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Posted by Meagan G.

Right before one of my friends died, she told me something I will never forget.

“You have to go with your heart and how you feel. If you don’t go with your heart, you’ll feel like shit and never recover from it.”

At the end of part five, I left off with me making a big decision. I was getting ready to have a big Women’s Championship Match against a good friend of mine, I was getting ready to become a heel in Total Mayhem Wrestling, and Underground Championship Wrestling was about to reopen. I had many options to choose from and go with. With my fall semester winding down, I had to decide what I wanted to do.

Over at Unique Championship Wrestling, I was producing the title match I was in very heavily. Jo (who was the handler of my opponent) was helping me with some of the basics and how I needed to defeat her. She told me about some weak spots and told me to find them. She was reading my RPs and telling me what I needed to fix to possibly defeat her and call an upset. At Total Mayhem Wrestling, the first show happened and so did my heel turn. The reason being was Xander felt that my character was “too bland” and “too nice”. He wanted to get rid of the typical baby face, and bring the attitude out of me. I agreed because at the time, I was a cocky son of a bitch. The Yankees won the World Series the year prior, and I was rubbing it in the fans of the Phillies. The Phillies fans got cocky with me and told me they’ll rub it in my face once they win it back.

That didn’t happen. The winners of that year were the San Francisco Giants.

Enough about baseball talk, lets get back on topic. I was happy with the heel turn. I liked how the story progression was starting off. It was something I wanted to do for a while and I was glad it was happening. But my happiness would come to mixed emotions and a choice I had to make.

During the midst of me playing the “Baddest Bitch in TMW”. Underground Championship Wrestling came back into the fold, and I didn’t even know what to do. I was doing fine in Unique Championship Wrestling and was about to have a title match. I was on top in Total Mayhem Wrestling. I even though to myself “should I do three E-Feds at once?”

Of course, school work was on my mind and the finals were coming up. I had to think about this and figure out if I was making the right move. Eventually, the word did go out and Xander was not happy. Earlier in the year, both Sean and Xander bumped heads and they had some type of issues with one another and my allegiance was also questioned. While UCW was my home and it was a fed that I was able to improve myself in, TMW offered me chances. I slept on it for a couple of days before making my decision.

I did return to UCW because I was a big name there and a legend on top of that. Xander was not happy but understood my decision. I wasn’t buried, and my push was still intact. Over at Unique Championship Wrestling, I submitted my championship RP and had the time to focus on TMW and UCW along with my fall semester work. This was going a breeze and I was hoping for the best, but this was not the case.

Jo, who was my opponent for our championship match was leaving the fed due to the constant drama. She told Linda to have me become champion because I felt it was time. I was in sort of a disagreement because that was not the way how I wanted to win the title. I wanted to win because of my work I put in. The show did go up and I did read the result. While the match was how I wanted it to go with back and forth action, Jo was not happy with the result and neither was I.

Apparently, Linda thought this was the best option of having Jo in still as champion because she felt *I* couldn’t carry the division, *I* did not bring anything to the table, and that I wasn’t able to fit in the clique I was in. Clique? Are you serious? I wasn’t there to please anyone, and Jo was not someone’s puppet. Linda and I went at it and I said enough is enough. I’m done with this shit and I don’t need this.

The year 2010 closed out with me raising back up my GPA to a 2.3, which was not good, but it wasn’t that bad and my mom breaking her hand. My UCW and TMW year ended high but I was unsure what to do. I was considering of putting my career on a hold to help my mom, but knowing her, she didn’t need it and was fine. 2011 was going to start off but I had to let my anger go.

When we started, I was being tossed around like a rag doll in UCW. I was put in matches where I didn’t even have a chance compared to Total Mayhem Wrestling where Xander gave me the moon and the stars. I took Xander’s offer and ran with it. It made Sean very angry to the point where I was put in the world championship match. A title I wasn’t even ready for yet as my Meagan character. I was World Champion as Jamey Caresalle over there for a moment until dropping it. Sean did things his way with my character and I was not happy with it.

That was when I decided to put my foot down. I had enough of being tossed around. I had enough to the point where I was going to do everything I wanted. I told Sean lets do something we wanted to do three years ago and have everyone talking. He eventually agreed to it and let me do what I want.

However, the story was not going to start right away until a person was forced out of the fed Sean was running because of the drama she was causing.
It wasn’t me. That’s the only thing I will say.

Thanks for reading


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Posted by eWm on Mar 24, 2020

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