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  • [CGI] Geeksoft G-Fed 1.0

    The original Geeksoft GFed v1.0 is now available here on eWmania! Create your own G-Fed Network quickly and easily with G-Fed 1.0.
    What is G-Fed?

    Have you ever played Fantasy Baseball? Football? What about Fantasy Wrestling? There are thousands of Electronic Wrestling Federations on the internet. GeekSoft has taken the idea of an Electronic Federation or E-Fed and added its little touch. What we have today is a whole set of G-Feds. G-Feds are the future of Fantasy wrestling on the internet. The difference between an E-Fed and a G-Fed is simple: The G-Fed does all the tedious work for you. Wrestlers can set up their own matches by a simple system of challenge and accept. Roleplays are submitted and posted to the website automatically. Hate tracking Wins and Losses? G-Fed does it for you. Spend hours calculating Rankings? G-Fed does it for you! Don't have time to update the webpage ever time a new member joins? G-Fed updates your website seconds after the application has been processed! In fact the G-Fed system validates the Application, creates a personal website for each wrestler, and emails that wrestler with a login and password for the league. All this and you don't have to download one piece of software!!How does it all work?

    G-Fed is powered by a set of CGI scripts which handle all of the maintenance of each federation. Once a wrestler joins a fed and receives their password via email they go to the login screen of the fed they joined and login. From that point forward, they're a member of that G-Fed. Wrestlers are awarded Training Points (TP) for winning matches and roleplaying. These TP can be used to challenge for gimmick matches and up the stats of the wrestler. Wrestlers with higher stats have a better chance of winning a match. When it's time for the big event the Administrator of the league logs in and produces a card for the event. If the Administrator chooses, they may book the event themselves choosing who wins and loses. They may also choose to have G-Fed simulate the match with the only online wrestling simulator. Once the match is simulated The results can be edited using HTML or G-Feds auto-formatting feature. The results are automatically posted to the website and wrestlers begin signing matches for the next event.
    Setting Up GFED 1.0One of the first lines in each file is something like:push(@INC,"D:/inetpub/hosted/");You should change the:D:/inetpub/hosted/ the path of the files on your webserver. Once you've
    completed this open the file titled
    $image_path = "D:/inetpub/hosted/";
    $file_path = "D:/inetpub/hosted/";
    $script_path = "";
    $domain = "";
    You may also need to change the path to Perl from#!/usr/bin/perlto the path where perl is located on your server, possibly:#!/usr/local/bin/perlChange each of these variables to the paths of the appropriate directory.Upload all of the files to your CGI enabled webserver. Check the should be ready to go!! Have FUN!!


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    Holy shit, G-Fed, lol!


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      Originally posted by Justin View Post
      Holy shit, G-Fed, lol!
      Yes sir. The original one. Still works too thanks to the amazing fact CGI hasn't really changed.


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        I wish this thing wrote better matches, I'd totally use it.


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          Someone could probably take the time (a lot of time) and modify the commentary pieces that it chooses from and the move sets to make it write better matches. A lot of work upfront, and would take a lot of testing, but it would be pretty cool if someone took on that project. I was a part of a few feds that ran on Gfed and I enjoyed my time there.


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            I did a port of this to Backstage.... got bored trying to implement gender support and didn't finish it