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Posted by eWm

Hello, and welcome to In The Korner – hosted by SPOOK. Now, this topic is one of utmost important…one which effects the very soul of each and every one of our characters every day of their lives (or the lack of ours).

Yes, the gimmick…the very heart and soul of every character and the most important aspect of everybody’s character. There are infinite possibilities when determining your gimmick, but there are very few that are just right for you. So, how do you pick one?

First of all, before you dive into creating anything about your character or your gimmick, you need to take a look at (what I believe) are the three essentials of choosing the right gimmick.

[NOTE: these three areas will all be covered below] (1) your own, real-life personality (2) the e-federation(s) that you are entering (3) the current “trends” in e- and _REAL_ wrestling

[ #1 – YOUR OWN, REAL-LIFE PERSONALITY ] Yep, you read it right…before you go out and create a new gimmick, you need to examine yourself. You need to do this for several reasons: you cannot RP on something that you know nothing about, you can’t create/participate in something that you can’t identify at all with, and you can’t feel your character’s own pains/triumphs if they don’t include tidbits of your own. If you are a person that has lived a very sheltered life and has no experience with anything remotely close to sex, then how can you flash for a character that is a pimp that’s just out to find more ho’s for his HO! Train (sorry, gotta love Godfather’s chicks!)? You need to be able to flash effectively with your character to go anyplace in this “business”, but how can you do that if you don’t even have any experience in what your character’s traits are? Also, how do you know which angles you should create/participate in if you aren’t the same basic type of person that you handle are? You need to instinctively react to something that is done in the fed…and that comes from knowing yourself. Now granted, it can be difficult to gain a good angle in any fed, but it is considerably easier if you know character’s feelings. And finally, and this ties into both of the aforementioned, how can you get in touch with your character’s feelings if you yourself have no idea how you would act in the same situation? Yes, not every character that we create can be an exact replicate of ourselves, but you need to know what you can and cannot handle.

[ #2 – THE E-FEDERATION(S) THAT YOU ARE ENTERING ] Now that you know yourself better…and hopefully you didn’t have to go through therapy to do that!…you need to take a look at what’s currently going on in the e-fed(s) that you will be entering this guy into. If the fed is currently going through a total heel takeover with approximately 1,341,215 heels going against 3 faces, why bring in a guy that is going to be “just another heel”? It would be pointless…and unless you are the _BEST_ flasher/heel in the known universe…you probably wouldn’t even get noticed. Another example is if there is a big feud going on between a stable of 7 foot tall demons from Hell and a stable of 4 foot tall Heavenly beings, why not bring in a character that could even things up between the two? I’m not saying bring in an 8-foot tall God-like being, but you could bring in a large man that can help out the good guys. But also remember, you don’t want to charge into a federation and jump into an angle that you have nothing to do with in the first place. What if this feud has been going onto between the two groups in separate feds for a few years now…and it’s just about to wrap up at the next Supercard? Then it would be in your best interest…and the fed’s…to bring in a character that is completely different than that angle. Just use your…uhhh…ummm…what’s it called…brain?

[ #3 – THE CURRENT “TRENDS” IN E- AND _REAL_ WRESTLING ] You don’t want to have too much of a good thing…because it just ruins it. Or does it? As we’ve seen in the past several months, the demonic gimmick has become very popular in both e-wrestling and in major pro wrestling promotions. If this is the case in the current e-fed that you plan on joining, why bring in “just another guy from Hell” when you can do something totally opposite and actually get noticed? As we’ve all seen, if you create a gimmick that is popular at the time, you’re left high-and-dry when it dies out. That doesn’t mean not to do something that is currently going on someplace else, because coming up with something that is _TOTALLY_ original is pretty hard, but you can alter a current gimmick that is currently in use to make it unique in it’s own way. And in the long run, you will be much happier with yourself and your character if his gimmick is unique…trust me.

Well, I think those three items just about cover everything that I feel is important when choosing the correct gimmick. Plus, all three of the above mentioned items tie into each other in one facet or another…I’ll leave it up to you to find out how! :o) However, they do not…and I can’t stress this enough.._DO_NOT_ cover everything involved when trying to figure out your gimmick. A lot of it comes down to simply using your head. Yeah, I know it’s hard sometimes, but damnit…we’ve all got to do it! So, I guess I’m outta here. Remember to bring in some feedback to me on this or previous (or future) articles of In The Korner. Keep your curly toe knuckle hair trimmed nicely, and have a nice day!

Danny “SPOOK” Soukup


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Posted by eWm on Mar 24, 2020

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