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Posted by eWm

There are many factors that are extremely important for you to have a very successful e-wrestler, or for that matter, if you want to be in the actual business of wrestling. One thing I find to be one of the most important, especially in a game like e-fedding, is getting to know your character.

Okay, so you have a name, and you have music and a finisher… so what? What do you plan on doing from this point in your RP’s? Going into the ring and saying, “My name is blah blah” and, “I’m going to beat you to this or that after I enter to the greatest song ever?” Well, I hate to say, unless you can make that somehow incredibly flashy, you aren’t going to be getting too far. I would suggest before you even submit the idea for your character to any e-fed, is sit down and figure out his or her name, and finisher, and music, then go so much deeper. Figure out where he grew up, hat he was like as a child, how he got along with his parents. Was he adopted or sent to an orphanage? How did your character feel about that?

This may seem like trivial things for a made up character, but in actuality the goal for a character in e-fedding is making your character seem as human as possible and making him or her so that the rest of us reading your RP’s can relate to the person. That cannot happen until you yourself make him human to you. It might be best to think of this person as a new friend to you. As silly as that may sound, you are going to be spending a lot of time with the personality of this person and trying to figure out what they would do in this situation or that one. Things become infinitely easier to do when you have their personality down solid.

You can get by with just a hometown, and name, and music, and type of wrestler, but people are going to get into your character more when he or she has that reasoning for his or her actions. I will use, for an example, my current character, James Onlee. Just recently he burned down his opponent’s house. Now the obvious reason he did that was because they were in a feud, which means he didn’t like him. But if we look back to James’ past, there are so many other things he could have done rather than burn his home, so what are the reasons he chose that? Well, I figured out long ago that James is very religious. Why? His parents left him at a church to be raised and, because of this, he only knew religion and to him that is all there is.

This formed his deep relationship with what he believes is God, and thus, he believes God told him to burn the home in retaliation for the opponent referring to himself as God. Why did he choose fire? It is both a common tool used throughout the Bible and in James’s history, as when he was young in the church, rebels against the church came in a burnt down the whole compound that the church was located on. See how that goes so much deeper than James just set the house on fire because he was mad? You have the who, what, why — your most important questions answered.

Another example of figuring out your character from the get go has to do with his attire. Why does he or she wear what he wears? Is it just because they can move well in it and it looks cool? Or does it have a deeper meaning? James ALWAYS wears a veil over the lower portion of his face. Why? Well, that has yet to be seen. But there is a reason and it leads to his past as well. Everything your character says, does, or thinks should have a reason related to his or her past to justify it, just as every single person living on this earth does. Even your theme music should have a why. Does it describe their personality with the words? Does it need to be evil or up beat and cheery? James, for example, uses a mix of sirens and church bells for a theme: church bells representing his deep religious roots and sirens representing the day he was dubbed the “Deliverer of Mankind,” the day of the fire.

Not everything you base your characters major themes around need to be about the same incident, they just happen to be for my character. Another important thing is to always leave yourself open to suggestions. I never intended for James to be a preacher, but after reading that my one opponent viewed me as one, I figured why not? And it has worked splendidly, allowing me to do a lot of RP’s in the presence of the congregation. Also, take feedback from what your peers say to you. Ask for feedback if you have to. While you need to figure out your character from top to bottom, you must also realize that your character is ever-evolving and changing to their current situation, as well as making themselves more able to be related to by the “fans”.

This theory goes for supporting characters as well. Figure them out and don’t leave them mindless as your main character could have been. If they are the business type, what got them into business and why did they choose to manage your character? If they are your character’s spouse, then how did they get together and why do the accompany you to the ring? Usually, it should be more than to distract people, or just because they are a spouse. Leaves a lot left to be desired. Anyway, these are just my views on the idea of figuring out your entire character. Thanks for reading.

By Chad Onlee


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Posted by eWm on Mar 24, 2020

Episode 20 of The Efed Podcast can now be streamed through the audio player right here on eWmania! While we want you to listen to it casually through us, make sure you're also hitting their other sites and liking/subscribing/following. Show your support for The Efed Podcast!

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