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Carnage Wrestling


EVENT AIRED: Mar 18, 2020

Chaos #88


Preshow: Making Some 'Improvements'


A few minutes before the beginning of Chaos, the camera’s cut to the backstage area where there has been a report of a disturbance. The camera operator is running towards the sound of an argument. Mac Bane is in a heated discussion with security.

Mac Bane: look kid, I have a permit from the city to do this work around the arena.

Mac takes something from the back pocket of his blue jeans and shoves it in the guard’s hand. The guard looks at it. 

Security Guard: This is a permit for painting, not for defacing company property.

Mac Bane: I’m not defacing anything junior, I’m making it better. Don’t you think he looks better without that nineteen seventies pornstache?

The camera moves in to capture the image of a promotional poster where Mac has covered up the mustache of Jack Michaels with liquid paper, making sure not to get any on the image of Amber Ryan. Whether they were investigating the commotion or just happened to be passing through. Amber Ryan and Kyra Johnson come around the corner and look back and forth between the security guard and Mac Bane. Mac spotting them, tips his hat to them.

Mac Bane: Ladies.

Amber adjusts the sling that’s keeping her shoulder in place as the two women approach. The Security Guard pales a little as he sees the two ladies of Paragon approaching.

Security Guard: I’m sorry Miss Johnson, I tried to stop him but he just won't relent.

Amber and Kyra both begin laughing at the poor guard. Kyra pats him on the shoulder.

Kyra Johnson: Don’t worry about it, Amber and I will take care of this. You go on about your rounds while we discuss this with Mr. Bane.

The security guard seems to be more at ease, Mac is grinning openly now as the guard moves on about his business. They study his handy work for a moment and he offers them both bottles of liquid paper.

Mac Bane: If, you know, you’d like to help a fella out.

They both giggle and accept bottles of liquid paper from the big Texan as the scene fades out to the Chaos Logo.



(Episode 88)
Available wherever the INTERNET and your UNDYING THIRST FOR CARNAGE are sold
Exclusively on

Live >> The Carnage Arena - Baltimore, Maryland
March 16th, 2020

The Network Feed comes in with the Chaos Opening Video:

Large plumes of Orange and White pyros shoot off from around the stage and mark the start of our show. But tonight is different... The Carnage Arena is empty due to health concerns around the country.  But that's not going to stop Carnage Wrestling from putting on the best show possible for those watching LIVE on the Carnage Network!!! As soon as the pyros finish, "Wake Up" by Black Veil Brides hits over the speakers, officially welcoming Carnage fans to yet another edition of their favorite syndicated full-contact wrestling show, Chaos. The CW announce team is at ringside, preparing for a night filled with action!!  With "Wake Up" still playing over the speakers the cameras pan around the empty arena where we'd normally see avid members of the Carnage Wrestling Legion from all ages, races, creeds, colors, and sexes  screaming on the tops of their lungs wearing their CW Merchandise and holding up signs for their favorite, or least favorite star:


Before we head to ringside the feed cuts to a few-second video package showing the Carnage Wrestling staffers working tonight's show:

The Network feed cuts to the ringside area where we see Johnny Vegas and Terra Skye sitting behind the announce table with the larger-than-life Boy off to the side with his own comically small timekeeper's booth complete with ring bell. Vegas takes this moment to throw back a shot of his liquor of choice tonight while Terra finishes going over her notes.

Terra Skye: Aren't you supposed to be at home?

Johnny Vegas: Pffft.  Why?

Terra Skye: Um.. Because of the Corona Vir--

Johnny Vegas: FUCK THE SYSTEM!  I don't give a SHI--

Terra Skye: Well Ray did the RESPONSIBLE thing and stayed at home.

Johnny Vegas: Ray's a PUSSY!

Terra Skye: Ugh... Well, I guess since you're here we can talk about tonight's Chaos... Obviously the arena is empty which is an eerie feeling.  But we're still gonna be bringing those of you watching us here on the Carnage Network a great edition of Cha--

As Terra is speaking, the lights dim and “The Man” begins to play over the loudspeaker. The sound echoes off the empty walls as the Carnage UltraViolent and World Champion emerges from the back.

Johnny Vegas: WOOOOOOO!

Terra Skye: WILL YOU SIT DOWN? *Sigh.* Well uh… This is unexpected to say the least. It looks like our Double Champion is out to start the show.

Johnny Vegas: You mean to IMPROVE the show, Terra. Lord knows we get enough of you rambling every fucking week.

Terra Skye: Oh, up your ass, Vegas.

Jack Michaels takes a second to stand at the top of the ramp, looking around at the empty arena and shaking his head sadly. He looks smooth in a beige suit and tie combo with both of title belts clamped around his waist. A fine line of stitches can still be seen just hiding under his hair line as a reminder of his brutal cage match with Myra Lynwood two weeks ago. It’s all business as he starts to walk down towards the ring.

Terra Skye: Jack looks like he's got a lot on his mind here tonight.

Johnny Vegas: Probably just about how god damn awesome he is. I mean he is the greatest champion in Carnage Wrestling history.

Terra Skye: He's been great but there are others that--


Terra Skye: I'm just sayin--

Johnny Vegas: THE FUCKING MAN.

Terra Skye: Some could argu--

Johnny Vegas: PARAGON!

Terra Skye: STOP IT! Christ… Let’s just say while some may argue over the validity of that statement Johnny, there is no denying that the record books show that Jack has accomplished more than any other champion in company history. For well over fifteen months now, Jack has been our World Champion, defended that title a record 7 times and now lays claim to the two top prizes in Carnage Wrestling.

Johnny Vegas: Does… Does that mean that you agree with me?

Terra Skye: Well, I mean in a way I guess but…

Johnny Vegas: WOOOOOOOO!

Jack takes the ring steps up and enters into the squared circle. He asks for a microphone from one of the few crew members and is handed one before looking out at the empty arena once more. It’s a surreal sight even for a man who has seen as much as Jack and we can see he is a bit perplexed by it. He looks out at the hard camera after a moment and speaks.

Jack Michaels: You know, for the past three years, I’ve given my heart and soul to this company because of how I felt pro wrestling should be. I wanted to come back to one of the birthing places of our sport and show that respect and honor could still be what this business stood for. Not just the best athletes, not just the best talkers but the best fighters who would give everything they had to be at the top of pro wrestling. Those who would fight and kick and scratch to be recognized as the best fighter in the world. At 53, I never thought I’d be the one having to lead that charge but it became what I had to do. And now? There are groups of hungry talent in that dressing room looking to keep it going forward.

Jack takes a deep breath and shakes his head.

Jack Michaels: But now I am forced to wonder if it was all for naught. You see, the Carnage board of directors have opted to put a man in charge that I don’t trust. I don’t like and I don’t think has what it needs to be the leader of this company. Bridges was an ass, there is no doubt about that BUT he let us do what needed to be done. With JC… I can’t… I can’t do it again. I put everything I had into stopping that guy from hurting that which I cared so much about. If I stick around, who knows what will be next. He knows how to wound me and I won’t watch Kyra or Amber or Eli get massacred because of me. Because of that, I am stepping out in front of you today to announce that I will be walking away from Carnage Wrestling.

A shocked murmur comes over the few crew in attendance as Jack bows his head in the ring.

Johnny Vegas: WHAT!?!?!

Terra Skye: I don’t know what to say here…

Jack Michaels: The fact is... I won’t endanger them again by sticking around and waiting for it to happen. If I have any regrets though it’s that I won’t have a chance to face my baby girl at Isolation and give you guys the match you have been asking for. Maybe at another time, maybe in another place but for now, I say thank you and goodb--

"Unsainted" by Slipknot suddenly begins to play as the current man in charge of Chaos, JC, emerges from the curtain. JC is in a blue suit himself, sans a tie, and comes power walking to the ring with a purpose.

Johnny Vegas: Oh, now we get this malignant cunt out here too?

Terra Skye: You know he could fire you if he wants.

Johnny Vegas: Do I look like I give a shit? Need I remind you what this prick has done? What this slimy cock has DONE? He went off the deep end, tried to kill Amber Ryan, tried to kill Jack Michaels, tried to kill Kyra Johnson, nearly killed his own brother and now… Now he is causing Jack to have to quit so he can protect those of us he cares about. As far as I’m concerned Terra, JC can take a step back and literally FUCK HIS OWN FACE.

Terra Skye: Jesus…

JC seems to have heard this as he walks by the announce table but shocking to most, Johnny sits defiantly upright and just stares a dagger through JC. JC glances at him for only a moment before he slides into the ring. We see Jack take a defensive step back, still unsure of JC’s intention in the ring. He unclasps the belts around his waist and lets them fall to the mat before shucking his jacket. He rolls up his sleeves and looks like he is ready to fight. JC holds up his hands, palms towards Jack and shakes his head. He quickly asks for his own mic as he looks at Jack.

JC: Hold up there Jack… That’s not what I want.

Jack keeps his guard up, not sure to what to make of this as JC keeps a small distance between himself and the double champion. He clears his throat before continuing.

JC: Look… I get it. You are worried about the future and you don’t get why I’m now leading Carnage. To be honest with you, if I was in your shoes, I’d probably feel the exact same way that you are. We tore each other apart and I tried to kill off everything you loved because it was what I thought had to be done. I’m out here to say that honestly, HONESTLY, it just went too far. As far as I’m concerned Jack, what we had? What we did? It’s over and I… I’m sorry for what happened.

Jack relaxes a bit as JC seems to notice he has gotten his point out. He goes on.

JC: I won’t lie to you and say that I agree with everything you believe in or how you do certain things but I also won’t deny that you truly care about our business here in Carnage. Regardless of what has happened in the past, you have stood your ground and fought to protect what you believe in and those you care about. I’m clear headed enough to realize this now and I also know that Carnage is a better place with you in it.

Terra Skye: Wow… Big words coming from JC after everything that these two went through.

Johnny Vegas: I don’t trust this fucking snake at all here… TAKE HIM OUT!

Terra Skye: For fuck sake…

JC points out to the empty seats and nods his head.

JC: Once we can, I’m here to give the people the best show I can with the best wrestlers to ever set foot in Baltimore. The fact of the matter is, whether I personally like you or not, you are a tremendous wrestler and someone that our fans should be proud to have as both their UltraViolent and World champion. There isn’t anyone currently better for that job. I also think the idea of you vs. Amber Ryan in this ring could go down as one of the best matches in the history of this company.

Johnny Vegas: Well… I can’t argue that.

Terra Skye: Shock.

JC: I give you my word that I won’t do anything to deprive them of that nor will I do anything to hurt those you care about. You say you’re a man of second chances so prove it here… Give me a second chance and let’s give the Legion what they want.

JC extends his hand to Jack who looks at him wearily for a second. After a moment, he steps forward. He shakes JC’s hand and nods his head.

Terra Skye: Wow.. Looks like they made up, Johnny.

Johnny Vegas: Well… I don’t know if made up is the right way to put it but whatever. I still don’t trust him but if Jack is okay with it….. Ugh. Okay.

JC nods and turns to walk away from Jack but suddenly Jack picks up the mic and talks again.

Jack Michaels: Hey JC. Before you go…

JC stops and turns around as Jack lets out a small sigh.

Jack Michaels: I’m a fan of honesty and I agree with everything you said except for one thing. The Legion may be proud of me as their double champion but I am not the best person for that job. The fact is JC, I’m getting old and my days of being UltraViolent night in and night out does not appeal to me quite as much as it used to. I may be the top wrestler in this company but even I know I can’t possibly defend both these belts every PPV. There are a lot of hungry young talents that can do a lot more than I can with the UV belt. So as a show of good faith in you, why don’t you find the person that can lead that charge for the Legion?

Jack picks up the UV title and hands it over to JC. JC looks at it confused for a second and then nods his head.

Terra Skye: I don’t believe it but it looks like Jack is relinquishing the UltraViolent title!

Johnny Vegas: Ah, don’t give that shithead back the belt. You can do it! You’re the double champion!

Terra Skye: Well your champion is 53 fucking years old. I don’t blame him for not wanting to get smashed in the face with barbed wire every night. What more does he have to prove?

Johnny Vegas: Well…

Terra Skye: Exactly.

JC takes the belt in his arms as Jack extends a hand again and JC shakes it once more. Jack picks up his World title and jacket as the show fades to a commercial break...


IN THE ARENA: Entertain Me


An ear-splitting siren wails banshee-like through the empty Carnage Arena. The big screen accompanies it with A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES in flashing black and red before fading into the name CATALINA CORTES. A spotlight shines on the first row of the second deck, illuminating the real Catalina Cortes. Dressed for the occasion in her black and orange wrestling gear, she clutches a sign reading BOO-LTIMORE. She addresses the empty arena as if it were packed with screaming fans.

Catalina Cortes: Congratulations, Carnage! Thanks to the superhuman immune system of...

She points to the screen, still flashing CATALINA CORTES.

Catalina Cortes: This week’s Chaos has an audience of exactly one. Quality over quantity, am I right? Unfortunately since...

Another point to the screen, another flashing CATALINA CORTES.

Catalina Cortes: Isn’t wrestling, spoiler alert, Chaos 88 is gonna be like a solid one out of ten. Nine for this promo, minus-eight for literally everything else. Boo, Carnage product. For those of you who have a difficult time processing high concept performance art, that booing was me, being the audience. Some advice, Carnie. Maybe next time book an actual match featuring...

Yet another point to the screen.

Catalina Cortes: And you won’t have any more empty arenas. Me wrestling is worth risking a deadly illness. But since I’m not, I’m gonna spend my evening up here with my water and my dry apple slices and judge y’all. Harshly. Entertain me, peons.

She gives a double-clap.

Catalina Cortes: And just to use my platform constructively, wash your stupid hands and vote for Bernie so Ray Payne can get a tongue transplant. Until next time, this has been...

CATALINA CORTES flashes on the screen one more time, as she gives it a final point.

Catalina Cortes: Say my name, fools.

Cut away.


Match One:

Mac Bane Vs. The Empty


Johnny Vegas: Well at least we have someone in the audience here tonight.

Terra Skye: Oh yes... So exciting.

Johnny Vegas: Do I detect sarcasm in reference to that lil Spitfire?!

Terra Skye: Probably.  But only because of her attitude towards her peers.  Speaking of.. Looks like Mac is out here with his requested opponent for tonight.  I think he requested this match to redeem himself from his loss at Act of Defiance.

Johnny Vegas: Eh.. Fuck him.

Terra Skye: I really wish you would have stayed home...


The bell rings, prompting the Empty to advance on Mac Bane. The two lock up only steps away from Bane’s corner. Bane stands his ground, holding the Empty at bay for several seconds, before being forced back into the turnbuckles. The Empty follows up with a clubbing clothesline across the throat of the trapped Bane, followed by another, and then another. On the outside the Reason applauds the beast’s efforts.

Terra Skye: We've seen some pretty interesting things being said by The Empty, or rather his... Manager... The Reason.  It doesn't look like these two are here to mess around.

Johnny Vegas: Let me ask you this... Who in the fuck IS here to fuck around?

Terra Skye: ...I could name a few.  But regardless, these two aren't giving Mac much room to do much of anything here in the early going.

The Empty pulls Bane to the center of the ring, going for a nerve claw onto the shoulder. Mac Bane grabs the Empty’s hand, holding it in place and bending the fingers back to halt the attack. The Empty reels, but attempts to power through and apply the hold. Mac Bane counters by biting the fingers of the Empty. The Reason screams at the referee from the outside, while Mac Bane follows up his attack with a stiff right to the Empty’s head, catching him between the eye and ear. Abandoning the attempted nerve hold, the Empty tries to fire back with a wild haymaker of his own. Mac Bane dodges the taller man’s fist by swiftly ducking, and then uses the Empty’s momentum to spin him round and lift him into a back suplex that sends both men to the mat.

The Reason slams his fists on the ring apron, as Mac Bane scrambles over the Empty for a quick cover attempt.


The Empty powers out aggressively, shoving Mac Bane with enough force that he goes stumbling back into the ropes.

Johnny Vegas: Let me guess what you're going to say next, Terra... *ahem* 'It's too early to count The Empty out of this one'.

Terra Skye: ...

Johnny Vegas: Oh and... 'Beautiful back suplex from Mac Bane'.

Terra Skye: ...Fuck you.

Back on his feet with surprising quickness, the Empty stands ready as Mac Bane lets his momentum carry him, rebounding off the ropes and attacking with a clothesline that strikes the Empty’s chest. The Empty staggers, but withstands the blow. Following with a headbutt for emphasis, Bane hits the ropes again, this time dashing at the Empty with a shoulder block. The force sends him stumbling back into the ropes, but as Mac Bane follows up, the Empty grabs him around the throat and throws him over the top rope to the outside.

Terra Skye: Oh Lord.. Here we go.

Bane hits hard on the ring mats, scrambling to the guardrail to get his bearings and pull himself up. The Empty rolls outside, stalking the stunned Mac Bane. A shoulder thrust from the Empty sends Mac Bane into the guard rail, followed by another, and then another. After the third, the Empty pauses for a moment, before punctuating the attack with two more. The Reason watches from one corner, cheering the Empty on.

Johnny Vegas: Is it still too early to count either of them out?  Because in this case I think Mac is getting trashed.

Terra Skye: I'll give it to him, the Empty has the distinct advantage right now, but as we've seen many, many times... Things can change in an instant.

Johnny Vegas: You're insufferable.

The Empty Irish whips his opponent into an adjacent guardrail, where he hits hard and slides into a sitting position. The Empty wastes no time in charging in with a brutal boot to Mac Bane’s head, which gets sandwiched between the guardrail and the Empty’s foot. Bouncing off the guardrail and falling face down on the ring mats, Mac Bane clutches his head following the attack. The Reason roars approval from the opposite side of the ring, as the Empty pulls Mac Bane up. The Empty looks back to his manager, who motions to the ring.

Terra Skye: Gotta get him back into the ring, or else their both going to get disqualified.

Johnny Vegas: No shit.  I don't think that fuck gives a shit, honestly.

The Empty considers the ring for a moment, but instead opts to pull Mac Bane to his feet, setting up a suplex. The Empty gets Bane up, then drops him ribs first across the guardrail. Mac Bane hangs in place for a moment, before a DDT from the Empty drops him to the floor once again. This time, the Empty does not hesitate to pull Bane up and roll him into the ring. The Empty rolls in after his opponent, covering Mac Bane for a pin attempt.



Mac Bane just gets a shoulder up, still hurting from the attacks on the outside. The Empty grabs Mac Bane with the Iron Claw, pulling the man back to his feet. The Empty attempts a leg sweep, with the Claw still locked in, but Mac Bane blocks, locking on his answer to the Iron Claw, the Snake Bite.  Both men keep their own versions of the hold applied, the referee keeping his distance when he sees neither is interested in submitting. The Empty staggers, but doesn’t break his hold. Mac Bane starts to drop to one knee, but keeps his locked in as well.

Terra Skye: This has turned into a war of attrition here.  Neither man is willing to release their hold!

Johnny Vegas: Spoke too soon!

Bane finally releases the Snake Bite, grabbing Empty from underneath and lifting him into a scoop slam that sends the monster crashing to the mat. Bane grabs Empty by the hair, pulling him back up and whipping him into the ropes. As Empty rebounds, Bane catches him with the Ride Spinebuster, sending both back down. The Empty lays flat on his back, but Bane struggles to make the cover.

After a few seconds, Bane finally manages to hook one leg and go for a pin.



The Empty gets a shoulder up, as the Reason pounds the ring apron. Mac Bane struggles to his feet, as the Empty pulls himself with the ropes, the Reason screaming instructions at him all the while. The first to his feet, Bane charges in with an attempt at Tornado Alley, but the Empty catches him with a spear. Both men hit the mat again, as the Empty follows with a cover.



Mac Bane manages to get his foot on the rope. The Reason shoves it off in protest, but the count is nonetheless broken.

Johnny Vegas: Oh come the fuck on... For fucks sake.

Terra Skye: What in hell is your problem?

Johnny Vegas: If you hadn't noticed by now, if it doesn't contain Paragon or.. Well, Paragon I'm NOT interested.

Terra Skye: Of course you're not.  But you can get the fuck over it or you can go home like our BOSS told you to.

Bane makes it to his feet quickly, seemingly gaining a second wind. The Empty is only up to one knee as Bane rains down a series of headbutts on him, until the fourth one leaves both men stunned. The Empty staggers back to his feet, as Mac Bane charges in with another Tornado Alley. This time the clothesline connects, catching the Empty high on the chest and sending him toppling to the outside.

Johnny Vegas: Fuck the system!  I do what I want!

Terra Skye: Ugh.. But on another note, it looks like Mac is getting his second wind!

Bane follows him out, struggling to get the larger man to his feet. He slowly rolls the Empty back into the ring, fatigue sapping Bane’s strength. The Reason distracts him for a moment with manic screaming, but Bane’s practicality wins over and he climbs back into the ring, attempting another cover.



-The Empty powers out once again, this time sitting up following the attempt.

Terra Skye: The Empty just won't stay down!

Johnny Vegas: I can relate.

Terra Skye: Unfortunately.

Bane delivers a hard kick to the Empty’s back, but the monster powers through, getting back to his feet. The Empty charges, hoisting Bane up and spearing him into the corner. Bane fights back with a series of clubbing blows to the Empty’s head and back, but the creature counters by driving his shoulder into Bane’s midsection with brutal power.  The shoulder attack leaves Bane battered, but as the Empty charges in for another one, Bane grabs him by the hair and bites into his forehead. The Empty aims punches at Bane’s head and midsection, attempting to break free. Bane finally releases and the Empty staggers away from the corner.

Johnny Vegas: I think Bane's got a fucking biting fetish or something.

Terra Skye: You're disgusting.

Bane sits himself on the top turnbuckle and with the Empty still stunned, aims a Texas Heat clothesline at the back of his head. Bane fires off the turnbuckle, and the clothesline connects, as both men slam onto the mat. Wasting no time, Bane scrambles into a cover, using whatever strength he has left to hook one leg:





Kelly Carmichael: Your winner.. MAC BANE!!!!

Bane gets up and backs away from his opponent, as The Empty gets up to his knees - The Reason yelling at him from the outside.  Mac watches as The Empty eyes him up, backing away slowly, pointing in Bane's direction as he and his manager walk slowly from the arena, leaving Mac all by his lonesome, a dark smirk crossing his lips.

Terra Skye: Congratulations to Mac Bane here tonight, but The Empty sure gave him one hell of a fight.  I don't think anyone who goes up against him is going to get out of it easily.

Johnny Vegas: That much is obvious.

Terra Skye: Well let's take a break and we'll be back in a few for the next match!




As we cut back to the ring, the arena suddenly goes dark as the tron comes to life. Upon it the words "We Are Here" are emblazoned in red and black stylized dripping text. The words stay on the screen for a few seconds before the sound of a rhythmic heartbeat begins to pulse through the arena.

Johnny Vegas: Oh, what the fuck now?

Terra Skye: Obviously, whoever it is... Is here.

The sound continues as the tron begins to run through a series of wrestling match clips. Each one showing the busted open head of an as yet unknown wrestler. After a minute of these clips both the tron and heartbeat sounds come to a sudden stop. The resulting darkness lasts for a few seconds before the arena's lights come back on. In the center of the ring stands several cloaked figures surrounding a man some would recognize from other places as Sah'ta Thor. With a smile on his lips he raises a microphone to his lips.

Sah'ta Thor Ah, Chaos. Such a lovely thing. Chaos is what brings me here to Carnage Wrestling. There are several of you on this roster who know who I am and what I am capable of. Lord Raab and the Monstimals have stood across the ring from me in a few places over the years. Chaos has a way of making things interesting.

Thor lets out an amused chuckle as he looks around the arena. After a few seconds he begins to speak once more.

Sah'ta Thor For those of you who don't know me I am Sah'ta Thor. I could stand here and list my many accolades but I won't. The only accolades Carnage Wrestling should be worried about is that I have survived over 20 cage matches of various types. That I have been in Hell and survived what that cage did to me. I won my first World Title by being thrown off the top of a twenty foot cage right into the announcer's table. As you all know I posted a video to Carnage Wrestling website that should give those of you who aren't in the know a taste of who I am as a wrestler.

There is another pause as Thor looks out over the arena seats. As he does a smirk crosses his face before he continues on.

Sah'ta Thor Yet, even that video package doesn't tell the full story of what I am. Like Chaos I have many facets but over the years I have been perceived in certain ways. Sure some of the ways are accurate but many have been reflections of my opponents own insecurities. Many of the perceptions about me have been nothing short of down right insults. However, let me make one thing clear: I have defeated many who have underestimated my abilities in the ring.

With that Thor begins to pace the center of the ring as he continues to grin. Each step showing a predatory nature that begged to be released.

Sah'ta Thor Now you are all wondering what any of that has to do with the here and now. That is simple, I have come to Carnage Wrestling to compete. I have come to Carnage Wrestling to destroy any and all who stand in my way. I have come to Carnage Wrestling to guide the Chaos that exists here to greater heights. In a word, I have come to unleash the potential that remains hidden in this company. In a word, Chaos will reign supreme and it will be consecrated in blood and violence.

Thor stops pacing and stares intently towards the camera for a moment before gesturing towards the cloaked figures in the ring with him.

Sah'ta Thor Before you think I have forgotten, these cloaked figures in the ring with me share my vision. I am The Dark Messiah. I am The Raging Storm. I am The Demon King. I am The Destroyer Unleashed. I am The Guiding Light. I am The Immortal. I am the Punisher. I am Sin Incarnate. In time you will learn that each of these monikers is fitting but until then know that I didn't come to Carnage Wrestling alone. Over the coming weeks you will learn just how Insidious my goals are. Insidious are the ways of Chaos.  In time you learn just how incontrol of Chaos I really am.

Johnny Vegas: ...Well then...

Sah'ta Thor Yet, for all of that I am sure you are left wondering what is first for me. Simple, Carnage Wrestling management is going to give me a match at Chaos 89. I am going to use that match to send a message to the locker room. If I am exceedingly lucky my match will be for the Carnage Wrestling Network Openweight Championship. If it isn't, this is my putting Champion on notice that I am coming for that belt. But, before anyone becomes deluded, I am after all the gold. I have just chosen to begin my quest with the Openweight Championship.

Thor falls silent with a grin on his face as he drops the microphone to the mat. A few seconds after the microphone hits, the arena goes dark. The sounds of a beating heart and laughter echo through the speakers for about ten seconds before coming to a stop. In the resulting silence the arena lights come back on to reveal an empty ring.

Terra Skye: Well it looks like we've got a new presence here in Carnage Wrestling, and it's not a good one.

Johnny Vegas: Since when have we had a good and righteous presence around here?  Other than Paragon of course.

Terra Skye: Oh my God...

Match Two:

Sam Action Vs. Avenger Prime


Johnny Vegas: You know I'm right..

Terra Skye: No.  We're not having this conversation.  You're ridiculous and I'm not doing this with you tonight.

Johnny Vegas: This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, no Ray here to interrupt and you're fucking ruining it.

Terra Skye: Shove it up your ass.  We're getting ready for the next match and--OH MY GOD!

As Sam Action walks out of the back he suddenly gets blindsided, by a chopblock to the back of his left knee, by Avenger Prime! Prime quickly drags Sam by his leg down to the ringside area. He yells at Johnny and Terra,  who back away from him as Prime picks up Sam by his bad leg and tosses him into the barrier. Prime picks up Sam and tosses him under the ropes. Prime gets onto the ring apron and flips into the ring.

Terra Skye: What an asshole!

Johnny Vegas: Oh come on, like Sam Action didn't fucking have this shit coming to him.

Terra Skye: He certainly didn't!  What the hell is Prime's problem anyway?!

Johnny Vegas: Well I thought that was pretty obvious.  He hates Sam and his little Avenger buddy...

Prime slaps the back of Sam's head and taunts him to get up. Sam responds by using his left leg to sweep the legs out from underneath Avenger Prime, just as the bell rings!!


Sam gets up, a little wobbly, and proceeds to run to the ropes. Prime gets up only to get taken down by a Lou Thez Press from Sam. Sam Action gets up and poses for an empty arena as he runs to the ropes and drops and elbow to Prime's sternum! Sam gets back up, still a bit wobbly, but goes the ropes and bounces off of them. Back and forth. Back and forth. Prime gets up and Sam goes for a running dropkic. PRIME CATCHES SAM ACTION'S ANKLES AND STARTS SPINNING!!!

Terra Skye: Oh Lord.. This isn't gonna feel nice.

Prime keeps up the airplane spin until he lets go, sending Sam Action head first into the turnbuckle post! Sam hits hard and starts stumbling back. Prime, leaping up, hits a flying “TOASTY” to the back of Sam's head. Sam lands hard. Prime gets up and does the “Avenger Pose” as the fans boo him. Silent Cal checks on Sam who is struggling to get up grabbing the back of his head. Prime kicks Sam in the gut and hits “Snake Eyes” followed by a discuss punch! Sam stumbles around and swings, missing way to far from Prime, looking very punch drunk. Prime grabs Sam and quickly puts him into a “FATALITY”! He hits the tombstone piledriver, but doesn't go for the cover. Instead he picks up Sam and hits a “BRUTALITY”! He doesn't go for the cover and instead picks up Sam who is swinging wildly trying to hit Prime, but he's missing way to far. Something is definitely wrong as Prime rares back and hits his “FINISH HIM!” finisher! One foot on the chest cover.





Kelly Carmichael: Here is your winner... AVENGER PRIME!!!

Silent Cal checks on Sam and calls for the EMT's to get to ringside. Prime holds up his arm and drops a thumbs down.

Terra Skye: I do hope Sam is okay, that was horrible.  Avenger Prime is out of control.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, yeah... Right.

Terra Skye: Oh come on, you don't think that was completely uncalled for?

Johnny Vegas: Nope.  Wish he would have finished the job, honestly.

Terra Skye: I hate you.  We'll be back in a few moments folks.


BACKSTAGE: Conflicted


We come back from commercial with Jack looking at one of the whited over posters inside the Paragon locker room and shaking his head.

Jack Michaels: I found the white out in our locker room Kyra… And I know you are going to get this message before the main event. Just know you owe me SOOOO much when I find you. I mean I’m talking like the craziest things we ever have done so far. I mean like that thing with the whipped cream and the…

Jack stops as he looks up to see Amber Ryan walk into the room. She carries a bottle of white out too and sheepishly puts it behind her back.

Jack Michaels: Oh for God’s sake… I will find you after the show. Now I got to deal with Miss Ryan. Love you, bye.

Jack hits the end call button on his phone and raises an eyebrow.

Jack Michaels: Really…?

Amber shrugs as Jack rolls his eyes.

Jack Michaels: Well, whatever. I’m glad I ran into you actually. I wanted to let you know a couple cool things. First off the paperwork for the adoption is all taken care of and should be processed in a few weeks. Second off I was going over some ideas for our match at Isolation. I figure we could have some sort of technical exhibition out there to really grind home what honest to god mat based wrestling is all about. I mean I know I may have a bit more experience than you do but if you want to to earn this belt… I expect that you should be able to……. Amber?

We notice that the sheepish look on Amber’s face has faded as she tosses away the white out and takes a seat towards the lockers near Jack.

Amber Ryan: Jack… We need to talk.

Jack looks at Amber confused as he places the phone back into his pants pocket and takes a seat across from her. Before he can open his mouth, Amber starts right in.

Amber Ryan: Three years ago, you came to watch me fight Sabiru and you found me at what was probably what was both the highest and lowest points in my life. I was a double champion but I was also a stupid fucking punk who didn’t need to find a reason to cave someone’s skull in. I was a snarky bitch with a chip on her shoulder and no direction to go but down. Even with all of that… You saw something in me that I never knew existed. You told me that I could do something more and god damn it, we did. Even when I fucked up time and time again, you were the only constant thing around. I never asked for your help, your caring or your love but you gave it to me. I never knew why… I also never realized how much I needed it too.

Jack opened his mouth to respond but Amber shook her head.

Amber Ryan: Let me get this out first, Jack. The thing is, I do think of you as my family. The fact that you are going to be my Dad is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me in my life. I never knew I wanted a family let alone needed one but here we are. I’m even… Happy for it. As fucking scary as that is.

Amber was forced to grin as Jack chuckled softly. The smile faded from her face as she let her eyes drift to the floor.

Amber Ryan: The thing is… There is something else that I need to make me happy and I’m afraid if I don’t do it now, I’ll never have the chance to do it again. Jack… I need you to do something for me.

Amber’s eyes came up to meet Jack’s

Amber Ryan: I need you to fight me.

Jack swallowed deeply as the look on Amber’s face was a mixture of purpose and sadness. He opted to stay quiet as she continued on.

Amber Ryan: Even with everything you have given me, I still have that empty feeling in my stomach of not being what you think I should of been. I know I don’t have to prove it to you but I feel like I need to prove it to myself. As much as I look at you as family, I still see that World title on your shoulder and think of it as MY world title. I only got a taste of it before I got my ass handed to me. I never got to have my run. I never got to have my glory. I never got to know what it really meant to lead a company let alone the wrestling world. I want that in my life and I know that I need to earn it in order to have it. I wasn’t ready three years ago but I sure as hell think that I’m ready now. The thing is though, if we have some sort of technical match or exhibition or whatever you want to call it, the doubt in my mind is always going to be there. I need to know if I deserve to be the champion and I need to have you fight me in order to prove it.

Jack swallowed deeply.

Jack Michaels: I don’t want to do th…

Amber put a hand on Jack’s knee.

Amber Ryan: I know you don’t want to fight me. I get it Jack, I really do. Part of me doesn’t want to fight either and once you are officially my Dad, I don’t know if I can. All I know right now, in this time and place, is that you are the best in the world. Even at your age, you are stronger, smarter and better than any fucker that sets foot in that ring with you. No one can touch you and that’s why you’ve been champion these last 15 months or so. Because of that… I want to… No… NEED to know if I’ve got what it takes. I need to know if I got the guts, the heart and the fucking talent to take down the best I’ve ever seen. I need to know if I can beat you, Jack. I don’t want to wrestle Jack Michaels the Dad, I need to fight “The Blast” Jack Michaels; the greatest of all fucking time.

It’s now Jack’s turn to bow his head as he lets this wash over him. He shakes his head slightly as he ponders it.

Jack Michaels: Are you sure this is what you want Amber? Are you really sure this is how you want this to go?

Jack pops his head back up and stares Amber deep in her eyes.

Jack Michaels: Because if you do, there’s no turning back. I’m going to give you all I have and there isn’t anything you can do to stop it.

There is a cold tinge to Jack’s voice as even Amber is forced to hesitate for a second. She takes her hand from Jack’s knee and nods.

Amber Ryan: Yes, Jack. This is what I want.

Jack nods his head as he slowly stands up from the bench and begins to take off his coat. He lightly folds it and sets it in his locker before rolling up the sleeves on his shirt. He kisses Amber on the forehead before closing his eyes and letting out a sigh.

Jack Michaels: Get up, Amber.

Amber looks up with confusion in her eyes.

Amber Ryan: Huh?

Jack suddenly turns and slams a fist into the locker mere inches from Amber’s head. The steel indents as Amber tumbles from her chair and falls to the floor in shock.


Amber scrambles up as Jack glares at her.

Jack Michaels: Do you know what the difference between you and I truly is Amber? It’s not ability or talent... Luck or skill... It’s that one of us has no barrier they can’t cross. When push comes to shove and you ask ANYONE about why I’M the best in wrestling history, it comes down to one basic fact. I will not stop at ANYTHING. I will break everything about you to find a way to win. I will burn your life to the ground and piss on the ashes. What’s worse is that it isn’t about compassion or hatred with me now is it? No... It’s about victory. It’s about crushing your very soul in order to stand at the top of the food chain. Forget about Paragon and the quest for the industry. Forget about our past and forget about our future. For one match… It’s about facing the GOD DAMN BEST EVER. You want ‘The Blast’ in that ring? Then you fucking got it. Be on your best Amber… Because I plan on tearing you apart.

Jack storms out of the locker room with Amber standing in shock. After a very brief moment, a small smile curls up on her lip as she looks after him.

Amber Ryan: Thank you...


Match Three:

The Evolution of Perfection Vs. Mike Shultz & Jimmy Allen


Terra Skye: Johnny, why do you look like that?

Johnny Vegas: I.. Uh.. No reason.  I mean come on.  This was expected, right?  They're not gonna pussyfoot around each other.

Terra Skye: You're right.  They're going to be fighting for the Carnage World Championship and there can't be any friendships or family when it comes to that.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah, yeah.  Exactly.  I just hope this isn't the beginning of the end of Paragon.

Terra Skye: I'm pretty sure Amber and Jack can have a fight and not let it affect their relationship.  But anyway, the next match is set to begin.  We're looking at seeing Jeff Jackson and Christian Pierce here tonight against the throw together team of Mike Shultz and Mac's son, Jimmy Allen.

Johnny Vegas: Let's see how this shit goes.


The match begins with Mike Shultz and Christian Pierce taking the ring first. It looks like Shultz is going to get the upper hand when a little outside distraction by Jeff Jackson causes Shultz to turn his back for just a moment giving Pierce the opportunity to strike. Pierce snags Shultz up and drops him across the top turnbuckle with a snake eyes and follows it up with a russian leg sweep. Quick cover by Pierce only gets a one count on Shultz… Referee Silent Cal holds up one finger to the literal 0 in attendance here tonight. Shultz fights back to his feet only to take a delayed vertical suplex by Pierce. Pierce drags Shultz over to his corner and tags in “The Killer” Jeff Jackson. The two men stomp on Shultz in the corner until Silent Cal reaches a Silent four-and-a-half count and physically forces Pierce out of the ring. Jeff Jackson pulls Mike Shultz out of the corner and hits him with a neckbreaker. Jackson goes for a cover and once again Shultz kicks out at one. Mike Shultz is determined to show how tough he is and that he is not going to let his partner down here tonight.

Terra Skye: Pierce and Jackson are starting out hot here tonight, but Mike Shultz isn't letting them get too far.

Johnny Vegas: Give it time.

Terra Skye: You don't know that.

Johnny Vegas: I've been doing this for eighty thousand years now.. I think I know a few things.

Terra Skye: Right...

Shultz tries to fight back to his feet but he is simply stomped back down by Jackson. Jackson pulls Shultz over to his corner and tags in his partner again. Pierce and Jackson use what little bit of legal time they have to whip Shultz off of the ropes and perform a back drop right into a powerbomb. Pierce goes for a cover as Jackson moves back out of the ring and this time Jimmy Allen comes in to make the save after a two count. Ref Cal waves his finger at Allen and forces him back out of the ring giving Pierce and Jackson some free double-team time on Shultz. Jackson takes to the ring again as an illegal tag behind the back of Cal but when Cal finally gets Allen out of the ring he allows Jackson to become the legal man. Jeff Jackson pulls Shultz back up to his feet and hits him with the Instant Death (Twist of Fate). Jackson starts to celebrate as he goes for the cover, but Shultz once again kicks out, this time just before the count of three.

Terra Skye: What say you now?

Johnny Vegas: Bitch, this shit isn't over yet.

Terra Skye: Well if Jimmy could get Mike over to his corner, things might be going better for their team.

Johnny Vegas: Pfft.

Jeff Jackson argues with Silent Cal who really isn’t one to argue much. Jackson stomps over and grabs Shultz by the hair and once again drags him back over to Pierce to make the tag. Pierce comes in and Jackson barks out orders to get Shultz up onto his shoulders. Pierce lifts Shultz up as Jeff Jackson climbs the ropes. The Evolution of Perfection are looking for the perfect kill, but just as Jeff Jackson leaps off of the ropes Mike Shultz ducks down with a victory roll and Jackson hits nothing but canvas. Ref Cal slaps his hand down to the mat twice before Christian Pierce is able to kick out. But Shultz is the first to stand back up and he drills Pierce in the face with a Philly Kick. If the crowd were here, they’d be on their feet as Shultz makes the hot tag to Jimmy Allen who comes in as a house of fire, quickly taking both Jackson and Pierce down with successive clotheslines. Jackson backs himself into a corner and not even a moment later Jimmy Allen comes charging in with a mafia kick to the face… Buhbye Felicia! Allen gets clubbed in the back by Christian Pierce but Allen quickly shakes it off and connects with a counter Deterrent springboard roundhouse kick.  Christian Pierce drops down to his knees and Jimmy Allen quickly knocks him out with the Goodnight Princess knee strike. Allen drops down and hooks the leg for the cover. Jeff Jackson tries to come in to break it up but Mike Shultz knocks him back through the ropes as Silent Cal counts the pin!





Kelly Carmichael: The winners of the match, Mike Shultz and Jimmy Allen!

Terra Skye: HAH!  Shove it!  You were wrong!

Johnny Vegas: I'm never wrong.. Only mistaken.

Terra Skye: Jesus Christ... You're impossible.

Johnny Vegas: Well at least I'm not ugly.

Terra Skye: ... Congratulations to Jimmy Allen, for saving his team and Mike Shultz for staving off the pin in order to open things up for his partner!  Jeff Jackson and Christian Pierce walk out of here without their second win, but I'm sure they'll bounce back!

Johnny Vegas: Sure.

Terra Skye: We'll be back in a few!


BACKSTAGE: Monsters Running Amok


The screen now shows backstage, Kieran feeling pretty good about himself, as he totes around both the openweight and tag team championship titles, the latter of which he has strapped firmly around his waist. However, as he continues his walk, the lights start to flicker suddenly, distracting Kieran enough to look around. The lights go out as a silhouette emerges.

Kieran Overton: HEY! Who’s there?

The lights come back on, and no one is there. Kieran takes two steps back to check quickly, before hastening his pace and moving out of the frame. The silhouette reappears as the lights flicker again, moving closer and closer to the camera, revealing itself to be The Empty.

Kieran Overton: OH SHIT!

The cameras suddenly go black!

Terra Skye: What the...?!

Her question is answered by Kieran being thrown through the curtain in a heap, followed menacingly close by The Empty.

Johnny Vegas: Finally!  Some REAL action!

Kieran climbs slowly to his feet, rushing at The Empty with the tag team title belt, smashing the creature with the larger front plate, but The Empty does not budge an inch. It just stands there, breathing heavily, creeping closer as Kieran grabs the openweight and runs with both belts!

Terra Skye: Wow.. I guess the Empty wasn't happy about what happened earlier tonight and Kieran Overton is paying the price!

Johnny Vegas: Murder Machine vs Murder Machine... Seems completely legit.

Suddenly, Ref Jeff, comes out from behind the curtain, pushed out at the insistence of The Reason, as The Empty grabs Kieran with an iron claw just outside of the ring, clutching his head like a strongman squeezing a cantaloupe! Kieran beats on the monster’s arm, trying to loosen the grip, but its tightening, frightening grasp is too strong. Kieran’s hits weaken as he fades.

Johnny Vegas: Well shit...

Terra Skye: Overton is fading fast!

Kieran goes completely limp, eyes rolled back and closed, breathing becoming laboured and heavy as the referee runs to check him. He immediately calls for the bell, running to the timekeeper and to Kelly Carmichael, letting them know what just transpired. The Reason slowly approaches from the top of the stage, thumbs tucked into the waistband of his leather kilt, watching as The Empty lets Kieran’s motionless body crumple against the ring apron.

Kelly Carmichael: Ref Jeff has called this impromptu match due to knockout: your winner by knockout and NEW Openweight Champion! It is… The… Empty?..

Ref Jeff walks the belt over to the monster, but The Reason steps forward and takes the belt, throwing it over his shoulder before ordering The Empty to follow, who obeys without hesitation.

Terra Skye: Jesus... I think Overton might need a doctor.

Johnny Vegas: Kieran’s head almost turned into a watermelon at a Gallagher show.

Terra Skye: We can only wonder how the Monstimals will respond to the attack on one of their members, but all we can do is wait!  But for now, we've got ourselves a new Openweight Champion!

Johnny Vegas: Anyway, I'm bored.  When’s the next REAL match?

Terra Skye: You literally were excited one moment, bored the next.  What the hell is wrong with yo--


Match Four:

Eli Goode Vs. Ken Davison


Johnny Vegas: Now THIS is what I'm talking about!

Terra Skye: Really?  Christ.  Have I told you I wish you'd of stayed home?

Johnny Vegas: Eli is going to POP this Davison fuckhead... Just you fucking watch.

Terra Skye: Are you ignoring me?

Johnny Vegas: WOOOOO ELI!!!!

The lights in the arena go out as the opening vocals to “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas fills the arena. The drum solo pops in followed by the guitar riff. Once the guitar riff starts, the lights flash back on with Eli Goode standing at the top of the ramp with a leather jacket on and Amber Ryan by his side. He looks around the arena and slowly lifts his arms up to the side. After a few seconds, he lowers his arms and walks down the ramp.

Johnny Vegas: YESSS!!! HERE WE GOOOOO!!!

“Godly” Ken Davison and Danny Kemp make their way to the ring. As “Indestructible” by Disturbed plays, Davison marches down to the ring.  Kemp glares menacingly around the arena, but keeps his distance to remain with Davison. As they get to the ringside area,  Davison walks up the ringsteps and wipes off his boots before entering the ring. Kemp, on the other hand, slides into the ring and backs Eli Goode off into the far corner.

“Godly” Ken Davison: Like I said before, I don’t understand why I was given this match. I’m looking across the ring at Eli Goode. The thing is, Eli, that is all you are. You’re good. You’re not Eli Great. You’re not Eli Exceptional. You’re not even Eli Slightly Above Average.

Johnny Vegas: YOU FUCKER!

Davison pauses, looking over at the rage in both Eli and Amber’s eyes. A sly smile crosses his face as the enjoyment he is getting out of this is evident.

“Godly” Ken Davison: What I am saying, Eli, is that while you are good, you are not on the level of the “Living God of Professional Wrestling.” That having been said, Danny…

Danny Kemp rushes the unsuspecting Eli Goode, rocking him with a running forearm in the corner. Davison quickly hops out of the ring, narrowly avoiding Ryan flying across the ring at him. The referee orders Amber out of the ring and calls for the bell.



Terra Skye: Well I'll be damned, Kemp is taking Davison's place!

Johnny Vegas: Well.. He's not going to get away that easily!

Kemp throws a wild haymaker that Goode is able to duck under. As Kemp turns around Eli, starts throwing forearms into the chest of his much taller opponent. Eli tries to Irish whip Kemp, but Danny reverses it and lifts Eli into the air, but Goode shifts his weight and manages to dropkick Kemp in the chest, knocking him off his feet. Both men get to their feet quickly, with Eli using his speed advantage to grab Kemp by the back of the neck and hit him with some shots to the side of the head. Another dropkick takes Kemp off his feet.

Terra Skye: Eli doesn't look like he cares too much about who he's facing, he's here to make a statement tonight!

Johnny Vegas: Damn straight he is!  Davison is an asshole and he doesn't know what he's talking about!  YOU YELLOW BELLIED MOTHERFUC--

Terra Skye: You do realize that without the crowd here tonight, they can hear EVERY word you're saying, right?

Johnny Vegas: I DON'T GIVE A... shit...

Eli backs off, taking a brief moment to catch his breath. Kemp is slow to his feet. As he gets to one knee, Eli goes for a right hook. This time, Kemp is ready, ducking underneath and grabbing Eli from behind, quickly lifting him in the air and dropping him spread eagle on the top rope. The referee warns Kemp who only responds by lifting Eli back up and bringing him crashing to the mat with a back suplex. Eli rolls away, clutching his back while Kemp slowly gets to his feet, still feeling the effects of Goode’s earlier onslaught.

Terra Skye: If Kemp wants to have a chance, he's gotta get up and keep on Eli here.  This could be the turning point in the match for him.

Eli pulls himself up in the corner and Kemp stalks over and starts putting the boots to him, punishing Goode’s midsection. The referee counts to four before Kemp grabs Eli’s wrist and sends him across, causing Goode to hit the turnbuckle so hard he can’t help but stagger forward to the middle of the ring. Kemp raises Eli up into a military press, letting go after a few seconds and dropping Eli down onto his knee into a sheer drop backbreaker. Instead of letting Eli Goode go, he pushes him down by the chin and knee in a modified Sammartino backbreaker. The camera goes split screen for a moment, where you can see “Godly” Ken Davison smiling smugly on one side and Amber Ryan banging on the ring apron trying to rally her tag team partner.

Terra Skye: This is a tense situation, with Ken and Amber both at ringside, given their history.

Johnny Vegas: Amber should be fucking caving Davison's head in by now.

Terra Skye: She's doing what any good tag team partner does, she's trying to keep Eli in the game.

Back in the ring, Kemp is applying the pressure, forcing the point of his knee into the spine of Eli Goode. Goode lets out a scream and starts using his free knee to strike Kemp in the head. After the fourth strike, Danny Kemp is rocked and forced to release the hold. Kemp falls back into the ropes while Eli gets to his feet, holding his back. Kemp comes off the ropes and kicks Eli in the midsection once again. Kemp grabs Goode with a double underhook and throws him across the ring with a butterfly suplex. Kemp crawls over to where Eli landed and we have our first cover of the match.



No!  Eli gets the shoulder up!

Terra Skye: That would have been huge for Kemp, but Eli isn't going to go down that easily.

Johnny Vegas: If I weren't so invested in this, and waiting for Paragon to FUCK some Davison ASS UP.. I'd totally make fun of you right now.

Terra Skye: Jesus...

Kemp gets up and points at the referee, complaining about a slow count. Eli rolls over onto his stomach, trying to get to his feet, but Danny Kemp reaches down and grabs him about the waist before bringing him back down with another backbreaker. Once again, Kemp holds Goode in the backbreaker.  Goode starts clenching his fist and releasing it, feeding off the cheers of his partner on the outside. He throws some more knees, this time staggering Kemp on the second strike. Eli gets to one knee and Kemp hits him with a clubbing forearm, but Eli only budges a little. Kemp throws a forearm to the spine and Eli only steps forward slightly. Finally, Kemp brings down a double axe handle on Goode’s back and Eli just turns around and stares at Kemp.


Terra Skye: Hold on... How the fuck did you just make that reference!?

Johnny Vegas: I might be old but I ain't fucking dead.

The fired up Eli Goode points at his face, telling Kemp to hit him. Kemp obliges, but Eli blocks the right hand and starts firing back with rapid fire right hands of his own. He grabs Danny Kemp and uses his low center of gravity to get Kemp up and over for a suplex. Eli spins his hips, still holding onto his opponent, and quickly snaps Kemp up and over again for a second suplex. Eli rolls his hips again, going for the trifecta, but Kemp gets his leg up in between Goode’s leg, blocking the suplex attempt; Kemp spins Eli over, setting him up for what looks like a reverse DDT, but Eli shows great ring awareness and manages to step over to, then up the ropes. As Eli floats over, Amber Ryan grabs the ankles of Danny Kemp, taking away his balance and allowing Eli to take him down with a modified Shiranui.

Johnny Vegas: YES!!! FUCK YES!

Terra Skye: Wait a minute!  Amber just--

Eli Goode steps back, measuring Danny Kemp as we see “Godly” Ken Davison behind him screaming at the referee, trying to point out Amber Ryan’s interference. Kemp gets to one knee and Eli flies across the ring and dropping him with a running knee. GOODE TIME! Eli covers.





Kelly Carmichael: Your Winner... ELI GOODE!!!!

“Godly” Ken Davison slides into the ring, but Eli rolls to the outside before Davison can get to him. He walks backwards towards the ramp, keeping his eyes on Davison as Amber Ryan joins him on the way back up the ramp. Inside the ring, Davison is furious, kicking the bottom rope and screaming at the referee that Amber interfered, but the ref is having none of it, leaving the ring as we cut back to ringside.

Johnny Vegas: Fucking told you!  WOOOOO!!

Terra Skye: I don't know, Davison isn't too happy about what just transpired and I'm almost certain that this isn't over.. not by a longshot.

Johnny Vegas: BLEH!  Just go to commercial!

Terra Skye: UGH.  We'll be back after this commercial break, folks!




With a quick cut backstage, we are greeted by the sight of Belle Silva standing by- with microphone in hand and pensive smile across her face.

Belle Silva: Carnage legion- I’m now joined by the new number one contender to the Carnage World Title… “The Distorted Angel” Amber Ryan.

Surely enough, with a quick camera pan the delightful interviewer is in fact joined by Carnages favourite redhead still looking obviously worse for wear following Act Of Defiance- most notably a sling cradling her right arm from having dislocated her shoulder twice. A few dark bruises peak out from her t-shirt sleeve and neckline but otherwise its difficult to tell the true extent of damage caused.

Amber Ryan: Sounds good doesn’t it, the suns shining and the birds are singing and things, well things are still a little crazy but hey… They don’t call this place Carnage cause it's a walk in the park.

Belle allows herself a nervous laugh as Amber clears her throat with a familiar sly smile.

Amber Ryan: We aren’t here to fuck spiders though, we’re here cause I’m sure you have questions straight from the mouths of the Legion… and as you might be able to tell, I have a little more time than usual on my hands.

Despite the odd segue, Belle regains her composure quickly and professionally with her expression relaxing into a more comfortable smile as it seems the usually volatile redhead is rather cool, calm and collected.

Belle Silva: At Isolation, you have the chance to win back the Carnage World Title held by Jack Michaels- now everyone knows that you are both very close, perhaps going as far as to call you family… How do you go into a match like that, how do you prepare to face someone whom you have such a relationship with?

Amber looks around briefly, somewhat amused by the line of questioning.

Amber Ryan: Do you have siblings, Belle? How is your relationship with your parents? Have you ever had a fist fight with your grandmother?
Actually- don't answer that last one.
Tell me though, do you agree with everything they say? I doubt it.
I’m not gonna pretend like my ‘relationship’ if you could call it as such with Jack and even the rest of Paragon is perfect… We are like family- blood might just be thicker than water but when that world title is on the line… They run equally as free.

Here’s what seems to be forgotten amidst all this pageantry- from the moment I stepped back through the door I made my intentions clear. I want the world title… MY… world title. It never mattered who held it- whether it would be Myra or Jack or even fucking God Almighty himself- although if you ask the champ I’m sure he’d tell you they are the same thing.
Put that gold on the line- there is no family, no love, no reprieve.
Either I win or he’d wanna kill me cause I won’t stop chasing it-

Amber stops rather abruptly as the camera pans slightly to reveal the tall, lean figure of Danny Kemp- the first of ‘Godly’ Ken Davisons disciples lurking nearby with dark eyes planted firmly on the redhead. Belle Silva, realizing the capacity for this to turn ugly gets a nod of approval from Amber to disappear before Kemp closes some of the distance.

Amber Ryan: Well, isn’t this quite a sight… GKD send you? Nah, it's not his M.O. He’s a lot of things, but the prick likes to get his hands dirty just to remind everyone he can. Maybe you’re trying to curry some favour with your boss or is he just too busy talking about me still to pay attention to you?

Kemp says nothing, choosing to loom over the redhead who seems more irked than intimidated. He clenches his fists, as Amber subtlety changes her stance seeing this get ugly a little too quickly for her liking.

Amber Ryan: You know, someone wise once taught me ‘if you’re gonna get your ass kicked- you may as well get your shit in-

Amber doesn’t get a chance to finish as she barely ducks a wild right, before planting a foot in Kemps midsection, doubling him over as the wind gusts out of him. Not allowing a moment's break, Amber comes in with a nasty knee to the face driving the bigger man backwards, holding his mouth and nose.

Stepping back, she hesitates for a few seconds in deciding whether to stand and fight or disappear- however the decision is made for her before she can react as Kemp shoves her hard into the wall, her head and upper back hitting with a thud. She immediately grabs for the shoulder as Kemp tears the sling away leaving her to protect it by holding it as close against her body as she can.

However there is little she can do when Kemp lands a solid punch in the left side of her ribs that leaves her gasping, before moving in to hammerlock the right arm- she struggles with what she can muster but he drags her away from the wall with arm still trapped behind her back before driving her back into the wall arm first.

Collapsing to the ground, she does her best to protect her prone arm, however Kemp delivers some heavy boots to her face and ribs while she continues to cradle the arm in desperate hope that he won’t target it further.

From off camera, a sound that could only be something between a roar and a battle cry can be heard. Then out of nowhere Mac Bane blindsides Kemp with a wicked right hand that sends him sprawling. Mac takes another step toward the smaller man and drags him back to his feet by his hair.

Mac Bane: You’re a fucking cur--

With no other words he slings the smaller man into the wall, back first, the impact is thunderous. Mac turns around and kneels next to Amber.

Mac Bane: Stupid question, you okay?

Amber Ryan: It is a stupid question. I’ll be fine. Thanks.

Mac Bane: Welcome

A noise behind Bane alerts him to the presence of another. He looks over his shoulder to see “Godly” Ken Davison looking down at his fallen follower.

Mac Bane: Is this how you do things now?

Davison looks back at Bane for half a second.

"Godly" Ken Davison: If it was me, Mac, you'd know it. As for you…

Davison turns attention back to Danny Kemp.

"Godly" Ken Davison: You know what happens when you don't follow orders. Right, Soldier? You don't make a canned and move without clearing it with me. Get up.

The amount of disgust on Davidson's face is palpable.

"Godly" Ken Davison: Now.

Kemp looks up at Davison, but not fast enough for his master's satisfaction. Davison grabs him by the dreads, pulls him in, quickly applies a double underhook then kicks his leg bringing Kemp down on the concrete with a vicious version of Amber Ryan's finishing move, The Original Sin.

Davison stands up, dusts of his robes, and walls off calmly as though nothing had even happened as the scene fades back to ringside.


Match Five:
Ultraviolent Match

Kyra Johnson Vs. Mitaxia


Terra Skye: I told you, it wasn't over.

Johnny Vegas: ARREST THEM!  ALL OF THEM!  She'd better be alright, I'll tell you that!

Terra Skye: Amber is tough as nails, I'm sure she'll be fine and looking for revenge in no time.  For now, we're ready for tonight's main event.

Johnny Vegas: Oh good, time for Kyra to kick Mi--Mask Bitches ASS!

Terra Skye: There's no doubt that Kyra is out for blood after Mitaxia's actions and words over the last few weeks.

Kyra comes out first as "Ms. Hyde" by Halestorm plays. She comes looking for a fight with her signature whiskey bottle in hand. She takes a swig as she waits for Mitaxia to show her face. The lights go out as the screen above the entrance ramp lights up.

Johnny Vegas: What NOW?!

What looks to be eight scarecrows are shown in darkness, nothing but silhouettes against the inky black of night. A crow caws out in the distance as the familiar face of Mitaxia comes into view, a lighter doing little to highlight the blank features of her mask.

Mitaxia: Hello everyone! Kyra, look, I'm up here! I know, you're all prepared to fight me to the very bitter end, get some questionable redemption for what my sisters and I did to your sister; you know, finishing the job that you personally started. Neither here nor there.

I know you don't have time for what I have to say usually, so I figured I'd force you pay attention. Consequences of not listening, will of course be dire. Don't listen and see what happens. I'd tell you to ask Lucy, but something tells me she won't be able to give much advice, seeing as I crushed her throat with a golf club...

Kyra takes another swig, before yelling for Mitaxia to say that to her face.

Mitaxia: Sensitive topic, I know! However, you'll have to forgive me. I have prior engagements that need to be attended to that I'll get to in a moment. Kyra, you'll have to wait to get close to me. You can earn a shot at yours truly if you're able to get through my hand picked fighter to take my place tonight, but that will come. For right now though, I'd like to turn your attentions to the figures behind me...

Dome lights come on above the heads of the scarecrows, which aren't scarecrows after all, but eight dummies tied to crosses!

Mitaxia: I'm a sucker for good theatrics. Now, in recent weeks, there has been a lot of talk surrounding "family" and more importantly, how much they mean to people like Kyra, who crushes the throat of their own flesh and blood under a cage that weighs at least a ton; and myself, who recently reconnected with my sisters and have formed an everlasting bond of companionship that sisterhood SHOULD revolve around. Once upon a time, I HAD a family, an adopted one at that who told me they'd be with me through thick and thin.

No matter what, no one would be forsaken any more.

For a bit of time, it was true. Mia Rayne joined forces with The Shadow, Ataxia, Dorian Hawkhurst, Chloe Hawkhurst, Zach Van Owen, and Jimmy Allen. I formed a romance with Ataxia the likes of which were envied. A romance that was tested beyond a shadow of a doubt to be flawless for the most part. A romance shattered because one party decided several times, that it would be ok to fly solo and not tell his significant other what the FUCK was going on.

Ataxia, I know you're close, you're watching my every move, and you don't like what you see. You want me to remember all those good times, all the laughter and love that we shared by throwing a tarot card at me. I see your sign Ataxia, people call me the coward, but you haven't shown your face. If you aren't careful I'll post your face, you're REAL face, on so many milk cartons asking if anyone has seen you. Show yourself and pay for your sins.

Jimmy, I know you're watching and don't think that I don't know that you aren't pissed that I've already ripped off your appearance once. I was better than you could ever be and you have every right to be jealous of my natural talent. Continue on this route of trying to gain my attention, of getting in my way, and I will start to make things personal. Be careful what you wish for, I'll break every bone in your body.

I went through HELL after each and every one of the members of The Forsaken abandoned me. I fought off adversaries on my own after Shadow scooped up his fiery haired bimbo and ran. Ataxia went crazy and disappeared, Dorian went on a bender and his daughter is probably on a corner looking for her next fix for all I know. Zach is probably at home complaining about the leash his father has him under as he beats another boss in an overplayed video game and EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU FUCK STICKS LEFT ME HIGH AND DRY TO FEND FOR MYSELF.

Yeah, that's how families operate.

So, Forsaken, you have forsaken this psychotic one too many times. I'm coming for blood and if you dare show your faces, I WILL come to collect.

Mitaxia takes a deep breath to compose herself before pushing a button on a remote. The dummies and the crosses that hold them each erupt into flame, all at once and without warning. Mitaxia pauses and looks at the fire consuming each of the dummies, each one representative of a person she once called family, and each one abandoning her in some way. The dummies themselves all look like they are withering away, their cries of pain nothing more than the creaks of the hay that fills them and the cackle of fire that consumes them. Mitaxia sighs and composes herself once again turning to the camera.

Mitaxia: Again, what can I say... Theatrics, am I right? Trust me when I tell you that I am deathly serious with all the symbology that anyone puts together with what I've shown to you all tonight. You think that what I've done so far in Carnage is bad? Let Jimmy Allen get in my way. Have any of those people show up and watch when I redefine everything about the term, "ultra violence."

Speaking of...

Kyra! The sister that likes to beat up their other sister and then get angry at people who finish the job that they started in the first place! You probably thought that I forgot about you. Well, I didn't. You represent everything I can't stand about nuclear families and well, since I can't be there tonight...

I found someone that feels the same way as me to finish you off...

Mitaxia's last words are ominous as the screen shuts off and the arena is filled with inky blackness. Suddenly another familiar song is played and a change begins...

"They're coming to take me away, ha-ha!
They're coming to take me away, ho-ho!"

Terra Skye: Oh Lord...

The screeching laughter starts and the Wonderland Champion ZQ shows up at the top of the entrance ramp! Conspicuous by her absence is Su, but the champion doesn't seem to mind as she growls toward the ring and then wastes little time making a beeline for Kyra!

Kyra stands at the ready as ZQ slides and and goes toe to toe with Kyra! Without skipping a beat, Kyra readjusts the bottle in her hand and in one motion smacks ZQ on top of the head with it, sending broken glass and booze everywhere! The two scuffle as the ref calls for the bell, signaling the beginning of the match.


Terra Skye: Holy shit!


Terra Skye: I think she's trying to!  That bottle absolutely SHATTERED!

Kyra manages to get the upper hand, but ZQ reverses at the last moment, raking the eyes of Kyra and tossing her into the ring post. With a huff the Wonderland Champion rolls out of the ring and starts to look under the ring for any sort of weapon. Meanwhile, Kyra recovers and sees what ZQ is up to. She gets a running start and vaults the top rope and lands on the back of ZQ with a double stomp!

Terra Skye: God damn!  Kyra isn't fucking around tonight, even IF it isn't Mitaxia... ZQ still had a hand in what happened to Lucy.


ZQ goes down with a massive thud and only twitches and Kyra rolls to her feet and catches her breath, keeping her eye on the ever mischievous ZQ. As if ZQ could hear Kyra's thoughts, the champion begins to stir, catching her breath and pulling herself out from under the ring. Gripped between her teeth is a bit of barbed wire. On her hands are two boxing gloves, each wrapped with the wire. ZQ cracks her neck and starts to laugh at Kyra who only just manages to duck a jab from the champion!

Terra Skye: Jesus!

Johnny Vegas: I swear... If she harms a HAIR on Kyra's head!

Terra Skye: What are you going to do exactly?

Johnny Vegas: THINGS.  Okay?!

Terra Skye: Oh I'm sure ZQ is quivering in her boots...

ZQ recovers quickly and Kyra dives under the ring, managing to wiggle underneath just before ZQ can reach her. Trying to follow, ZQ gets the barbed wire stuck on the ring apron and Kyra takes advantage, bracing herself on her back and kicking with both her feet with all her might! She catches ZQ right in the jaw, stunning Queen of Wonderland, but also freeing her from the apron. Kyra quickly grabs a kendo stick to protect herself and takes the high ground, rolling back into the ring.

Johnny Vegas: Knock her fucking head off!

Terra Skye: ZQ has proven time and time again, she's a force to be reckoned with, Kyra's got her hands full and I believe she can come out of this on top as long as she doesn't lose sight of her goal.

Johnny Vegas: Yeah... THAT.

ZQ shakes her head, clearing out the cobwebs as she shakes off the boxing gloves to prevent further distraction. She eyes Kyra carefully, eyeing the kendo stick in particular. Settling on a plan, she grabs a chair and rolls into the ring. Kyra doesn't hesitate though and hits the Blackout at the right moment, planting ZQ's head on the chair! In desperation, Kyra rolls ZQ over and makes the cover...




Terra Skye: Wait what the fuck?!

Kyra hops up in pain as Mitaxia has shown up, grabbing the kendo stick and smacking Kyra on the back with it! Mitaxia flaunts in front of the crowd as Kyra gets to her feet and glares daggers at Mitaxia.

Kyra Johnson: I'm done with this bullshit!

With a roar Kyra runs at Mitaxia and plants a headlock on her as she rips off Mitaxia's mask. The crowd gasps as Mitaxia begins laughing hysterically, Kyra gasping in suprise as the face of her daughter, Adina Johnson lies underneath, her eye swollen shut and a small trickle of blood running from the lips. The mockery of the Johnson daughter begins laughing shrilly at Kyra who stands horrified at the show in presented in front of her. That is until she is spun around by a recovered ZQ who hits The Unicorn Extinction DDT, quickly making the pin!





Kelly Carmichael: Your winner... ZQ!!!

The bell rings as ZQ rolls off the body of Kyra, laughing and looking up at Adina-Taxia, both sharing a smile. With a motion Adina pulls off the mask to reveal Su! Together the sisters point and laugh at the beaten Kyra as the leave her in the ring.

Terra Skye: Oh.. Wow... These sisters will go to any lengths, won't they?

Johnny Vegas: Using the woman's daughter?  I'll KILL THEM MYSELF!

Terra Skye: I'm sure Kyra isn't going to let this go easily.  But let's not forget that she's going to be going up against Mitaxia.. and UGWC's Sloane Taylor at Isolation for the UV title.. At least I'm assuming... Since Jack relinquished the title earlier tonight.  Kyra will get her chance.  Too bad she didn't knock them down a peg here tonight.

Johnny Vegas: FUCK.


BACKSTAGE: Impartial


The scene opens in the (now) office of Carnage Wrestling’s new President, JC with the man himself seated behind his desk, busy looking through paperwork, presumably trying to organize and fix the mess that was Jason Bridges reign.  A knock comes to the door, and he pauses what he’s doing to look up at the door.

JC: Come in.

The door opens and reveals the face of JC’s former tag team partner and best friend, Trent Steel.  JC’s eyebrows raise in surprise as Trent steps into the room and closes the door behind him.

JC: Didn’t expect to see you here.

Trent shrugs his shoulders.

Trent Steel: I could say the same thing to you… But you look good behind the big desk, Boss.

JC and Trent share a knowing grin before JC shifts in his chair.

JC: Well what brings you here, Trent? 

Trent raises his eyebrows in question.

Trent Steel: Isn’t it obvious?

Joe sighs.

JC: You want your job back.

Trent Steel: Well since shit for brains isn’t the boss anymore, I--

Joe sits up and shakes his head.

JC: And I’d love to, Trent.  But I think you know that I can’t just come in here, in this position - and have one of the first things I do be giving my best friend his job back.  That doesn’t look too impartial, does it? 

It’s Trent’s turn to sigh as he slides into the chair across from Joe.

Trent Steel: So, that’s a no?

JC: That’s not what I’m saying.

Trent Steel: Then enlighten me, oh mighty boss man.

JC closes his eyes and shakes his head.

JC: You want your job back, then we’ll leave it up to the Legion.  We’ll do this the fairest way possible. 

Trent’s eyes go wide.

Trent Steel: What, am I going on trial in front of the Legion or something?

A smile crosses Joe’s face, as if a lightbulb just went on in his brain.

JC: Now that has a nice ring to it. 

Trent Steel: Joe…

JC: Next Chaos, I’m going to find one of your peers to put together an argument to rehire you.. And one to argue against that. 

Trent sits back in the chair, his jaw nearly on the floor.

Trent Steel: Who are you going to find to argue against me?  Fucking Johnny Vegas?  Christ Joe..

JC chuckles.

JC: Guess you’re just going to have to wait and find out. 

Trent shakes his head.

Trent Steel: Why do I get the feeling that I’m fucked?

The scene slowly fades back to ringside.


RINGSIDE: In Closing


Johnny Vegas: Oh, I'll argue against that fuck til kingdom come!  You just watch!

Terra Skye: Oh for fucks sake Johnny... Trent Steel didn't deserve to be fired at Act of Defiance and you know it.  But regardless, I guess we'll find out Trent's fate at Chaos 89!

Johnny Vegas: You think we'll be back to business as usual by then?

Terra Skye: Who knows, honestly, but regardless... Chaos 89 will be Live on the Carnage Network for all the Legion faithfuls!

Johnny Vegas: Hopefully Ray stays home again.

Terra Skye: I could only hope you'd do the same.

Johnny Vegas: As long as there's a system to fuck.. I'm gonna be there BAYBAY!

Terra Skye: On that lovely note.. We'll see you at Chaos 89!  Thanks for tuning in!


Preshow Segment - Making Some 'Improvements' - Jim/Jazz/Barbie

Opening/Opening Segment - Barbie/Dustin

Segment - Entertain Me - Scott

Match 1 - Mac Bane Vs. The Empty - Scott

Segment - We Are Here - Kris

Match 2 - Sam Action Vs. Avenger Prime - Jay

Segment - Conflicted - Dustin/Jazz

Match 3 - Jeff Jackson/Christian Pierce Vs. Mike Shultz/Jimmy Allen - Chuck

Segment - Monsters Running Amok - D

Match 4 - Eli Goode Vs Ken Davison - Ken

Segment - Not Over - Ken/Jazz/Jim

Match 5 - Kyra Johnson Vs. Mitaxia - Mia

Segment - Impartial - Barbie

Segment - In Closing - Barbie

Match 1 - Barbie
Match 2 - Barbie
Match 3 - Barbie
Match 4 - Barbie
Match 5 - Duane

Commentary: Barbie

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