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Stereotypes in E-Wrestling

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  • Stereotypes in E-Wrestling

    In the “sport” of eWrestling, there are stereo-types thrown every which and way possible. In this column I am going to shed some light in my own personal views of each and most of these stereo-types.

    When I first started out eWrestling(Back in ’95), I was called a “newbie”. This is the first stereo-type, and the one that basically kills all of the newer eWrestlers’ self-esteem. A lot of the times when a ‘rokkie’ eWrestler tries to join a federation, the guys with “more experience” always rip on them calling them “newbies” and saying that they suck. Although these newer guys (or gals) may be fresh, that doesn’t mean they don’t have skills.

    You don’t necessarily have to be Einstein to figure out how to be an eWrestler, but it is pretty hard to break into. It’s *very* hard to get noticed in a federation who ‘pushes’ their “top-names”. This is the most probable cause in all of the cases of the newer guys not getting noticed: The “big-names”. Don’t get me wrong or anything, I am considered a “big-name”(among friends =]) and I think being on top of a federation is the most honorable thing in the federation; but I don’t ‘strat’ and all of that hype for *every* second of the show, I let the younger guys shine. Then there’s the mid-card…

    The dreadful “mid-carders”. The guys who get thrown into the middle of the show to take up time. Most of the time, these guys are clowning on the new guys, but sucking up to the ‘headliners’. These are the people who have been around the game for awhile to know a lot about it, but are not yet at the peak of their skill. I personally don’t see anything wrong with being in the mid-card of the show, but there’s always that crop of people who think they’re better than the ones who were ‘booked’ into the main event. Those are the people that you don’t want to be around in this game. They are the ones who take this game to a personal level, and are more than likely goin’ to lash out at _you_, not as the character, as the handler.

    Cue ‘headliners’. These are the guys who look down over the whole federation. Now I am not saying that everyone who is in the main event are assholes, but from my perspective, they do tend to talk down to the other handlers. These guys are the ones who really tried and tried, and finally succeeded and made it to the top of their craft. Most of the undercard of a federation looks at these guys and respects them, but then you have the jealous ones. The handlers who are overcome with jealousy and ‘strat’ to attack the person(s) in the main event, hoping to start a feud with them when there is absolutely no history between the two. Which makes no sense. Of course, this is just a column… who am I to say what’s right or wrong…

    -DJ Nytro