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Posted by eWm

Music. One of the greatest creations of the human race, a way of setting a scene and sending across emotions through sounds and words. Music makes us feel, it can make us feel happy, nervous, sad, or excited. Combine that with an industry that thrives off of manipulating peoples emotions to tell stories and you have a partnership to last the end of time.

In wrestling, music serves to help get across the characters that are being portrayed live and on your screens. Music is what helps us initially establish our first impression of a character who we may not have ever seen before. The glass break and heavy beat of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s theme lets us know he is an ass kicking bad ass, the bell chimes of the undertaker followed by the clash of thunder lets us know he is something otherworldly.

Let’s take this logic and apply it to the world of efedding. A theme shouldn’t be just a song you come out to. A theme shouldn’t be something you just like. A theme should always be an extension of your character, their personality, and the general feeling you wish for them to exude. No character in my fed does this better than Owen Hawes – his current theme is ‘Nightmare’ by Avenged Sevenfold. ‘Nightmare’ helps to put across his nature – helped by the lyrical mastery of M. Shadows, one of chaos and evil, a man who likes to play mindgames with his opponents. For a first impression to a reader, you know who his character is within the first couple seconds of listening and reading his matches.

Music can also be applied elsewhere in the field of storytelling. I am sure we all remember the infamous Rock vs. Austin hype package for Wrestlemania X7 – set to ‘My Way’ by Limp Bizkit. If you haven’t seen it, its worth a watch for understanding the relevance of music to storytelling. It builds up an emotional feeling around this clash between the two megastars of the then WWF. This same practice can be applied to efedding as well. Utilising music in the buildup to a big blowoff for a feud can help set the scene for anyone reading and elevate it to a higher level of interest. A current example I will be using is the big blowoff match between my efedding rival and I. We’ve agreed we will use ‘One’ by Metallica, due to how the song is composed, to help build up our match in a pre-match segment where we will be highlighting the key points of our feud with each other.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this has helped 🙂

-Lewis H.


Latest eWmania Update


Posted by eWm on Mar 24, 2020

Episode 20 of The Efed Podcast can now be streamed through the audio player right here on eWmania! While we want you to listen to it casually through us, make sure you're also hitting their other sites and liking/subscribing/following. Show your support for The Efed Podcast!

Also on YouTube, iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Android, and Google Play!

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