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What do you do OUTSIDE of efeding?

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  • [General Discussion] What do you do OUTSIDE of efeding?

    Ok, so I always wonder what most of my fellow efed friends do outside of this crazy hobby. Like work wise or other stuff.

    Iíll start

    I work in customer service (phones, mail order and webs)
    I go to the Gym on Tuesdays

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    I'm a sales manager. I work in the Scrap Industry. I used to sell equipment and machinery to Scrap yards that they use to process metals. Now I just oversee the people who sell equipment to..... (you know the rest).

    Hobby wise, I play Video Games (Madden, Fallout, VR), Kayaking, Hiking, Disc Golf, and I have 4 kids who take up a ton of time.I also do two podcasts!



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      Pro wrestling manager and referee.


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        I sell overpriced asian food to rich white yuppies.

        I read comic books, specifically the X-Men stuff.

        Sometimes I do nerdy shit like Dungeons & Dragons.

        Right now I'm about twenty hours into LoZ: Breath of the Wild.

        I (obvz) watch a fair bit of wrestling.

        I hang out with my wonderful wife and our dumbfuck kids.

        I avoid my neighbors like the plague, even though they pay me rent.

        I eat a lot of mushrooms and smoke too much reefer.

        I collect toys/statues and other such nonsensical shit.

        Also I have a dog named Rhaegar Barkgaryan, and he is a fancy gentleman.

        There, now you all know too much about me.
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          8 kids, soon to be 9 (only 1 girl, thank god). Coach my boys in tackle football, flag football and basketball.

          Magic The Gathering and collecting Baseball Cards are my two current hobbies. They rotate, some others include bowling and golf.


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            Originally posted by Justin View Post
            Also I have a dog named Rhaegar Barkgaryan, and he is a fancy gentleman.
            That is an epic name!



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              I'm currently collecting unemployment until the beginning of March. I'll be heading back to work then.
              I sit at home on the computer doing non-eWrestling, yet wrestling related things.
              I play Halo 5.
              I am at home all day with my youngest child, he's a year old.
              That's legit, all I do.