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Posted by Meagan G.

Before I get into part three, I must thank Ben for allowing me to tell my story. If you haven’t read it, part one and two are both up for reading as it’s now time to get into part three. As I said before, part three is going to take a dark turn and I warn you. Some of the stuff that went down was rough and I had to question a lot of things. I’m going to name this chapter “The Dark Tunnel.”

It was the final weekend of Summer Break as I was Senior year in August. It was also the weekend where I found out I was making history in E-Fedding with possibly being the first Female to win a male title. I didn’t accomplish that feat at the biggest show of the year because Sean said I was biting off more than I can chew, and my decision was big and I had a lot of balls doing the thing I wanted to do with my character. I agreed and said there must be big things my way, and he agreed. After that talk, I was doing what I had to do and keep my momentum going, but in a flash, it was gone.

At Gypsy Road, which was a pay per view and named after the song by Cinderella (Fun fact: Cinderella is from my area), I lost the match. While I didn’t want to contend for the Fatale Championship and was put in the triple threat, I lost the freaking Fatal Four way match that I was in for the Street Fight Championship. So I paged my friend and he told me that I wasn’t ready just yet. While my determination was still there, it was not enough.

Obviously being annoyed at the result, he told me I could do whatever I wanted to next. I had that idea and it was greenlit. This storyline contained of a real-life bully being put in the E-Fed as I created the character and the blow off match was in New York, which is my hometown. What better way to celebrate my return! I was happy that this was going to happen and had things in stored.

Senior Week started, and I was prepared along with being happy. Being happy that in ten months, I would be graduating school and not going to college (I didn’t want to go since I thought it was a waste of time, but that changed). I had a storyline prepared that I basically had to rush and run home to start it. Everything was going as planned…

Until Labor Day Weekend.

I was at my dad’s house for that weekend, but it was a short one considering that Labor Day was on a Monday and I had to make the best out of this storyline. I asked my dad did he have any bullies growing up. While he didn’t, he told me that there were a few assholes out there that he had to deal with but told them off. My dad was the biggest supporter of me doing E-Fedding and was intrigued by the stuff I would do. He would have to explain to my grandparents, especially my grandmother, who is still currently anti internet to this day, about it. I felt good with my dad’s confidence, but I had to go home. That was the last time him and I ever hung out with fun like going to stores and stuff.

After Labor Day, I was planning a lot of things with this storyline and going down, but I felt like something was changing. Especially with the attitude of Sean. Sometimes, I would talk with him and we would act silly, but the next he was not even him and all that. He then told me that he was seeing someone and had to go to Calgary to see her and for anyone that’s wondering. I did NOT have a crush on Sean. To this present day, Sean is my older brother and he’s apart of my family since everyone knows him. He was saying that after Whiplash, which was the show coming up, UCW would be on hold and he was going to see her. I agreed and told him to be safe.

Whiplash happened as well as the match with the real-life bully and I happened, and I won that match. I was proud of work I did, but I was starting to get annoyed. October was coming up and it was my 18th birthday as I wanted to do something big for UCW for it. I had to wait a couple of weeks for a match to even happen. It also didn’t help that my stepdad was yelling down my mom’s face and calling me worthless. I was very upset. I didn’t have matches to take my anger out on. I stared at an InTouch, which was my first hand held thing. The only time I was using it on the road was when I was at school and I had to use the wifi. That annoyed me, and I was annoyed not E-Fedding.

Yeah, I know, its starting to become scary with the whole to E-Fedding thing and it was sounding like an addiction that you couldn’t contain, but I WANTED to write.

On October 6th, 2008, I finally turned eighteen years old and the first card was back up. I was happy and ready to write but realized none of my characters were on. I was disappointed, but at the same time, I could do some segments for the shows, in which I did. However, this day was important to me for a reason because it was the day I applied for college. I had to do something with my life and applying to school was one thing. I could balance E-Fedding and college at the same time as I did with High School and this was a piece of cake. After my birthday, everything was going as planned, but my senior year was becoming stressful. Since I went back to the Aston Campus of Delaware County Technical Schools where they had the computers set up, I had a big senior projected and that senior project was rewriting the recipes that were faded out and written back when Ronald Reagan was president. That’s how old they are, and I had to write that.

Balancing an E-Fed, working on my senior project, and doing the best in school was going to be a piece of cake, but I was wrong. The work was taking a load on me and my promos were not the best as I wanted them to be, but it was November of that year that something would change my life forever for my e-fedding career.

I lost the Electric Championship as at the Next Pay Per View was going to be the last one of the year and I had to biggest fish to fry. My opponent for the World Heavyweight Championship was the toughest person out there and he got the title from a good competition, but he was not enough. I had an iTouch and I was doing my promos on there. Each shot he threw, I shot back at him. I was putting out the best stuff and I knew I could do it. December was approaching and so was the pay per view.

It was finally posted, and I read it slowly. I was worried until I got at the end….

Where I yet out a loud “NOOO” when I read the result of the match where I lost it. The match was so good that it was called one of the best matches in the promotions history, but I didn’t feel like I was a winner. I felt like my work was not worth it anymore. I felt like shit and I didn’t even speak to the fed head. While he did speak with me, he would tell me later why I lost.

Sean had to get people from outside forces because he couldn’t decide the winner and that the final person was the final vote and he picked CJ. I asked why, and he said that it was the same stuff we were seeing and that my hard work was not able to defeat CJ and that person happened to be….

The same fed head that ran World Onslaught League and Canadian Vendetta League.

My sadness turned into anger as I was fucked over. I knew prior towards all of this I had a brutal fight with him and told him that he wouldn’t treat my characters right which was the truth and he fucks me over when I’m not in his place anymore. I was pissed and fuming. Here I was looking to go into my graduation year on a note where I can do better, and this asshole fucks me over. I ended the year winning awards for that match, but again, like I said, I did not feel like a winner.

Going into 2009 my work load was picking up and I was balancing an E-Fedding, work and school, but I would be challenged. Someone big came in and she was one of the toughest people I ever faced off. I didn’t like her at all, but in my next article I will mention how she pushed me to my limits, and me snapping at Sean regarding a result.

– Meagan


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