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Posted by Meagan G.

For those of you that may or may not know me, my name’s Meagan and I’ve decided to talk about my E-Feding career that’s been up and down like a roller coaster. I’ve been in E-Feds throughout my career which I will state below. I’ve been successful in some, not successful in others, caused controversy, and ended my career on a high note. I’ve done a former podcast called “Meagan’s E-Fed project” which interviewed the likes of the E-Feders, and asked how they started, but nobody ever knew how I started.

However, before I start, I just want to let everyone know that I may throw some shade, I may speak my mind and most importantly, I’m here to clear my name up regardless of what some of these fedders may think of me. I’m doing this for EWmania, not for anyone else.

My E-Fedding was supposed to start in 2004. I was in seventh grade at the time and was looking at some online wrestling stuff. I was on wrestling forums such as Divas-Heaven and Wrestling Revolution where none had actual efeds, so I kept on looking. I found one based on actual wrestling stars (which I will get into later and the hell I went through in that place). I kept on looking to see who I wanted to play. Now at the time, my favorite Women’s Wrestlers were Lita, Stacy Keibler, Torrie Wilson, Victoria and Trish Stratus. On that E-Fed, they had a list on who was taken and not taken. I wanted to play one of those five and start off, but eventually, they were all taken. I was devastated, but I didn’t give up.

Until my dad’s then girlfriend decided to frame a thirteen-year-old for doing something that I had no business knowing at the time, but she had the nerve to have my dad lecture me about what I allegedly did when she was the one that confessed in December of that year, which caused me to wait one full year to start what I wanted to do. The damage was done as I was banned from the computer at my mom’s house for that reason and for downloading music because I wanted to make CD’s of the songs I like, but my dad was more lightly because he knew it was not my fault basically.

So, 2005 came around and I graduated from Middle School, but the mission of E-Fedding was still on. It was the Summer of 2005. August 8th was the date and I decided to join my first ever E-Fed that was run by my friend Brian. I found it interesting, joined up and made my first ever character. Her name was Dora Morsa, and she was the total bitch. She would antagonize the divas on that roster and said she was the bitch of the place. Eventually, she did get embarrassed like any heel would. However, because one of the fed heads was having issues with drugs and another was slacking in school, the fed was closed, leaving me to reevaluate my E-Fedding career at the age of fifteen.

I know, I’m kind of making this like I’m working or something, but I was just getting started and wanted to do some more. That would change by the time 2006 would roll around.

I started the year off with the same issue I had with my dad’s then girlfriend with the computer bullshit and it also didn’t help that I couldn’t use the computer at home when my stepdad was home because he was still not so keen on me using one. So, it was hard despite being the ban at home. My E-Fedding career was at a stand still up until September of that year where I joined a E-Fed that was underground like. If you put fight club with a ring in with underground limits and violence, that’s what it was. That E-Fed was called “Canadian Vendetta League” where I got my first instinct of how politics were played within E-Fedding.

Since I was so green, my promos were like garbage. Sometimes I didn’t make sense and sometimes I didn’t even read it over. I thought it was cool and chill to the tough person of the place. Also, the handlers did not like the fact that I was sixteen and being a wrestler. I don’t know the age limit kicked in when I was there when people were getting away with being the same age I was. Why was there a bullshit double standard? The best part was when the owners girlfriend talked a lot of shit towards my characters and I was put against her. I lost the match where I tossed out everything in feuding and breaking the fourth wall a couple of times, but I did lose the match. Another from that fed was, I was accused of stealing her stuff when I didn’t even. Most of my stuff was produced and done by me, that’s it.

But, everyone kissed her ass and had everyone vote for her where she won everything. I did win an award, but it was the “worse ring skill”. That was embarrassing, but I had to do something in 2007 and that was improve.

I was still with the fed before it was switched over to World Onslaught League. While my promos were still on the mend and improving, I was improving as an E-Fedder. Hell, I was in decent story lines and so forth, but the frustration with the favoritism was still there. I was sick and tired seeing the owner’s girlfriend get shit handed to her while I was busting my ass. My long-time friend had enough of the WOL nonsense and decided to open a fed. Without hesitation, I joined, but it was around the time I was leaving to Florida, where my character had a chance to become the first Rabid Wolverine Champion. (They dedicated). The owner of WOL KNEW about this, but he did not want to cancel the match-up.

I had to basically wait two weeks to see the result of the match up because I didn’t have a computer or an iPhone to see what the result was. While half of these kids today think its torture, I say it was the best time of my life.

I returned home from Florida and the first thing I did was go online and see what the result was of that match up and to the shock of me to the point where I yelled and scared the shit out of my mom, I won the match. I was happy, but at the same time, I felt like I was celebrating a faux victory because I didn’t even cut a promo for this match, but the following week, I had to, and thankfully, I retained the title., but the anger with the favoritism was still there and it wasn’t till the beginning of my junior year in high school where everything exploded.

For the next article, I’m going to start with that one, but I wanted to get this out of the way and mention the beginning stages. Hope you guys like the first part of this and staying tune to the second episode.



Now that I got part one out of the way, which you can read here, it’s time to talk about part two of my E-Fedding career which will contain a lot of bullshit such as politics, drama, hijacking, losing and gaining friendships along the way. So, buckle up because this is about to be a wild ride.


I left off at the frustration of being World Onslaught League and was so close to exploding on everyone. A lot of things held me back from exploding and saying stuff I wanted to say. I already protested feuding against the girl that was being giving everything handed to her, and for some reason, I won that match, but the explosion kept on boiling and boiling. Like water in a pot that keeps boiling until you put something in it. That’s how I was feeling.

The last week in August, which was one week before I started my junior year of high school, I had to get my haircut because my hair was looking like a mop. I didn’t have writing a feud on my mind, I didn’t have to worry about the craziness being involved and giving me a headache and most importantly, I was spending time with my mom while my stepdad was at work (later on, I will explain how my E-Fedding career took a impact when he lost his job). That day was nice, and I enjoyed it.

Until I got home and checked that messy place.

I arrived home and went on my computer. It took a little bit to load up, but I didn’t mind. Soon as the computer loaded up, the first thing I checked was WOL to see what type of bullshit was going on. As soon as I walked in, I felt like I was going into a battlefield with mines blowing up. I felt like I was walking into hell with the stuff I saw, and this stuff is the type of stuff that causes E-Feds to close and that stuff is drama.

There had to be at least six pages of this back and forth stuff where a handler went after the girlfriend of the handler who was given everything in that place about a result on why his character looked weak and she didn’t in that match. The handler won the match over her, but it did not make him look good. Understandable because all of us were in the same boat when it came to her character and us being looked good. My name was mentioned on how I was giving wins and that my character was a copy of hers. People ignored that, but I knew I had to do the right thing. One of the admins of the place told the three parties to knock it off until I said….

“Can I say something because apparently my name was brought up into this and I’m here to clear shit up?”That was ignored in the box and I had to go to the fed owner to ask for permission to clear my name up. He did not even have a clue what was going on and the admin who was on the board was losing control. I was green lit and was writing a paragraph asking why my name was brought up and if there was an issue with my character, come and address me, especially if I’m so called “plagiarizing” when the character was based on me in real life and not her life. The paragraph was about to be posted, but my mom had to call me over and do something and I opened a note pad to keep it for when I had to post it. Bad mistake because my brother seized the opportunity and jumped on and clicked out of everything.

When I returned, my brother was gone, and I couldn’t find the stuff that I was posting. I was very angry and yelled at him. He then gave me an attitude and I told him that he can go “fuck himself” and he wouldn’t like it if I deleted his stuff. I logged back on, but because of the 7:30 time rule I had because my stepdad was coming home at that time, I only had a couple of minutes. When I logged back in, I’ve noticed that the board was shut down, and I had nothing to post or defend myself, but I should thank my brother for getting rid or it because god knows what might’ve happened if I posted that.

A couple of days later, the board was back up and the show Get Out Alive was up. At the end of the show, I noticed that the board was back up, but went back under the Canadian Vendetta League name. I didn’t want to even join the place again because of the frustration that happened and was apart of another place called Underground Championship Wrestling, where I was getting respect because my friend Sean ran the joint. I talked with him about going there and he said do it and how you feel about it.

I signed up again, but I had to get in contact with the Fed head. I was finally able to and talked to him about stuff. HE said that punishments were sent out and that it was a good thing I did not get myself involved. HE mentioned he talked with his girlfriend, but I said the damage was done. A couple of days later, I got a nasty email from the fedder who she attacked, now attacking me because he couldn’t attack her. Why in the fuck am I being attacked now when I didn’t do shit? I was upset about this, but this caused me to work harder with my characters.

With Junior year approaching, I made it very clear that I was going to work hard, bust my ass, and get the best grades out there as well as having my E-Fedding career on track as well with this place, but I started my junior year with a broken toe and was fucked up on some type of medicine to heal it. I was in a boot for a couple of weeks, which was not fun. While on medication, I produced some of my best work and got myself some title matches. The owner was impressed with my work, but for some reason, I did not win the title.

I know that this is a big no-no in Feds these days, but the fed head was a champion, a Fatale Champion and I couldn’t beat him? I was confused with the whole thing but was able to rebound myself up. In UCW, I was having the best time of my life. I was in a serious feud, and I was able to win the Fatale Championship there as well as having more characters being champion too as another small character I had was the Electric Champion. I was on top of the world in UCW, but I didn’t feel like I was on top with CVL.

Towards the end of 2007, things took a left turn for school. I told my mom that my vo-tech class had NO TEACHER and that we were not taught the things we were told. Our computers weren’t even set up yet and that it was hard. She had to pull me out and I had to go back to Upper Darby fully for the second semester of junior year. My E-Fedding season for 2007 ended on a high note for UCW as I was winning awards and my character was awarded the best Fatale award and match of the year while my CVL year came the same way as it did in 2007…. ending up flat on my back and being called the “worse” again after the shit I went through. I knew it was time.

2008 kicked in and it was close to the second semester for junior year. The final days of my vo-tech schooling was coming to an end with that class and I went back to Upper Darby. I didn’t want to go, but I had to. There was also an ultimatum I made myself and that was to focus on UCW, and not CVL because of the bullshit. The owner of that place kept on bugging me with my activity and I had to make false stuff up such as School was driving me nuts and I couldn’t focus, but my heart was in UCW. I was getting pushed to the moon there and was apart of an important storyline. I told the CVL owner that I needed some space, and he gave me that space.

The space was needed because I was improving on my writing skills as that’s what I needed to do and if I couldn’t use a computer there, I could use a paper and pen and I just did that. I had someone who bullied me from my elementary school days and had ideas of putting him in the fed and beating him up. I would use my stuff I had in my notebooks and just write. Because of this, I developed a love for writing and it showed. My PSSA writing scores improved by a lot and I felt confident. I was winning matches more because of my improvements. I felt confident and happy in UCW.

Towards the end my junior year of High School, I found out that because of my inactivity, I was being booed off CVL. I was at my dad’s house for Memorial Day weekend and I told the owner of that place, I was leaving and don’t book me anymore. I wanted to say shove this fed up your ass, but I didn’t. I left on bad terms and had my focus on UCW. The Summer of 2008 started off good, until there was a serious accusation around the time I was going to Florida.


Something was spread in my family where drug use was being tossed around and that accusation was so bad that it caused a rift in my family and I was angry. So, I took my writing and when I had to write for a match, I used my anger and it paid off. I was writing the anger I had in me and taking it out my opponents. It felt good and I kept on doing it till I had to go to Florida. I was sad because my career was at a high, but my friend of UCW knew that I was going away on vacation.


I left for my dad’s house that Thursday and had time to finish the last bit of stuff because Friday we went on the road. Florida was coming, but I was also worried about the biggest show that I was working hard on, but it didn’t stop me. I was happy being in Florida as this was the first time I was independent, and my grandparents noticed the change as well. They were happy with me and knew I was responsible. The two weeks flew, and I was back in New York for a couple of days. As soon as I arrived back that Sunday night, I went on the computer, but didn’t have the time to read anything since I was traveling on the road for hours, but those hours were worth it.

Monday Morning came, and I read the show which was three parts. My friend went all out and for a couple of hours, the read was worth it. My work paid off and I was happy where I was. The summer was winding down and the biggest year of my life was coming up: Senior Year. Senior Year was going to be a blast as I could tell, and this year was about to be a good one for me and E-Fedding.

Or as I thought it was going to be…

In the next part, it will get a little bit darker and take a turn. I will mention how someone in my family did lose their job and how my E-Fedding career was tested….

In a big way…..

Thanks for reading



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