)" by Lorena McKennet starts to play on the speakers. A few seconds into the song Layla steps out from behind the curtain in a long dress on which hangs several jeweled tassels alongside her many necklaces. Layla smiles to the cheers and adulation of the audience as she goes to several fans on the way down to give blessings to them. When she reaches ringside, she climbs the stairs and steps under the second rope to enter the ring where she poses for the audience once more. As her song fades out she removes, the necklaces and her dress to reveal her ring gear underneath. She hands her removed items to an attendant at ringside and prepares for her match.

Roger Arden: Weighing in at 120lbs...LAYLA...AISHE!!! And...her opponent….

"Lucifer's Angel" hits and Lluvia comes out to the stage in her gear. She does a little shimmy then seductively sways her hips as she does a slow 360, showing off her body as she does so. Lluvia then heads down to the ring and slides in under the 3rd rope, doing another little sashay once she stands up. She holds a smirk on her face as she waits for things to get going.

Roger Arden: From Laredo, Texas. Weighing in at 133lbs! Representing The Kingdom! She is The Cherokee Princess...LLUVIA...CAAAAAANE!!

Before the bell rang, the crowd was taken aback when Blackbriar’s “Fractured Fairytale” came on over the speakers and Ebony Arceri made her way down to the ring, pulling up a chair away from the commentary table just as Lluvia Cane did the previous week. She sat in the chair, smirking and waved to the Kingdom member.


Layla and Lluvia came out of their corners. Layla offered Lluvia a blessing which the Kingdom member only somewhat seemed intrigued in. Finally, the two circled the ring and locked up Lluvia Cane immediately got the strength advantage and pushed Layla back into the corner. As she went for a strike, Layla moved out of the way, reversing the positions. As Layla went to strike Lluvia, however, she stopped herself and backed off at the referee’s behest. Lluvia came out of the corner and the two locked up again, this time with Layla Aishe administering an arm wringer, starting to work the shoulder and controlling the pace of the match with her technical style. The Fortune Teller took The Cherokee Princess to the mat with backbreakers and suplexes. Layla got a nearfall after a German Suplex but Lluvia kicked out and rolled out of the ring to catch a breather. From her chair, Ebony Arceri was enjoying the match, clapping and applauding Layla’s determination. This drew Lluvia’s attention over and she stepped towards Ebony to get into a verbal altercation. It also took her attention off of her opponent long enough for Layla Aishe to come running off the ropes inside the ring and run across the mat to hit a Suicide Dive, knocking Lluvia Cane to the floor. The referee leaned out of the ropes and warned Ebony who stuck her hands up to affirm that she wasn’t getting involved. Layla threw Lluvia back into the ring for a cover, only getting a nearfall. As she picked Lluvia up and went for an Irish Whip, however, Lluvia reversed it and pulled Layla in for a short arm clothesline, going high and nailing her right in the face. The crowd booed to which Lluvia just smirked and shimmied her hips, running her hands down her sides to taunt the crowd before advancing on her opponent.

Lluvia took control of the match and got absolutely ruthless with the Fortune Teller, showing off her own technical ringwork with a Tornado DDT off of the ropes, followed by a Diving Headbutt for a nearfall. Layla kicking out only seemed to anger Lluvia and she pulled the woman up by her hair and delivered a Snap Neckbreaker, followed by a Running Necktwist. As Layla reeled on the mat, Lluvia grabbed her by the legs and immediately twisted her up into the Figure Four Leglock. Layla cried out in pain, struggling to try and pull herself towards the ropes to what looked like no avail until she was able to turn over onto her stomach and reverse the pressure onto Lluvia. It was up to Lluvia then to release the hold which she finally relented and did so. It was Layla’s turn to crawl out of the ring for a breather but just as she had done so herself earlier, Lluvia ran across the ring and went for her own Suicide Dive to Layla, sending both women over the barricae and into the crowd. Lluvia maintained control, getting to her feet first and proceeded to lay into Layla with straight up punches, as well as bouncing her head off of the barricade. She kept her advantage until she Irish Whipped Layla towards the barricade again but Layla reversed it and sent Lluvia back to ringside. As The Cherokee Princess got to her feet, Layla hopped up onto the barricade and came diving off for a Hurricanrana, wowing the audience! She was just barely able to get Lluvia back into the ring at the count of 18 before she climbed in herself at 19.

As Layla went to pull Lluvia up, Lluvia raked at her eyes and began turning the advantage back in her court. As Layla rubbed at her eyes, Lluvia whipped her into the ropes for a Big Boot to the face and proceeded to strut around the ring, showing her impressive physique. She paused at the side of the ring closest to where Ebony Arceri sat and started talking more trash with her before Layla Aishe attempted to catch her in a rollup from behind for allllllmost a 3 count but Lluvia kicked out as Layla stumbled to her feet. Lluvia met her and let out a shout and went for ANGELLIC REBELL--NO!!! Layla Aishe ducked at the last second, causing Lluvia to twist around in a full circle, off balance. She turned back around towards Layla and TO THE STARS!!!! The crowd roared in surprised as an exhausted Layla threw herself over Lluvia and hooked the leg for the 1...2...3!


Nick Hanson: She did it!!!!

Roger Arden: Here is your winner!!!! LAYLA...AISHE!!!

Matt Salvatore: I think Ebony Arceri distracted her a little Nick. She’s been shooting dirty glares at her the entire match.

Nick Hanson: What, so Lluvia can come out to watch Ebony but Ebony can’t do the same? You surprise me Matt.

Matt Salvatore: History says I’m very good at that.

Nick Hanson: Don’t even!!
Winner: Layla Aishe
Result: Pinfall


No Disqualification, Falls Count Anywhere
Wendy Pellegrini v. Eric Lee
Roger Arden: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is your main event of the evening! Introducing first...

The image of three plague doctors appears on the tron, two with black masks and one with a gold mask as the words The Purge in electric red appear. The doctor with the gold mask removes it revealing its leader, Eavan Maloney, as she looks into the camera.

“Hell is empty… and the Shieldmaidens are here”

The sound of motorcycles reverberates throughout the arena as Skillet’s ‘Feel Invincible’ plays. Wendy “Zombie” Pellegrini and her manager, Lexa, walk out to the ring, acknowledging the fans. When they get ringside, Zombie takes off her Shieldmaiden kutte and hands it to Lexa. Zombie rolls her wrists waiting for their opponent.

Roger Arden: Introducing first...weighing in at 157lbs, representing the third of The Purge...WENDY…”ZOMBIE”...PELLEGRINI!!

The arena lights dim and fog fills the entrance area and a spotlight lands on the entrance. The hauntingly eerie intro to “Richard Ramirez” by SKYND fills the arena.
When the evening comes and the temperature cools
You open your window
Oh, Jenny, you fool
Why waste a breath if you won‘t understand
I‘ll see you in Disneyland

Eric Lee steps out from the back along with Charlie Grace. He glares out at the crowd as they boo him loudly as they walk to the ring.

Roger Arden: Her opponent! From Los Angeles, California! Weighing in at 180lbs. Accompanied to the ring by his manager, Charlie Grace! He is the UltraViolent God...ERIC...LEE!!!!!!
Liars lie and haters hate
Player plays and fate is fate
The fact remains that's how it is
First the crack and then the wiz

He looks around as if listening to someone or something instructing him. He slides into the ring and crawls to the center. Charlie quickly climbs the steps and enters the ring. She respectfully stands to the side, letting the full attention of the crowd and cameras be on her client.
Take life itself it’s in your hands
I‘ll have my way you know who I am
Wiggle and squirm turn white and stop
Your fear will chase with every drop

Liars lie and haters hate
Player plays and fate is fate
The fact remains that's how it is
First the crack and then the wiz

Ssssh, be quiet
Hush he said
The demon is alive
The demon wants you dead

He gets on his knees and looks straight ahead with eerie calm. He then crawls over to his corner and sits there leaning back against the turnbuckles. Charlie then exits the ring and takes up her place on the outside, in Eric’s corner.


The referee didn't even get to call for the bell as Lee immediately grabbed Pellegrini by the hair and tried to bite her face, but the zombie managed to fight him off with vigorous forearms and took him down with a shuffle side kick he wasn't expecting before diving on top of him and nailing Eric with a windmill style punch flurry. Lee managed to escape this situation by grabbing her wrist and twisting it back before sending Pellegrini staggering with a brutal headbutt right between the eyes and getting a go behind for a German suplex, yet Pellegrini wriggled free and thrust Lee into the ropes before reeling him into a bridging pin, kick out right on 2!

Pellegrini hooked Lee into an arm grapevine, yet the Richard Ramirez of pro wrestling freed himself with a bite to the inside of her arm, forcing Pellegrini to let go, and for Eric Lee to stand up and snarl at the referee who warned him about his illegal tactics. While Lee was busy making the referee cower, Pellegrini snuck up behind him and tried to swing Lee around, but Eric caught her just at the right time with a Tae Kod and Pellegrini was once more sent reeling into the corner.

Eric Lee slunk over to the corner, grabbing Zombie by the hair and repeatedly ramming her head into the top turnbuckle, Pellegrini falling back collecting the referee who was knocked out. The crowd BOO as Eric undid the turnbuckle cover and threw it away and then dragged Pellegrini up before trying to ram her head into it, but the crowd got behind her as she halted the momentum with her foot, elbowed him in the forehead and then dropped him with her PILGRIM/DEFENDER! The crowd were mad and so was Pellegrini as she realised that the ref was out. She rolled her eyes and then she spent some time bringing him back to his senses and back to his feet, yet this allowed Lee to recover and sneak up behind her. VISIONS OF INSANITY and Pellegrini is out of it!





Roger Arden: Here is your winner! ERIC...LEE!!!

Nick Hanson: And Eric Lee wins the match, therefore Sativa Nevaeh gets to choose the stipulation for the World Heavyweight Title match against her challenger, Eavan Maloney!

Matt Salvatore: Have to wonder what it is she’ll choose, Nick!

Nick Hanson: We’ll find out soon enough! That’s it for now, folks! So long and goodnight! Stay safe and we’ll see you next week!
Winner: Eric Lee
Result: Pinfall
Match #1. Moe Renhuan
Match #2. Cass Baumer
Match #3. Onslaught
Match #4. Jacob Striker (DQ)
Match #5. Christina Olson
Match #6. Dona Rotten & HEIDI
Match #7. Layla Aishe
Match #8. Eric Lee
NFW Owner
Super Tiger

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