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Posted by Meagan G.

2009. The year I was waiting for. In six months’ time, I was going to be graduating and focusing on some big stuff coming up. I was going to be heading to college, I was trying to find work because my stepdad and I were butting heads and I wanted to make an impact more in E-Fedding that year like I was before. While the year started off on a bad note because I got into a fight, my E-Fedding career, my fourth year of E-Fedding was going to start off on a big note.

The first card of the year was up, and I was going against the new girl in UCW and I thought to myself. Ok, let me see what you got and I will go back and forth with you. With one look of the promo, I was like “Oh shit, this is basically a television promo, how the fuck am I going to topple this?” and when I mean by television promo, I mean like a long ass promo. So long that I had to read this and decide what I said. Yes, I was a lazy bitch, but I had to do the stuff. I did the best I can, and that was it. In UCW along with CVL/WOL, the way we had to cut promos on our opponents was in a thread called “Feuding” where it was back and forth. You post, they post, you post, they post. You know what I mean, but this case was a one and done deal and it was quantity over quantity.

I did get a win in the first match, but my partner did better, and she got the win, but over the course of a couple of months, this happened. I was on a losing end. I didn’t need this, and I knew for a fact that if I did the same thing I was used to doing, I would lose. I did that, and I still lost. I had to get in contact with Sean to see what was up, but half of the time, he would tell me to deal with it. I didn’t fight, nor did I want to stress myself even more because of Senior year. I was doing the long ass promos to match her, and they were good, but not enough. If I complained to Sean, I would be told to suck it up. I wanted to take a break, but there was a big match coming up and that big match was a match for my Fatale of the year trophy I won, in which the character stole. We feuded back and forth and I thought to myself “OK, something is up, why is she lacking?” I didn’t want to say anything until the show was up.

A couple of days later, the Pay Per View was up and I noticed the match was not here. What the hell was going on? Why is this match not in? A couple of days later, the match was shorthanded, and the result was me winning the match. I was confused and once again, I was feeling like I was celebrating a faux victory. I was then told the match was never put in and that I won the match. How the fuck did I win the match? Sean didn’t say, but he told me a couple of weeks later that I got her in a hole. While I felt good about the win, I was still pissed off, but again Sean was acting weird. He was still acting weird towards the next pay per view which was Death Match and that was late. That show did not appear till April and I found out along with other people that I was teaming up with going against the girl everyone was going crazy for. I thought to myself “Ok, I got a good tag team, lets roll”. The show didn’t go up for weeks and neither did the match, BUT once the match was put up, I noticed something that really pissed me off.

Chase Hudson (the character that everyone was praising), breezed through everyone and didn’t give anyone in that match a fighting chance. What in the fuck? I was pissed off because I felt like this was unfair, but once again told to suck it up. I got the excuse again that the writer didn’t have time and just breezed through it. I didn’t have time for excuses, my senior year was creeping up on me and I had a book report due as well as taking my placement test for College, which I was accepted to in December of that year. On top of that, I had huge things coming like prom and my senior project.

The excuses and excuses kept on going and I thought it was time to go into another E-Fedding. I signed up for one but had to be put on hiatus till the summer started. UCW was pissing me off and I was losing patient the entire time. In UCW, I tried to learn some things from the girl and had my characters interact with her. I didn’t think she was bad at all, until someone that we both knew showed up and took the stuff I was doing away from me and worked with her. I didn’t report to Sean about it because again, it would be the same thing. Suck it up and move on. A couple of weeks later, my prom came, and I had fun there and the next week was my graduation. I finally did it after everything that happened to me and was going on. I was happy, but the focus was going to college, but I had more problems in E-Fedding on top of that.

I didn’t take up Summer One to get classes out of the way because I wanted to enjoy my summer vacation, but the summer of 2009 was a rough one in E-Fedding for me. I was able to join the E-Fed I had to go on hiatus from and do stuff there. People were enjoying my Angelina Love character that I played there since it was an E-Fed that played actual wrestlers, but my work in UCW was starting to piss me off. I wasn’t headlining a Pay Per View in June, but the next month, I finally reached my breaking point.

Now, for those of you that may or may not know, I wrote some matches like UCW and later for Girl Power Wrestling (Which we did not reach yet, this is only part four), I was handed an assignment where there was a Fatale Championship Match in the Main Event. Sean did something where someone handed a brief case to somebody, but we did not who it was. That person was me and I had to cash in. OK, I thought this was nice, but why the fuck am I holding this when I don’t even deserve it. With no explanation, I was told to win the match and I did but was also confused. While Chase had a title shot at the big show, I felt like this was a set up and some sort of blackmail. I confronted Sean about it and he said nothing. I was having suspicions when I was losing four shows in a row and it didn’t help me because I was champion going into Ragnarok II, but the suspicions were STILL there.

Until it was proven at Ragnarok II.

I was going into that week throwing shots the best I can, but every shot I was given, it was a long paragraph and I had to do the best I can. Sometimes, I would be up to THREE IN THE MORNING writing this stuff and falling asleep at my keyboard (my stepdad was at work during those hours). I did the best I can do, but Chase’s handler was better. Ragnarok II and I didn’t even want to read the match because I knew it was going to be a win for her and a loss for me. That was true as I did lose the match, but I needed to ask questions about WHY I lost and why in the fuck was I champion for weeks.

I went to MSN Messenger and PM’d him. In GIF Formant, this was my greeting:

(I’m from the Bronx and we must be brutally honest).

I asked him about why he was acting weird towards me and why was he not responding. Sean said that he had a lot of things to say to me, but I had to read something. He linked me to the board and it was a post and this post was an E-Fedders worst nightmare. I was being blacked mailed and he said that he had to do that post. One of the factors was people wanted to see change (which I understand because change is good), and I had to lose four in a row. I asked who it did, he didn’t respond. I asked again, no response. That’s when I SNAPPED on him and said after everything that I did for this fed, THIS HAPPENS TO ME! He said that he would understand me leaving, and I said let me log off and keep my cool. I did that, but I managed to smash stuff around in my house. I was heated and pissed off about this whole entire thing. A couple of minutes later, I was able to calm down. He apologized to me, and explained that I was good, but not on the level, I’m known for. I agreed and told him that I was going through problems in the real life, which was understandable. I was able to make some new characters like Heather Daly and Shawn Roberts. Along the way, I became good friends with my big rival, who I dropped the title too. She taught me a lot of things like the psychology of feuding, which helped me a lot big time and it was one of the tools I needed to improve on.

The summer of 2009 E-Fedding was quiet for me as nothing big happened, but I was starting college of that year. Matter of fact, Sean also enrolled in college too, but it was getting down to the wire of E-Fedding. My last UCW win was a big one where I finally was able to win the Ring General Championship after a year of chasing it. That was one accomplishment that I wanted to do, and it was a ground-breaking moment for me. I wanted to prove that the big star Fatales could compete with the men and go after those titles. Really touching moment for me and I was finally happy that I got that off my shoulders. As the year was ending, my first year of college was blooming and it was taking some time. I was experiencing some type of burnout…

But I was not the only one.

Everyone in UCW felt like they were burning themselves out and in November of 2009, right before the New York Yankees won the World Series, the place closed. It was a bitter sweet moment because everything that I worked hard for was done and over. Of course, I was still in another E-Fed, so my career wasn’t over yet. I was going from a happy place from UCW…. To Hell with a Fed that will make you slam your head because the owners had no goddamn clue what they were doing.

Part five…buckle up because I’m going to name this chapter “Meagan hates E-Fedding”

Stay Tuned….



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