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EVENT AIRED: Mar 18, 2020

EPISODE 1: Wrestleworld Dojo


(A close up of the Wrestleworld logo is shown as the camera begins to zoom out)


(The camera reveals it to be a bird’s eye view of the Wrestleworld ring as the camera continues to ascend)


(The sound of old school commentary of professional wrestling matches begins to play as the camera zooms out further to a shot of the Wrestleworld Arena)


“We have a new Champion crowned!”

“What an incredible night!”

“Two of the best athletes competing--”


(The camera continues to rise as it reveals all of the Wrestleworld location from above, as its speed grows faster)


“Don’t you dare change that dial!”

“He wins it! He wins it!”

“You have never seen professional wrestling quite like this ever before--”


(The camera leaves the surface of the Earth quickly as the World itself fills the “O” in the title “Wrestleworld” where the camera finally stops)


… A World of Its Own.


(“Can’t Kill Us” by Glitch Mob plays over various clips from Wrestleworld matches since its inception)


(Babayka choking out Harry Sterling with the Asphyxiation is shown before cutting to the DOMINION logo as yellow paint splashes onto two letters of it)


(Tiberius Jones and Drake Jaeger are shown putting Nobi through an Announce Table together before cutting to the DOMINION logo as green paint splashes onto another two letters)


(Jaydayne Pendragon is shown laying out Arata Asakura with Hitchen’s Razor before red paint splashes onto another two letters of the DOMINION logo)


(Claudia Michaels is shown hitting Reno Dumont with The End of the World as the final two letters of the DOMINION logo are covered in blue)



(The red of the DOMINION logo spreads throughout it until it covers the logo entirely)


Narrator: Wrestleworld Presents… DOMINION!


(A sea of red suddenly floods the entire screen before cutting to a place in Wrestleworld Studios with a large DOMINION logo across double doors. Bobby Bishop excitedly walks through the doors with a huge grin on his face; wearing an eccentric red suit and red tie)


Bobby Bishop: Welcome! Welcome, everyone! Oh you have no idea how excited I am to be here with you today! You don’t know how much of an honor it is to be able to host the first EVER episode of Wrestleworld’s brand new show, DOMINION!


(Bobby walks into the Studio that’s been completely customized with decorations and graphics to look like a rainforest surrounding the floor of a dojo; complete with large portraits of Jaydayne Pendragon and Shogun Champion, Arata Asakura, as well as a mantle with a Shogun Championship replica in the center of it all)


Bobby Bishop: Oh my gosh, you don’t even know how fast my heart is beating just being here in front of all of you and getting to be the one to help translate these wonderful shows to you!


(Bobby stands in the middle of the DOMINION Studio, next to the Shogun Championship as he continues)


Bobby Bishop: For those of you who aren’t yet particularly familiar with DOMINION, basically this is a new kind of show to help bring to you an even more unique aspect of Wrestleworld. It’s a show to not only give the Wrestleworld competitors a new adventure of sorts and a whole new outlet to showcase their incredible abilities, but also a place that the fans themselves can enjoy by finding out a little bit more about Wrestleworld and its Territories and the Architects who have breathed life into them.


(Bobby steps over to the portrait of Jaydayne Pendragon)


Bobby Bishop: This week’s DOMINION, for instance, emanated from the Wrestleworld Dojo, deep within the rainforest of Wrestleworld that has been home to our second Shogun Architect, Jaydayne Pendragon. Now I don’t know if any of y’all know much about me, but here’s a little known fact: I LOVE to travel! Love it! It’s one of my greatest passions, so when the opportunity came knocking for me to be able to host a show like this, I couldn’t even remotely hesitate to jump at it! Wrestleworld has so much land to explore that it would just make your head spin trying to wrap your mind around it; the map doesn’t even do it justice of how much there really is in this place to go see and witness for yourself! My travels to the rainforest of these incredible lands were my first trip to them, because as not a lot of people may know, the Architects of Wrestleworld are all very particular about their individual Territories. They do not wish to be disturbed for the most part, but they all agreed to helping bring to life DOMINION to give their own… Well, unique sense of professional wrestling. There are no cameras allowed in their Territories, but I am welcomed to travel to each one and bring to all of YOU the results of these matches that took place, and to do my best to convey to you just how amazing they were to see in person!


(Bobby walks around the DOMINION Studio as he looks at all the Shogun decor has to offer)


Bobby Bishop: Now I had some idea of what I would be walking into by traveling through the rainforest and to Jaydayne Pendragon’s Dojo. He is a man that absolutely personifies the puroresu style, primarily known to most throughout the world as “Strong Style”. This style encapsulates a certain “fighting spirit” amongst those who practice it as it focuses more on one’s ability to endure and inflict punishment not only to your opponent, but to your own body as well. It’s a style that’s about honor and dignity in the midst of pain and proving that you can take it just as well as you dish it! Not to mention, the traditional wrestling “Neutral Rules” are in effect to some extent, but under “Shogun Rules” things are more lenient. There is room for dirty tactics, especially outside the confines of the ring, but INSIDE the ring is where the vast majority of the magic truly happens. And for those who DO decide to go outside of the ring have a 20 second count to return to it or risk a potential loss.


(Bobby stops in front of a screen that shows the various matches on the card for this week’s DOMINION)


Bobby Bishop: But enough about all that! You’re not here to listen to me jabbering on about rules and such, right? Of course not! You want to get to the meat of it all, surely! You want to know about this show and what all went down! You want to almost feel as if you were there! Well I’ll do my best to bring that to you! The Dojo was at capacity; filled with honored guests and trainees in attendance that were nothing but respectful to the competitors that battled in the ring.


(The screen behind Bobby displays Hana Nakajima versus Kenneth Ishikari)


Bobby Bishop: Now THIS, I believe, was the perfect match to get the night started off. A young, wide-eyed and absolutely adorable Hana Nakajima had the esteemed honor of helping to usher in a new era in Wrestleworld with the opening contest along with the flamboyant and arrogant newcomer that was Kenneth Ishikari! Both of these competitors originating from Japan, and both more than familiar with the art of puroresu! However, I can assure you that “strong style” was the last thing on the mind of Kenneth Ishikari, as he seemed to be looking beyond his opponent in the lovely young Hana Nakajima, and instead intended to make it all about him as he made his very eccentric and expensive entrance along with the beautiful Lady Maria at his side, aka his “muse”. Hana was not impressed to say the least.... And perhaps it was a mix of feeling overlooked by her opponent as well as wanting to impress her mentors in Arata Asakura and April Song before their huge match on Sunday, but Hana wasted no time at all showing her aggressive side in this contest! Kenneth Ishikari, however, knew exactly how to use all of that aggression and momentum against the still very young Hana; essentially trying to embarrass her at every turn with his prowess. Hana brought it to her opponent, but many a time Kenneth seemed to almost know exactly what she was thinking and had a perfect counter for it.


However, the sense of domination for Kenneth proved to be a huge factor for him, and not in a good way either. It seemed to only feed his ego throughout the bout, leading to him getting more carried away with his cocky antics and going as far as briefly singing a song for the unamused crowd who certainly didn’t attend with the intention of getting an Opera performance! The hubris of Kenneth seemed to get the better of him as Hana seized the opportunity to attempt to lock in the Arco de Iris! However, Kenneth was able to counter it into an Inside Cradle, that Hana only barely managed to kick out of just in time; refusing to allow herself to fall yet again for that trick that Puppy defeated her with at Badlands! Both raced to their feet as Kenneth looked for his patented Dazzling Verismo thrust kick, only for Hana to dodge and catch him for a SERIES of various kinds of Suplexes! Hana continued until she was certain there was little left of her opponent! Kenneth demanded Lady Maria hand him his microphone stand, potentially risking disqualification, but Hana was already perched on top of the corner from behind with nothing but the intention of ending it all as she came down and caught Kenneth with the Starlight! Hana connected beautifully with her Diving Corkscrew Stunner and quickly hooked both legs of Kenneth for the victory at 17:50 to finish off an absolutely fantastic opening bout!


(The screen next displays Alice Gamer and Raoul versus Aoi Akuma and Colt Montoya)


Bobby Bishop: Now this was a match that I had my eye on in particular just for all the possibilities there were for what might happen! This was a bout that I think was the most slept on, but I think it delivered in its own way. Alice Gamer and Raoul were both all smiles and looking for wins for their own special reasons. Alice Gamer is brand new to the scene and had high hopes of making her debut here in Wrestleworld on the debut of DOMINION with a win, while Raoul - who’s struggled to find wins - wanted to change all of that. Aoi Akuma - who I’m told is NOT Jimmy Johnson - almost seemed to be in his own little world right from the moment he made his entrance. What his true intentions were for the night is well beyond my comprehension, but he seemed to be fascinated with pestering not only his opponents, but the crowd themselves who did everything they could to remain calm and collected, even in the face of Akuma harassing them with a fistful of roaches! Colt Montoya is another new name on the scene and if I had to describe his demeanor for the night, it would be “determined”; he didn’t seem at all concerned with his partner’s antics or the optimistic attitude of his two opponents. All that seemed to be on Colt’s mind was winning and having a successful debut in Wrestleworld…

However, I SHOULD note he was vigorously drinking a bottle of Whiskey as well, so that might have played a factor into it too.


Nonetheless, despite a valiant effort from both Alice and Raoul, Akuma pressured his opponents with his almost suffocating offense while Colt dominated the ring as well all throughout. Alice showed a lot of heart, as well as Raoul, but they were simply overwhelmed against their opponents who seemed to simply have their number. Akuma did nearly risk getting his team disqualified with his penchant for cheating at one point, but Colt Montoya managed to rein him back in and finish it off by hitting Alice Gamer with the Sundown, and the devastating Deadlift Sambo Suplex was more than enough to keep her down for a three count at 10:05. Afterwards, Akuma offered his partner a handful of roaches, but Colt stuck with his whiskey…


(The screen displays Kanaida Sharpe versus Noah Leota)


Bobby Bishop: Man, now THIS match - much like the opening bout - really knew how to put on a display of what strong style is all about! Kanaida Sharpe right out of the gate looked like he had no intention whatsoever of playing around or being his regular more playful self. Perhaps it was his loss to Tristan Killebrew back at Chapter 10 that sparked a flame, but following that bout, a very frustrated Kanaida - growing increasingly tired of people who he feels have been taking his spot from him - issued a challenge to any one of the Wrestleworld newcomers to a match on the debut episode of DOMINION. Noah Leota - a man with an incredible and famous wrestling lineage - answered the call! And thank goodness he did, because these two men absolutely brought it to one another in this contest! Noah showcased why he’s become such a hot prospect on the wrestling scene as he displayed absolutely spellbinding highflying maneuvers that practically had my jaw literally dropping onto the floor! I think the only person the entire Dojo that wasn’t impressed with Noah’s athletic prowess was the man competing with him in Kanaida Sharpe, who did everything and more to cut him down and, in particularly, target the very essential legs that were a crucial part of Noah’s offense. Kanaida clearly came to play at DOMINION and wasn’t wasting even a moment throughout the contest. In fact, some thought he may have been going a little bit too far with his torturing of Noah as it almost looked like he was legitimately trying to injure Noah’s legs! Before long, Noah’s highflying maneuvers dwindled and he instead had to begin relying more on physicality in the ring to combat Kanaida. This sudden switch in offense seemed to almost throw off Kanaida as Noah took control of the match; connecting with several hard-hitting moves that brought out much love from the puroresu-entranced crowd!


Noah tried to cap it all off with the Buckshot Kick, but Kanaida was able to catch the leg of Noah before the Roundhouse could connect and instead drove Noah into the canvas with a vicious Dragon Screw Leg Whip. It seemed like easy pickings for the hungry and determined Kanaida from there as he pulled Noah up and connected with a devastating Tornado DDT that set him up for the “Thing Outta Time” Crossface Chickenwing. However, Noah refused to die easily as he fought the Thing Outta Time with all his might. Kanaida tried to fully lock it in, but not before Noah got his feet on a nearby top turnbuckle and pushed back; using the momentum to drop Kanaida down to the canvas and flip his body over in a pinning attempt that captured him the sudden three count at 19:37! However, after the incredible bout, Noah had no time to celebrate as Kanaida Sharpe shockingly attacked him! Kanaida laid out Noah with the “Ghost of the Navigator” and never looked back as the fans jeered him. A shocking ending to say the least.


(The screen displays Stephanie Matsuda and Crazy Violet versus The Professional and Wraith)


Bobby Bishop: Now THIS match… Oh boy, THIS match! To say that this match lived up to expectations is truly an understatement! After everything that went down at Chapter 10, and even on The EpiCenter, it’s safe to say there was absolutely NO love lost between these two teams as they put on a Tag Team bout unlike anything I’ve seen before live! Crazy Violet clearly had a lot on her mind, and even more surprisingly, seemed to be the only one in control of her mind and body throughout the entire contest. I don’t think there was a single moment during the bout that she was visibly taken over by someone else, but she came into it - much like her partner, Stephanie Matsuda - with nothing but determination and focus. I’m certain there was plenty going through both of their minds after they - or at least Stephanie - started a war with Underworld that led to this contest in the main event of the first episode of DOMINION. Wraith almost seemed amused by both Stephanie and especially Violet while The Professional kept his usual cold demeanor, almost looking like he wasn’t even enjoying anything throughout it; I suppose he lives up to his reputation, because he competed throughout this match like this was all just another job to him, but one he intended to get done and finish off because he was every bit as aggressive and merciless as he was against April Song at Chapter 10. Underworld offered up nothing but brutality for their opponents every step of the way, but when it all comes down to it, War Vessel is the solidified and proven tag team, and easily one of the best, if not THE best there is on the tag team scene right now, and they once again showed why at DOMINION!


While Wraith and The Professional looked to pick away individually at their opponents, War Vessel utilized their strength of coming together and taking on the challenge as a unit and a well-oiled machine that seemed to be overwhelming the more selfish pairing that was their opponents. However, being able to keep down Underworld proved to be a much more difficult task than both Stephanie and Violet were hoping for. Despite their barrage of tag team maneuvers to attempt to put away either The Professional or Wraith, the other seemed to be not far behind and did everything they could to ruin it and stop War Vessel from being able to capture the victory. At some point, the frustration began setting in for Violet as well; I mentioned she didn’t seem to shift in personality, but it almost felt as though she as Violet was getting inside her own head and it nearly cost War Vessel the match at a couple points, leading to Stephanie Matsuda having to get her to calm down and focus. That seemed to be a huge turning point for War Vessel as things broke down into chaos with War Vessel taking control. Wraith was taken out with stereo Superkicks from Violet and Stephanie; leaving The Professional on his own with War Vessel. The Professional almost relished it as he took it to them both, but ultimately was overwhelmed. War Vessel set up “Blasian Veracity” as Stephanie hit The Professional with a Sleeper Suplex before tagging in Violet, wanting the 630 Senton to finish it off. However, there was no sign of Vera as Violet instead got in the ring to finish this her own way. Stephanie looked hesitant, but ultimately went with it as she went out of the ring to go after Wraith, potentially looking to put him through a table on the outside.


However, Claudia Michaels shockingly appeared amongst the crowd; watching the match in person. This caught the immediate attention of War Vessel as a suddenly fearful Violet looked on from the ring while a fired up Stephanie looked to continue her battle with Claudia from Chapter 10, almost making her way through the crowd. The Professional took advantage of the opportunity and struck Violet with the “Cut The Crust” from behind. The Rolling Hidden Blade proved to be more than enough as Stephanie tried to make the save, but she was stopped by Wraith. The Professional successfully covered Violet to win the match for Underworld at 28:16. Claudia was already gone by the time it was said and done. Afterwards, Violet seemed visibly very upset while a frustrated Stephanie Matsuda tried to console her teammate as the night came to an end.


(Bobby walks back over to the center of the Studio next to the Shogun Championship replica)


Bobby Bishop: And there you have it. Not the way most wanted the night to end, I’m sure, but what a fantastic performance from everyone involved. All across the board, these men and women gave it their all to make the first episode of DOMINION a memorable one! I couldn’t be more proud of what all of them accomplished, and I absolutely cannot wait to see what happens next. Where do we travel next? Who will be hosting it? What will the rules be? That all remains to be seen, but I hope you’ll join that adventure with me, because DOMINION has only just begun and I’m looking forward to what the future holds! Thank you so much for joining me here tonight, ladies and gentlemen, and thank you to all of those who attended our first show! From Wrestleworld Studios, I’m Bobby Bishop, and this has been DOMINION. Thank you and goodnight.


(Bobby walks away as “Can’t Kill Us” picks back up while the camera focuses on the now empty set as the lights in the Studio begin to turn off one by one before finally cutting to black)


(Wrestleworld Logo Buzzes)

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